New Hyatt Place Open in NYC for Just 8,000 Points!

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It is not breaking news that NYC is an expensive place whether you are visiting or you actually live there. I’ve done both, and both require creativity to pull off without spending some insane cash. Obviously, an easy way to save cash when you visit New York City is to use hotel points, though even that strategy isn’t without hurdles as the hotels in NYC can require a pretty hefty number of points. One exception can be the Wyndham Rewards properties since all of their hotels are a flat 15,000 points per night, but for the most part, hotels in NYC will usually fall at the pricey end of the award chart.


New Hyatt Place in NYC for 8,000 Points

With Hyatt, for example, the hotels in Manhattan are all 20,000 – 30,000 points per night. Heck, even the Hyatt Regency Jersey City across the river will run you 20,000 points per night. However, thanks to Will Run for Miles, I learned that there is a new Hyatt option in NYC that is just 8,000 points per night. Yes, you read that correctly. Just 8,000 Hyatt points per night in New York City. That may be the best deal on points in NYC.

Is there a catch? Well, sort of. The brand new Hyatt Place is in NYC, it just isn’t in Manhattan. It is in Long Island City which is the westernmost neighborhood of Queens. In other words, it is about as close to Manhattan as you can get while still being in Queens. Even though I lived in NYC, I don’t know a ton about LIC, but Wikipedia tells me that it is growing rapidly and has the highest concentration of art galleries, art institutions, and studio space of any neighborhood in New York City. In other words, it’s probably pretty cool and getting cooler, sort of the way that Williamsburg was when I lived there over a decade ago.

The new Hyatt Place Long Island City is within a couple blocks of several subway lines that should have you to Manhattan within about 15 minutes, so don’t count it out if you need to stretch your points in order to make a NYC trip a reality. The hotel is very close to Queensboro Plaza Station where the N/W/7 trains can take you directly to Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Central Park, and more.

Last minute award trip

See the tree then retreat back away to Long Island City!

Now, while I haven’t yet stayed there myself, I would probably not recommend the new Hyatt Place Long Island City for a “once in a lifetime” New York City trip, but it is something to keep on the backburner if you find yourself in NYC with some frequency and want to conserve cash/points or you simply don’t have enough points at your disposal to stay in Manhattan. Heck, you could get three rooms per night at this hotel for a total of 24,000 points instead of the 25,000 points per night that many of the other NYC Hyatts charge for just one room each night. If you are short on Hyatt points, remember that Chase Ultimate Reward points transfer 1:1 to Hyatt, too. 

Central Park is just two subway stops away from Queensboro Plaza

Five Can Stay for Just 8,000 Points

For 8,000 Hyatt points per night, you can stay at this new hotel in Queens in a 325 square foot standard room with either a king bed or with two queen beds plus a sofa bed. This means that two adults and up to three children can all stay in one room on points and still fall under the hotel’s posted maximum occupancy.

It’s not too late to book this hotel on points to head to this year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, see the NYC winter holiday sights and sounds, or even visit for New Year’s Eve (with a two-night minimum).

I hope to have Josh check out this hotel on one of his upcoming trips to NYC, but I’d love to hear if any of you have the new Hyatt Place Long Island City in your travel plans!

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  1. My Father-In-Law was a USPS Letter Carrier in Long Island City up until his retirement. He used to get robbed a gun point often there and was once slugged with a gun to his head. They use to rob him of Welfare Checks on the 3rd of the month. He was devoted to his route to a fault.

    Think I’ll pass on this one at any discount.

    • Yikes! I have to imagine Hyatt wouldn’t open up a new hotel in a big hot crime spot, but always worth investigating. Looking at this NYC Crime Map it seems there are definitely issues in LIC, though less so than in many parts of Manhattan. Always pays to be on the lookout though for sure.

  2. I like staying at Hyatt Place in Flushing (12000 points) as it’s close to LGA where I can just take their shuttle to and from the airport. The 7 train starts at Flushing where you can get off at the Grand Central Terminal to start your Manhattan experience.

  3. I’ve been watching this property come up for a while now (I’ve lived around the corner for 5 years now). More apartments were built in LIC than any other US neighborhood in the last seven years. It’s growing rapidly, it’s safe, with lots of young professionals and families. The Queens Bridge projects, about 10 blocks away was notoriously dangerous back in the day. It’s better, but still not a great neighborhood, though you’d have to get seriously lost to wander over there from this hotel.

    An Aloft opened on this block a year ago, along with a Courtyard and a Hilton Garden. 8,000 points/night is a bargain, but competition may keep cash rates cheap during low season.

    The proximity to public transit is the selling point. One stop away to Midtown Manhattan and about 50 minutes to JFK weekdays when the E is express. The heart of LIC is really the waterfront district, a 15 minute walk away. If you want a photo of the Empire State Building don’t go Manhattan, LIC has the best unobstructed view for all your photo ops!

    • Oh thank you for a local perspective. My gut was that the area had probably gentrified and grown in recent years (for better and worse I’m sure) for hotels like this to pop up. I hope to check it out on a future trip!

  4. Club Carlson has a “Country Inn and Suites” in Long Island City, where I’ve stayed many times (starting back in the good old days of “last night free” awards). They sometimes have revenue rates under $100. Just don’t expect much of a breakfast. 🙂

    The neighborhood seems safe enough, and very convenient to Manhattan, but there’s not much going on at night. Overall, Long Island City is an excellent choice for a budget-conscious Manhattan visitor.

  5. I prefer the Hyatt Place in Yonkers. Free parking lots of walkable dining and shopping options, buses and minutesto drive i to Manhattan. It’s always cheap especially with points and cash it’s only $75

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