New Singapore First Class Suites: Family Friendly Double Bed in the Sky

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I’ve seen a number of articles and press releases about the big unveiling of the brand new Singapore Airlines A380 seats and cabins this week, with a special emphasis on their now even larger than before over-the-top First Class Suites, and I have to admit I’m pretty impressed. I don’t get overly jazzed with minute details like a new china or amenity kit manufacturer or exactly the precise percentage of recline and swiveling, but the concept of being able to use airline miles to book a suite on an A380 that has a chair, a bed, and a 32 inch TV is something that absolutely catches my attention. I mean, that is freaking amazing.

As if that isn’t good enough, you can actually use twice as many miles to book two adjoining suites and have a double bed for you and your traveling companion. You can also do that now with the “old” Singapore Airlines First Class Suites, but the new suites look even better.

Of the 471 seats on the new Singapore Airlines A380, there are only going to be six of these suites, with the first two being the ones that could convert into a double bed. This means, of course, only a little over 1% of a fully loaded A380’s passengers will get to enjoy this amazing set-up, but let’s not let those details get in our way of daydreaming and figuring out how to get onboard with miles.


New Singapore Airlines First Class Suites With a Child

If you are a parent, imagine with me for a minute how insanely easy it would be to fly with your kiddo in a suite like this. Yes, I can see the pitchforks coming at me saying that children don’t belong in a first class suite, but don’t start stabbing me with your fiery pitchforks just yet.

Ready to fly...before we knew just how long the flight would be!

British Airways Business Class with a one-year-old was nothing to complain about, but a Singapore First Suite would be amazing!

I’ve flown on several Transatlantic flights with children as young as 12 months old and they have not been a problem (for others) on any of those flights, though that has meant quite a lot of work for me as their mom to keep it that way…though not as much as if we had been in economy! However, I can’t imagine anything but smooth sailing for all of us with this new Singapore First Class Suites set-up. If you are nursing, the chair looks great for that activity, and then when it comes time for sleeping the double bed should feel similar enough to home that they would just snuggle in and go to sleep, or at least happily watch the 32 inch TV in front of them. Heck, they could even sleep in the bed while you sat in the chair and worked or watched TV.

This United flight would have been easier without a divider in the middle!

Seriously, the suite makes family travel look it could be almost too easy, but if for some reason it isn’t easy enough in a suite, Singapore Airlines has Disney branded goodies for the kiddos in all cabins.

New Singapore Airlines A380 First Class Routes

I showed my seven-year-old the mock-ups of the new Singapore cabin and she wanted to know when we were flying it and where it was taking us. Well, as I told her, the first Singapore Airlines A380 to be delivered with the new suites will start flying the Singapore – Syndey route on December 18, 2017, as SQ flights 221 and 232. Four more A380’s with the new suites will be delivered and a retrofit of the remaining 14 A380s will be complete by 2020.

I don’t think it is super likely that I will find us needing a ride from Singapore to Sydney in the near term, but I could see us flying a Singapore A380 from JFK – Frankfurt before that flight continues on to Singapore. I don’t know when that route will get an A380 with the new first class suites, but even the “old” first class suites are pretty darn amazing.

Booking Singapore First Class Suites With Miles

When it comes to booking this with miles, you will need to go through the Singapore KrisFlyer program as they don’t release these premium awards to Star Alliance partners, but that isn’t really a problem since KrisFlyer is a transfer partner with pretty much every major transferable points currency including Chase Ultimate Rewards, Citi ThankYou, and Amex Membership Rewards.

If you wanted to fly on the new suites when they first roll out on the Singapore – Sydney route, that route costs 80,000 miles each way via a saver award or 150,000 miles each way via a standard award, plus a modest amount of taxes and fees.

If you are US based and want something closer to home, you can book the Singapore A380 from JFK – Frankfurt from just 76,000 KrisFlyer miles + $23.60. Remember that for the near-term this will be in the “old” First Class Suites, but that is still a pretty darn amazing product to fly whether you are with or without your kiddos.

If you can’t find the Singapore first class awards you want, the new 1-2-1 business class layout and seats can also transform into a double bed, albeit a much less private one.

I know they probably didn’t develop the new Singapore First Class Suites with parents of young children in mind, but that doesn’t mean parents can’t fly in them. If you have a lap infant it will cost you 10% of the going fare, which will probably be quite a lot for a first class suite. If I were to book a first class suite with my now two-year-old, obviously I would need to book two seats to get the double bed and have a seat for each of us. If you have more than one young child, keep in mind that only two suites can connect, so you can’t create a collection of more than two connecting suites the way you would with the new Qatar business class Qsuites.

Yes, it would be insane to blow miles to fly in a Singapore Airlines First Class Suite with your little kid, but on the other hand, if you happen to have the miles to spend and think your little one will be well behaved, it is also pretty crazy not to.

Would you fly in the new Singapore Airlines First Class Suites with your kiddo?

If you want to learn more about the new Singapore Airlines offerings, I recommend these articles via View From The Wing and The Points Guy since both attended the event in Singapore this week. 


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  1. I’ve flown the existing suites product with my then-12 month old on the JFK-FRA route. Flying to Europe is a redeye and the little guy just slept the entire flight, nursing when needed. I’m not sure any other passengers knew an infant was flying in suites. Singapore already has excellent service and it seemed like we received even better service than normal, with flight attendants really making sure all of us were comfortable. I would definitely do it again with old or new suites.

    • I don’t watch the route as closely as some but I think either is possible, though F is obviously much harder to snag as a saver than business. It isn’t impossible though!

  2. Probably a dumb question, but is there any situation you can get away with booking 2 premium seats for mom & dad while the toddler has an economy ticket? Then just have the toddler sit on our laps for the whole flight? I’m talking about a 2-3 year old.

    • Not a dumb question at all, but chances of success aren’t too great and too risky unless an adult is happy to sit in economy.

    • Having a toddler sit on your lap is fine for, say, an hour? maybe two? After that, it starts to get uncomfortable. When you’re talking about international travel and you start getting into the 10+ hour range, it can be downright miserable, even in a lie flat bed. My wife and I did a 12+ hour trip from LAX-NRT in business with our 23 month old son (and then did the return from HKG-LAX, also in business), and both ways were not comfortable. At all. He’s now 3½ and there’s absolutely no way we would do that now, even if we could get away with it.

  3. I did nrt to lax with 2 kids age 4 and 2. Stuck the kids in economy with grandpa first and then once in air, had them sleep in suite while I sat in economy watching movies the whole flight. The flight attendant said the official rule is no to having kids sitting up with u for whole flight

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