Review of the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar Grand Club Lounge

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On our first trip to the Bahamas a few years ago, we had some serious mealtime sticker shock. I know that most things cost more on an island and that in a tourist zone that is doubly true, but even factoring in both of those things, we still were astonished at both the cost of our meals at and around Atlantis, as well as the primarily mediocre quality of what we ate. I don’t mind paying more for good food, but I really don’t enjoy spending $60+ on a “meh” family lunch. On the flip side, I’m okay with uninspiring food while enjoying a fun location as long as it doesn’t make me sick and is budget friendly.


When we decided to take a trip back to the Bahamas to stay at the new Grand Hyatt Baha Mar, I was thrilled that there was a Grand Club because this meant we could avoid a lot of food expenses that really ate at our budget last time around when we stayed at the Comfort Suites Paradise Island near Atlantis.

Before I get into all that the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar Club Lounge has to offer, here are some previous posts in this series including a short YouTube video about the property. The Club Lounge information in that video starts at about the 1:20 mark if you want to skip to that.

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Grand Club Access at the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar

For those who are planning a trip to the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar, I cannot emphasize enough how much you are probably going to want lounge access. Whether you access the Grand Club via your Hyatt Globalist status, by using one of the four annual Explorist lounge access passes, by spending 27,000 points per night to book a Grand Club room, via using an additional 3,000 Hyatt points per night on top of an eligible paid rate, or by simply paying extra cash, you want club access at this property as it makes meals and snacks easy and in most cases much more affordable. Before they realized we had Globalist status, we were offered lounge access for an additional $100 per night, but I have heard of offers as low as an additional $50 per night.

I will add that as the property is still doing a phased opening in 2017 there may be some limitations on Grand Club access, but as I peek into 2018, Club rooms seem plentiful. 

Not only does the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar Club Lounge have very solid food and beverage offerings, but it is absolutely gorgeous and staffed with the most friendly staff.

Grand Hyatt Baha Mar Club Lounge sitting area

The Grand Club at the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar is located on the main floor along with the lobbies, casinos, shops, at the far end of the West Tower. We stayed in the East Tower, which was the only one open during our stay, and it is a bit of a walk to go all the way from one end of the property to the other, but the walk is all indoors and pretty pleasant.

Bring your stroller to the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar

Just be sure to wear good shoes and bring a stroller for the younger travelers in your crew if you plan frequent trips from one tower to the other.

Grand Hyatt Baha Mar Club Lounge

The Grand Hyatt Bar Mar Club is open daily from 6:30 AM – 9 PM with a full breakfast spread in the morning and then evening appetizers beginning at about 5 PM. Throughout the day you can drop in to grab a bottled water, soft drinks, coffee, etc. but there aren’t many snacks to speak of outside of those two meal times.

Grand Hyatt Baha Mar Club Lounge soft drinks

In the evenings there is complimentary wine, beer, and mixed drinks available along with the food. Not only that, but you can watch one of the evening fountain shows starting at 8 PM from outside on the club balcony while enjoying your complimentary beverage!

Grand Hyatt Baha Mar Grand Club Breakfast

While on vacation with two little girls, by the time we have everyone ready to leave the hotel room in the morning, I often feel like a trophy should be waiting in the hallway for our “accomplishment”. If not a trophy then perhaps at least a huge cup of coffee.

Everyone is dressed and ready for breakfast

That may not have happened, but being able to take everyone directly from the hotel room to the lounge to gorge on muffins, pastries, fruit, juice, and yes, coffee, is the next best thing.

I’m all for local, authentic dining experiences on our travels, but not first thing in the morning with two hungry little girls and tired parents. We need food quickly in the mornings, so that usually means eating at the hotel, which can get expensive in a hurry with a family. However, when there is a club lounge as amazing as this one, you get convenience, affordability, and good crowd-pleasing food all at the same time.

Not surprisingly, the muffins were a huge hit with my girls, but my personal favorites were the fruit, yogurt, and granola parfaits as well as the salmon as shown below.

The ready to grab bowls of fruit were also perfect for us to all snack from at breakfast.

Along with the cold items, there were a few rotating hot dishes each morning ranging from eggs, to bacon, sausage, yellow grits, and more.

We typically had a large breakfast each morning in the lounge and then were able to just eat a moderately sized lunch, which saved us both money and time in the middle of the day.

While you certainly could sit at one of the many indoor tables in the Grand Club, we found the balcony to be a perfect spot to enjoy breakfast and plot out our day.

Grand Hyatt Baha Mar Grand Club Evening Offerings

It is relatively common for a club lounge to serve a decent breakfast spread, but evening offerings can get far more variable. From a convenience and budgetary standpoint I was really hoping that we could turn the evening appetizers at the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar Club Lounge into our dinner at least a couple of nights, and thankfully that turned out to be very realistic and enjoyable goal.

In each of the evenings we visited, we often saw some of the same vegetables, greens, sliced meats, and dinner rolls, but there was also a rotating hot dish that served as the main attraction.

We enjoyed a shrimp and noodles with cream sauce dish as well as a very good salmon and vegetable dish served with mashed potatoes during our stay. These dishes were well beyond your ordinary club lounge evening appetizers.

On our first night, I was surprised at the lack of desserts in the lounge once the clock ticked past 8 PM. However, beginning on our second night, we learned that there are indeed desserts, but the staff brings them to you more or less upon request. I briefly mentioned this already, but the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar Club Lounge staff is truly top notch and very attentive. If you choose to engage with them, you will be delighted not only with great conversation but with some delicious treats. My chocolate seeking seven-year-old sheepishly inquired if there was dessert available, and that set off the avalanche of treats for the remainder of our nights at the property.

In addition to the evening meals, appetizers, and desserts, there are also adult beverages in the Club Lounge on a complimentary basis in the evenings. For those not familiar, this is not always the case in lounges as sometimes there is a charge for drinks in the lounge, even in the evenings, but not at the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar.

The Grand Hyatt Baha Mar Grand Club truly is one of the highlights of the Baha Mar property due to its enjoyable aesthetics, indoor and outdoor seating options, the depth and variety of the breakfast and evening food offerings, and the very pleasant staff members who were a delight to see each day.

We are looking forward to a return visit to this property and Grand Club in the coming years. In the next part of this series on the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar, I’ll show you some of the property’s activities and amenities such as the (free!) Kid’s Club, shark tank, and more!


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  1. Summer, you are right on the mark! The staff in the Grand Club are outstanding. Deserts come out for the last hour (around 8:00 pm). We alternated between deserts in the Grand Club (free) and half price French inspired deserts at Madeleine’s after 8:00 pm.

    One day they had a lobster dish that was fantastic in the Grand Club. My wife really liked the BBQ meatballs they served one day.

    We saved a lot of money, especially breakfast where we just needed something quick to start our day. Free drinks in the lounge from 5:00 pm to close (9:00 pm) was also very nice!!

    • Nice! We hung around until after 8 to see the fountains and never saw desserts come out, but they were certainly brought out by request in ample quantities during our stay! Glad you all had a fantastic experience in this Grand Club, too and thanks for sharing!

  2. So no free drinks during the day correct? I was thinking I can pop in for an afternoon beer but doesn’t sound like that’s available. Also do you know if the “Club Room” is actually better than a normal Grand King room? And lastly, was there an omelette station for breakfast? I am booked for club access using the 27K point/night deal in January.


    • 1. Not that I noticed. They are very accommodating so anything is possible, but officially I don’t think so.
      2. I kind of doubt it, but can’t promise as not all room types were online when we were there.
      3. Sadly, no.

      You will have a grand time!

  3. Can you please let us know what kind of prices were in the restaurants where you had lunch? I asked the hotel to email the menu with prices- no respond.
    Also, any other place to eat within walkable distance?
    Thank you

    • Yes, I can share what I have in another post but the taco truck was affordable $8 for breakfast burritos and $4 for Sopes. Salads and burgers by the pool were $14 – $17. Dishes in the noodle restaurant were close to $20 each. Kid’s meals by the pool were $7 and from room service were about $12.

    • Food quality was very good and portion sizes plenty big enough too. Just pricey, especially after you add 15% Service Fee plus 8% VAT tax on top of the menu prices.

      Stix Noodle Bar is very good. A must have is the Shrimp Spring Rolls!! It is an oversized prawn inside a nice spring roll and you get four of them for $15 (plus 15% and 8% on top).

  4. Hello Mommy Points!

    Thanks for an outstanding review as usual! I follow your blog daily.

    I have a quick question when you have time:

    My wife and I are planning a summer vacation to either the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar or the Hyatt Regency Waikiki or the Hyatt Regency Maui. We have miles and points to get to any of the three. We have two girls (8/14). Last year, we (with the girls) stayed at the HR Maui and had a great time. My wife and I (without the girls) went to the HR Waikiki and had a great time. Both times staying in the club lounge and loving it. The lounges are great and “necessary” b/c food prices are too high for us. How does the Baha Mar hotel/lounge/location compare to Maui and Waikiki? Since you have stayed at all three, I am curious your opinion. Pluses/minuses (I have read your reviews). For example, could you rank them.We would happily go back to Hawaii, but if NAS is “equally” as nice, we will try that out.

    Thank you and Merry Christmas!!

    • Thanks for reading the posts and great questions. Ultimately it is all personal choice of course, but while I love the Baha Mar and plan to return, The Bahamas is not Hawaii. The resort is as good or better than some Hyatt is Hawaii (better that Waikiki in my mind for sure), but the surrounding area isn’t as nice as Hawaii, though the beach is great. For me, Bahamas is a long weekend trip and Hawaii is a weeklong top billing trip of the year.

      • Thank you very much! I really appreciate it!! Have to think it through since we have 7 nights with a club lounge upgrade. Not as much availability to LIH or would visit the much talked about Grand Hyatt in LIH.

        Merry Christmas and Happy New Year’s!

  5. Hello,
    Thank you for a wonderful review. We are planning to bring our girls to Bahamas and stay at Grand Baha Mar.

    So it costs about $100 per adult per day? how much does it cost for the kids? age 7 and 5.

  6. We have always stayed at the Atlantis and loved it but this trip we are staying at the Hyatt baha mar. We hope we wont be disappointed. Are most of the restaurants in the hotel reasonable?

  7. We originally wanted to book the Hyatt Aruba however, it was booked solid so our next choice was Baha Mar. Not to be rude like the previous emailer but…I haven’t visited the Bahamas since Atlantis opened. I was impressed with the resort however I did find the island to be a bit dirty. I’m wondering if things have changed. My wife and I, and our young boys have booked a club room for Easter 2018. We’re not much for sightseeing and will be staying mainly at the resort. Is the beach fairly nice? Is there any attractions nearby? And how close is the resort to a village or town?
    We have been world of Hyatt members for 16 yrs and definitely take advantage of the club lounges with 2 young boys. Sorry to overwhelm you with questions but I just wanted to get a feeling for the island and resort as a whole.
    Thank you for your time

    • I don’t think you will find the resort area dirty, but your impression of the island may still be the same if you go beyond the resort. The beach there is beautiful. You aren’t far by cab to the heart of the city, but it isn’t walkable. Again, based on what you have described, you may be happiest just chilling at the hotel anyway. It is very nice there!

  8. If I book a 6 night stay with the 27k points (transferred from UR) – how much am I looking at paying as far as fees? Is it 32.25 per day and then tax? I’m just trying to see if this is a good redemption- I’m comparing this to Marriott/Aruba by booking through Chase Portal – with this trip I would be transferring points – also I can only get the double queen without a view – not a dealbreaker. The flights using Southwest with companion pass are a little pricier but also not a dealbreaker- thanks for your insight!

  9. We have been to Atlantis half a dozen times. It was beautiful and I have to agree… unless they do some renovations (I believe they did renovate one building) it’s not worth it anymore…. so we have been looking into Baha Mar! All this info and comments from readers also are just great! Thanks for the help!!!

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