Great Targeted Offer to Earn 4x American Miles Per Dollar!

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I got pretty excited the other day at the notion of earning 2.125 miles per dollar on my United Club Card thanks to a targeted promo (read linked post to see if your United card was targeted), but as the rewards-card-powers-that-be would have it, that shiny offer got over-shadowed pretty quickly as something even better arrived in my inbox.

The Business Gold Rewards Card from American Express OPEN

My AAdvantage Aviator Red Mastercard just received an offer to earn 3x bonus miles for every $1 spent from 10/1/17 – 4/30/18. This is in addition to the regular miles you earn on the card, meaning it will be 4x miles per dollar on most otherwise non-bonused categories and 5x miles per dollar on American Airlines charges that would normally earn 2x miles per dollar. That is pretty exceptional!

I know American miles aren’t the most valuable type of mile out there right now, but at 4x miles per dollar without category restrictions, I’m a buyer for sure! Of course, this is a capped offer with a maximum of 10,000 bonus miles awarded which would mean an extra 3x miles on up to about the first $3,333 charged from 10/1/17 – 4/30/18.

I’m thrilled to earn 4x miles per dollar when I otherwise could just be earning 1x, but I do wonder a little bit where all these great bonuses will take us and how sustainable these sort of payouts will turn out to be. For now, I’ll happily rack up lots of miles and points on my everyday purchases and then turn those miles into trips we otherwise probably couldn’t afford!

Have you received any targeted bonuses recently on any of your rewards credit cards?

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  1. I was targeted for spend $1000 each in October, November and December. For each month I complete that spend, I get 1000 bonus miles. If I complete all 3 months worth of spend, I’ll get 2000 more for a total of 5000 Miles. 2.67 Miles per dollar. Worth my while? Maybe pay rent through plastiq?

  2. On a note from the Citi Aadvantage Plat Select side – I just received a targeted offer for 3x miles at restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, drugstores, and mass transit until year-end (max 2,500 miles, $834 spend). Not *quite* as good as the Barclaycard offer, but it’s better than the usual quarterly offer I’ve gotten this year!

  3. Until they make a Saver seat available again, I’m most likely going to yawn and pass. The reason they make these offers is so you might be able to accumulate 50,000 miles and get a round-trip coach seat to DFW or something. Miserable availability out of my airport.

    • Inflation x that’s what it is. Less availability of savers, now dumping more points out there with increasing inventory = inflation IMO.

  4. Barclay sent me the similar offer for Lufthansa card. Same bonus, but requires $1500 for 3 months. A bit steep, methinks.

  5. For the last 2 years, I’ve gotten this:

    “Exploring your full travel potential is far easier with your AAdvantage® Aviator™ Red MasterCard® — the card that allows you to travel and earn miles. Plus, when you spend $500 or more in new purchases each calendar month in August, September and October¹ you’ll earn 15,000 bonus miles. ”

    Not surprisingly, my renewal comes up in the middle of that period each year, but I think it’s a good deal for the $95 fee. I don’t use the card otherwise and would surely cancel without some offsetting benefit to the fee.

  6. I got this 4X offer which I think is pretty good. My wife, on the other hand, got a much worse offer at the same time…The one she received is 2X bonus points on spending until 12/31/17, and with a cap of 2500 bonus points. She once complained to them about the big difference on the offers and told them she felt under appreciated comparing the offers she usually gets against mine. She was told that there is nothing they could do as the offers are computer generated. I wonder about the criteria. My annual fee is coming due in November, and maybe that triggers a better offer…but I do get the 10K miles on renewal so is not like I would be a candidate to close my account. My wife, on the other hand, just payed her annual fee a couple of months ago, and she does not get the 10K miles on renewal (although she does get retention offers when she calls once a year).

    • I just applied for this card, my husband has the Citi bank card and he has enough miles for our upcoming trip but I am hoping I will after I get my card and go grocery shopping :). I think you have to spend $1000 to get the 60,000 miles and it has an annual fee but I guess I could cancel it if a better deal comes along anyway. Happy Traveling!

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