Why You Should Match Your Hyatt Status to M life Now

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Hyatt and M life have a pretty neat reciprocal elite status program that can be used to create elite status in one of those programs if you have it in the other. For example, on March 1st of this year my husband lost his Hyatt elite status as he didn’t have very much paid travel in 2016, but as soon as that happened, he matched his M life status to Hyatt and became a second tier level Hyatt Explorist with four club access certificates that he has used this year to secure lounge access in places like the Grand Hyatt New York.

Hyatt Explorist Upgrades.jpg

Getting free World of Hyatt status courtesy of M life

Along those lines, a few weeks before the new World of Hyatt program took effect earlier this year I had strongly recommended that those with Hyatt status make sure they have matched that status to M life status in the hopes of matching that status back from M life to Hyatt after March 1st, especially if your Hyatt status was dropping on that date.


I suspected that after the World of Hyatt program launched, those with M life Gold or higher status could match it back to Hyatt Explorist status as Josh did. For the most part, that plan worked perfectly.

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Time to match Hyatt status to M life status

M life status levels reset on October 1st each year, so now may be a good time to revisit this situation if you have lost your M life status level and need to match your Hyatt elite status level back to M life. Again, this could potentially be useful once again come March 1st of next year if you need to leverage your M life status level back to Hyatt because of a drop in status there. 

For example, if you are an Explorist with Hyatt right now, you should be able to easily match that status online to receive M life Gold status that will be valid until September 30, 2018. M life Gold status gets you things such as priority lines at buffets, nightclubs, and restaurants, free self and valet parking at M life properties, priority check-in lines, and a potential M life room upgrade. The parking fee waivers alone can be very, very valuable in Las Vegas, so the status match is absolutely something that is worth doing if you might ever find yourself near an M life casino.

Fast forward to March 1, 2018, if you find yourself in a situation where you have dropped below a Hyatt Explorist due to limited 2017 travel, you should presumably be able to match your M life Gold status back to the Hyatt Explorist level at that time. I can’t guarantee that will work next year, but I can tell you it worked this year.

Use a Hyatt Explorist Club Access award at the Hyatt Regency Maui

How to match Hyatt status to M life

To get started on matching you current Hyatt status to M life, you can head here and click on “Opt In” as shown below.

This elite status reciprocal relationship is helpful even if all you have is a co-branded Hyatt credit card and the Disoverist Hyatt status that comes from having that card. My mom had no status of any kind in Hyatt or M life, but she got the Hyatt co-branded card a few months ago, and today we finally took the time to match that Discoverist status to M life Pearl status.

The M life Pearl tier you qualify for with Hyatt Discoverist status offers free self-parking which can really save you on a multi-day Vegas trip where self-parking rates at M life properties currently go as high as $15 per 24 hour period. Free valet parking is offered at the M life Gold level and above. You can view the full chart of M life perks and discounts here.

Have you been utilizing the M life – Hyatt status match opportunities to expand your elite status perks?

Head here to learn more about available credit cards and their bonuses. 


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  1. Thanks for the tip! Created an MLife account and matched my Globalist to Gold. Hopefully it works like last year. I practically lived in a Hyatt for half the year in 2016 but my travel has kept me away from Hyatt in 2017. I’m glad I can *hopefully* keep Explorist status next year. Fingers crossed!

  2. Are you sure they reset status on October 1st? I read your article last year and I matched last years Hyatt Gold to M Life gold and in February/March I got Explorist from M life Gold. I just checked and my status on M life still shows as gold.

    • Yes, I’m sure, but I’m also sure that sometimes status lives on longer than you expect. Some did indeed see a 10/1 reset, but others got lucky for reasons that aren’t always understood.

      • OK, I wasn’t sure if mine was still showing when it isnt true! I will check before the year end to hopefully get back Explorist next year!
        Thank you!

  3. I love this benefit. We live in California and go to Vegas frequently, so I use my Mlife gold status to match to hyatt and love the lounge Awards that come with the exploring Match!

  4. Sweet! For some reason mine is still Gold, and when I checked further my account says “Tier Credits expire Sep 30, 2018.” Hoping to hold on to that Hyatt Explorist

  5. Regarding the MLife status living longer as expected. I guess the thing is, that Tier Credits expire 09/30 or 10/01 each year … not the status. So if you now match your Hyatt status to MLife status it is like you have “earned” that status right now (during the period between 10/01/17 and 09/30/18) for the following year (between 10/01/18 and 09/30/19).
    I matched my Hyatt Explorist status to MLife Gold this October. And when I visited an MGM property I requested my new Gold card which has the expiration date 09/30/19 printed on it.
    Honestly, I like that 😉
    I don’t know if I will be able to do the reverse status match next year, but at least I have almost two years where I can make use of free parking when visiting Las Vegas.

  6. Hi. Do you happen to know how the expiration of the lounge access awards works?
    I matched from Mlife to Explorist in August and my status is good only until February. However my awards in the account say they don’t expire till the summer,aka a year after I earned them. Can I use them if I’m no longer an Explorist?

  7. What, no secrets on how to attain to Mlife NOIR?!? Some people (who shall remain nameless, wink, wink) have all the luck. Just giving you a hard time Summer! As if WoH didn’t stink enough, matching Globalist to MlIfe Gold was a real gut punch. Hoping it’s on Vondrasek and team’s radar screen.

  8. Thanks for the reminder. Hope the reverse status transfer still works for us in March so we can keep Explorist in WOH.

    On a different note, congratulations to you and all of Houston on the Astros winning the World Series.

  9. I have a Discoverist status and just requested the tier match, but M Life only gave me a Sapphire status…. Did I do something wrong?

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