How to Earn 300 Bonus Starbucks Stars With Chase Pay

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On weeks when Josh is traveling, the girls and I are Starbucks drive-thru regulars in the mornings, and I’ve really started to enjoy not only the ease of ordering and paying in their app but also the ability to rack up stars pretty quickly thanks to their fun and frequent promotions. I could write a whole article on what Starbucks is doing right in the loyalty world, but for today let’s talk about how you can rack up a quick 300 Starbucks stars, which is more than enough for two free Starbucks menu items at 125 Stars per redemption at the Gold level, though I am now hearing reports that the 300 bonus Stars work for free products only if you are already Gold, and that if you are Green they simply elevate you to Gold.


Two happy Starbucks customers stuffing their faces before school

Earn 300 Starbucks Stars With $20 Chase Pay Reload

To earn 300 Starbucks stars all you have to do is load $20 to your Starbucks account via their app by using Chase Pay from November 15 – November 21, 2017. I know not all Starbucks drinkers have the Starbucks app or even regularly use a Starbucks account, but as a relatively recent convert to Starbucks Stars myself, let me encourage you to make the leap today.

I thought I wasn’t missing out on very much by not using their app or regularly making purchases linked to my Starbucks account, but I was completely wrong. Even as I write this I am sitting on 682 Starbucks stars I earned in just the last couple of months worth over five free Starbucks items. I will redeem them when I am in the mood for a pricier food item or we are in a city where Starbucks simply costs more than here in East Texas.

Now back to the 300 point promo, assuming you already have the Starbucks app set-up, then you may see the 300 Star promo pop up in your Starbucks app promotions.

You can then click through that screen and it will take you to a screen to reload your account by selecting Chase Pay as your funding source. If you don’t see the 300 Stars promo after playing around in the app, you can decide for yourself whether or not it is worth it to risk reloading your account with $20 and not receive the bonus stars – I’d peg it at low risk if you were going to use the $20 in the near term anyway. The promo is listed as US only.

To use Chase Pay to reload your Starbucks account, all you have to do is log in with your regular account log-in information just as you would on the Chase website. You don’t have to actually download a Chase Pay app or anything to make this promo work.

It took a minute to verify my Chase Pay account with the verification text they send you, but I’d say the whole process took no more than two or three minutes, and in the end all I had to do was reload my Starbucks account with money I would undoubtedly spend in the coming weeks anyway and I was rewarded with over two free Starbucks items for my troubles.

I did this transaction yesterday afternoon and by this morning the 300 bonus Stars were waiting in my account.

Are you a Starbucks Star convert? Were you able to make use of this new promo to rack up some easy Starbucks Stars just by reloading your account?


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    • Yay! I do understand completely. I didn’t do it until July myself and it has been worth it for sure. The promos add up very quickly and I love ordering in the app so it’s ready when I arrive.

  1. I got the bonus stars but it looks like they are just elite qualifying stars and not redeemable stars. Will the redeemable stars post later?

  2. I signed up for this and loaded $20….got 300 points which bumped me to Gold level but none of those stars count towards free drink. I think free drinks only work if you already have Gold status.

    • Oh gosh, how annoying. I mean, I’m glad you are Gold now, but how annoying. I didn’t know even know they had points that work for status and not products?

      • same thing happened to me. But I’d also read that someone just did it online and so that’s what I did using the chase pay in my online account. I got the 300 upgrade to gold within minutes.

        • I think it’s because your stars reset to zero once you reach Gold status. Typically you’re able to redeem them as you go until you reach Gold, but since you get them all at once, they get reset. Similar thing happened to me with their Spotify/Starbucks promo.

  3. I see that I also received an email with this offer….I must have skipped over it. Thanks for the head’s up! I don’t go very often, but save it for a treat!

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