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Several months ago we renewed my oldest daughter’s passport as its five-year shelf life was already up, but I put off updating her Global Entry account with her new passport number until yesterday…mostly because my luck with messing with the old GOES website is abysmal. However, with an impending international trip, I had to move that task to the top of the to-do list. As I learned yesterday, and you will quickly learn when you go to apply for or update information related to one of the Trusted Traveler Programs including Global Entry, NEXUS, SENTRI, and FAST, there is now a brand new website you must register for and utilize on a go-forward basis.


Create a New Account

  1. To begin with, set up your account. To do this you first enter an email address to use for your government communications. I quickly learned that your email address can only be used once. This means it cannot be also used for your children as it is one person/account per email address. Thankfully the same is not true with phone numbers. I actually already had an email address for my seven-year-old, but I didn’t yet have one for my two-year-old. Seth from the Wandering Aramean pointed out to me that in many cases you can use and that will work and get delivered to your inbox without creating a new email account for your baby. An example if my email was, then could use for my daughter. 
  2. Verify your email account. You then will have to login to your email account and click on the email sent to you from the site. Once you click on the link in that email it will take you back to the site to create your password.
  3. Enter a phone number for a text verification code. The next step will be that a number will be texted to the phone number provided for you to enter in the account set-up process. If you don’t have text capabilities you can do it with a voice phone call.
  4. Receive and save a 16 digit personal key. After you pass the text number verification process you will receive a 16 digit personal key that you need to print and/or write down. You will need to enter this key on the next screen, so you can copy it to have it prepared to paste if you wish.

Link Your Trusted Traveler Information

That concludes the account set-up process, but now you get to link your Trusted Traveler program information using your account.

  1. Assuming you already have Global Entry or similar and just wanted to update your information, select I am already a program member, manage membership, and then consent.
  2. If you aren’t still logged into your account, you will have to log in and enter the code that will be sent to your phone.
  3. You will need to enter all of your personal information, including your Membership Number/PASS ID or GOES ID. The PASS ID is on the upper left-hand side of your Trusted Traveler Card, or at least that is where it was on the back of our Global Entry/Sentri cards.
  4. Assuming all of this matches up with what is in their system, you should now be taken to an account screen where you can see your Trusted Traveler memberships, expiration dates, and more. 
  5. From here you can update things like a passport number, mailing address, and more.

While setting up a new account wasn’t pleasant, especially since you can’t just link the child accounts under yours, the actual new website I found to be easier to navigate than the old GOES website that was my nemesis. The whole process to set up the new account and update her Global Entry information with her new passport number took 10 – 15 minutes, which I consider to be a great success compared to the never-ending-loop nightmare I have been stuck in on prior attempts.

Have you used the new website to update your Global Entry information or similar since October 1, 2017?

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  1. We just had a similar experience. We are in the middle of getting Global Entry for everyone, so I was a little dismayed at having to change the login for everyone in the family. We each keep auxillary email addresses and use those for the kids (SW Rapid Rewards accounts), so it wasn’t too much of a panic, but I wish I had remembered about adding the plus to mine main account since that seems more convenient.

  2. I successfully added mine and my wife and one of our kids but two of our kids don’t work. I’m not not able to successfully log in either so I think the system is down.

    A major hassle on one of my kids as it says the passport name doesn’t match even though they successfully have a Global Entry card. So I’m hoping it’s just a glitch. It probably would be a major pain to fix it and not sure it can be done online without having to go into some office.

  3. Thanks. Perfect timing for me!
    I just applied for our passport renewal. I was not thinking about updating global entry account with new passport.. I totally forgot about it..

  4. Had to open three email accounts for my kids (ages 5, 5, & 3) in order to complete the applications for “conditional status” while they wait for their interviews. Bit of a pain, but I like the extra levels of security.

    • Did you open gmail accounts for your kids?
      I’m not sure if i should open email accounts for my two little ones, or if i can use my own email account.

  5. How do I link my new pass port to my Global Pass number.
    Found out when going through immigration at O’Hare the 2 were not linked.

  6. Thanks, Summer, for this useful post. I somehow hadn’t heard about the website change; I guess I don’t get out much anymore. Anyway, after jumping through the hoops, I got two family updates done — no interview required and only a four-day wait.

    The hardest part ended up being the question about whether your driver’s license is up to the new federal I.D. standard or not. I finally figured out that if it has a gold star at the top, it is. So recently issued Texas licenses qualify. The older ones, like mine, don’t.

  7. can you use the same email address for your kids and husband as well? i cannot seem to be able to add the kids to my account so I will have to create new logins for all of them?

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