Updates on Las Vegas Travel and Unspeakable Tragedy

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I woke up early this morning and saw a post from a friend on Facebook who had been celebrating an anniversary in Las Vegas over the weekend. Her post said that they are okay but that it has been a long and very scary night. I knew from previous posts they were in Las Vegas and my stomach dropped. I didn’t know the details, but before I headed to an online news site to learn the details, I knew something bad had probably happened in Las Vegas.

As I’m sure you know, “something bad” is an understatement. Last night Las Vegas experienced the worst mass shooting in our country’s history. The reports are that they are over 400 people shot, of which over 50 people won’t ever go home from the concert they were attending on a Sunday night. Tragic beyond words doesn’t begin to describe the situation for the concert goers, first responders, the people trapped in their hotel rooms, all of their families, friends, hotel staff, and the list could go on.

This location of the concert and Mandalay Bay is right near the airport, and it was reported is that some people pushed down a perimeter fence onto the airport grounds to escape to a hangar. Not surprisingly, flights to McCarran were temporarily halted with multiple diversions to Phoenix, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Denver, and a few others overnight.

However, today the airport has resumed full operations, as they tweeted below.

In terms of those who are staying in Las Vegas now, or who have immediate travel plans to the area, I did just see that guests may now leave or return to their rooms at Mandalay Bay and other MGM hotels. Now whether or not it is a great idea to head there today if you don’t have to, well that is obviously not my call to make.

Airlines, such as United, have started to issue travel waivers to the area, so check with your specific air carrier if you need to change your arrival or departure plans related to Las Vegas in the immediate future.

On a personal note, Josh and I got married on a suite on a high floor at Mandalay Bay a little over nine years ago, we have traveled with our children there multiple times, and I can hardly imagine what it would be like for so many others to be there celebrating something as we were only to all of the sudden to unexpectedly be fighting for your life. Las Vegas is a city people go to escape regular life for a few days and have a good time. It isn’t where you expect to be running for your life, or worse.

I’m so very sorry for everyone involved, for all of us, for this current reality. If you can, do something good today. It can’t erase any of the pain, but it is the only way forward. While running errands this morning I saw a sign for a local blood drive here tomorrow, so that’s where I hope to be. It won’t necessarily help, but it can’t hurt.

If you live in the Las Vegas area, of course, your blood donations may more directly help those impacted by this tragedy as shared by the City of Las Vegas below.

M Life has also put out a call for those who are certified trauma counselors as they are making those folks available for their guests.

Hugs to everyone today.

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  1. Yep, you just had to chime in didn’t you. The situation in Vegas has literally nothing to do with the theme or mission of this blog, but yet you found away to weave it in. Are you planing on weighing in on all the worldly tragedies going forward? Or just the ones you have a “personal” (hyperbolic to say the least) connection to and can capitalize from? Not to mention, the last thing anyone cares about right now is your wedding in Vegas.

    • Evan, yes, I do sometimes touch on events here that touch all of humanity, both in and out of the world of travel. This is neither the first or last time that will happen. This event is absolutely heartbreaking and where my thoughts were as I turned to my corner of the internet this morning.

      It is totally okay to skip those posts and they are in no way written to “capitalize” on anything, but usually written to offer a mix of travel-related specifics when applicable, and also offer encouragement to others to do good in spite of anything bad going on around them. In this case, there are actually are some travel related elements to the event that I shared, but not taking a minute to reflect on it and just going on to the next deal wouldn’t feel right to me and isn’t what I chose to do.

      I shared not only some travel related details for Las Vegas, but also touched on the magnitude of these tragedies and the ripple effect it has even to those who weren’t directly impacted. We are infinitely lucky to not have any direct connection to this tragedy, as far as I know, but it still forever changes the connotation with somewhere that hosted a very happy memory for us. An infinitesimally minor loss in the grand scheme, but still a personal one because it is a place that was and is very special to us. No one (obviously) needs to care about where we got married, but everyone hopefully cares about the intense loss and hurt something like this brings to all of us. The best we can do in light of these tragedies is reflect on how to take even a tiny step to do good in honor of those who no longer are with us.

      Again though, no offense in the slightest for anyone who skips this or any other post.

      • Amen.

        I have a friend who was at this event with her daughter, but they were able to get away without being injured. They were badly shaken though.

        • I’m so sorry that what happened will probably be with them forever, but so glad they made it out physically unharmed. Thanks for sharing.

    • Jesus Christ, Evan. How big a tragedy does it have to be to meet your approval for a points travel blog? Nothing short of 9/11 levels? And I don’t know what connection to a place could be more personal than celebrating a wedding? Get over yourself.

    • Agreed, this “Evan” is a complete insensitive idiot! For those of us who are regular readers, (not trolls) this site is all about travel. And many of us have used our points and miles for a Vegas vacation, which has everything to do with the mission of this blog! To not even mention the tragedy would be completely inconsiderate. And people who have been to the place where tragedies are experienced have a connection. My husband and I spent our honeymoon in Vegas 27 years ago. We recently celebrated our anniversary going to the Bruno Mars concert. We feel sick over what has happened and very much appreciate your sensitive post Mommy Points!

  2. What a tragedy. Praying for Vegas.
    Summer, You are real, authentic with a lot of humanity. You express your opinion with such grace and humility. I am so thankful for your blog!

  3. Not only is today’s post sensitive and deeply appreciated, but your response to the first comment is articulate, restrained and courageous. Perhaps the greatest gift we can give each other is civil and respectful discourse. I am a grateful gray-haired reader.

  4. Mommy Points, there will sadly always be the Evans of the world who criticize and demean unfairly. That’s their M.O. for dealing with life in general. This is his problem–not yours, and I wouldn’t waste much time in trying to explain anything to him because it of course will fall upon deaf ears. Most travel bloggers incorporate personal information into their writings and that makes it more interesting to most of us so keep on, keeping on!

  5. Thank you so much for posting. Las Vegas has been my home for over 20 years and I’m hurting. We are hurting. I appreciate this post.

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