New Priority Pass Select Airport Restaurants and Lounges

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One of the perks of several premium rewards credit cards including The Platinum Card® from American Express and Chase Sapphire Reserve is included membership in the Priority Pass Select lounge network. You need to activate this membership once you get those credit cards, but then you can access over 1,000 lounges around the world. Some of these lounges are good and some aren’t really worth getting excited over, but the new trend to include airport restaurants in the Priority Pass Select network is absolutely a trend I support. In advance of the busy Thanksgiving travel week, here is a look at all of the new Priority Pass Select airport restaurants in the United States where you can have a drink or meal and Priority Pass picks up the tab up to a certain amount for you and each of your eligible guests.


If a restaurant provides a $28 credit per Priority Pass Select entrance and you have a Priority Pass Select membership that includes two complimentary guests, then you could order a combined total of $84 in food and drinks for no out-of-pocket cost for your party of three, though remember that tip is on your own dime(s).


Timberline Steaks & Grille – Concourse C

If you have a Priority Pass Select membership, you can now get a $28 per person credit at Timberline Steaks & Grille, located in Denver’s Terminal C. That terminal traditionally serves Southwest, Alaska, and Allegiant. All of Denver’s terminals are connected airside, so technically anyone flying through or from Denver could visit the restaurant, but you have to take a train between terminals, so it won’t work for a quicker connection if you aren’t already in Terminal C.

I took a peek at their online menu, and the $28 per person credit you get with the Priority Pass Select Card should pretty much be enough to cover you unless you go for the highest priced menu items.

Timberline is open daily 6AM – 10PM, and of course, if you aren’t actually hungry, they also have a bar so you can drink your credit if you prefer.


Kentucky Ale Taproom – Concourse B entrance, after security

The Kentucky Ale Tap Room is open from 5 AM until the last scheduled flight departure. Their menu features appetizers such as fried pickles, beer cheese platter, or Ty Cobb salad; there is a $4 – $5 kid’s menu with a quesadilla, hot dog, chicken fingers, and cheeseburger; and finally an adult menu that ranges from a vegan burger, to BBQ sandwich, burgers, and chili. Of course, given their name, they also feature plenty of local beers and spirits.

At the Kentucky Ale Taproom, your Priority Pass Select membership will get you a $28 credit to use for you and an additional $28 for each one of your eligible guests.


Corona Beach House – Terminal D, Between Gates 23 and 24

Your Priority Pass Select membership will get you a $30 credit to use at the Corona Beach House at Miami International Airport, which is located airside between gates D23 and D24. For those not familiar with Miami, you can’t get between all of the terminals airside, so this addition is really only useful if you are flying in/out of Terminal D, or potentially E. For those curious, Terminal D is also where the Miami Amex Centurion Lounge is located, close to gate D12 on the 4th level, so those flying through D have lots of options.

The menu at the Corona Beach House is probably roughly what you would expect and reminds me somewhat of what a Chili’s would offer. In addition to the margaritas, mojitos, bloody mary’s, mimosas, and of course, Corona, the food items include burgers, chicken fingers, fish tacos, salmon, ribs, quesadilla, chicken fried steak, coconut shrimp, grilled cheese, key lime pie, and a double chocolate fudge brownie with vanilla ice cream. For breakfast, the menu includes various types of eggs, waffles, breakfast burritos, fruit and yogurt, and coffee.


PGA MSP – Terminal 1

This place looks insanely cool for golf fans and those who just want a complimentary burger and fries. Children 3 and under are free, and otherwise, Priority Pass Select members and guests get admission and a $15 credit per person per visit towards a la carte menu or golf experiences, but credit cannot be combined across both.

You can use the putting green, hit balls on the driving range, or just have a meal.


At the airport in Portland, you can visit the Alaska Lounge with your Priority Pass Select card, or you can skip that and instead head to one of these restaurants/bars and get a $28 per person credit towards food and beverages.

Capers Café Le Bar – Concourse C

Capers Café Le Bar offers a space to dine in and also offers food conveniently packaged to take on the flight.

House Spirits Distillery – Concourse C

Their products are made exclusively in-house and are crafted in small batches using ethically sourced ingredients. The product portfolio includes Westward American Single Malt Whiskey, Krogstad Aquavit, Volstead Vodka, and Casa Magdalena Rum. It is the only distillery in the world to have opened an airport tasting room.

Cardholders and accompanying guests will receive US$28 off the final bill per person per visit, valid on any type of drink/tasting, excluding bottle sales and merchandise in a single transaction upon presentation of a valid card.

Capers Market – Concourse D

Capers Market offers market-fresh seafood, pastries, beer, wine, and spirits.

St. Louis

The Pasta House – Terminal 1, Pre-Security, Close to Baggage Claim

The Pasta House is a St. Louis family restaurant that features the famous Pasta House Special Salad, St. Louis Toasted Ravioli, pizzas, and more. Being a pasta joint, their kid’s menu also looks like it would be a hit even with picky eaters with selections such as macaroni, spaghetti, pizza, and other kid-friendly choices.

Your Priority Pass Select membership will give you $28 off your total here for you and each of your guests.

The Pasta House & Schlafly Brew House – Terminal 2, Upper Level, Near Gate E6

The Pasta House & Schlafly Brew House is open for breakfast lunch and dinner with pasta dishes, pizza, burgers, and local craft beer on the menu. Your $28 Priority Pass Select allotment can go a long way here with entrees in the $10 – $15 range on average for lunch and dinner, and even less for breakfast. Online reviews are not stellar for the food or service, but the craft beers seem to get the thumbs up!

Access the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at LAX

While it isn’t a restaurant, it is still noteworthy that it was just announced that the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse in Terminal 2 at LAX will be open to Priority Pass Select cardholders beginning November 20, 2017! The lounge will only be open to Priority Pass Select members in the mornings from 5AM – 12:30PM daily as it will serve those flying Virgin Atlantic in the afternoon and evening.

Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse

In the mornings the lounge will reportedly offer drinks and a cold buffet and will not have the plated food that they have in the afternoon and evening. Thanks to View From the Wing for first spotting this good news!

Have you been enjoying any of these Priority Pass Select airport restaurants?

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  1. It’s crazy just how extensive the PP network is.
    We ate at Timberline a few weeks back on a morning layover SMF-DEN-EWR
    Then we took advantage of a PP lounge in Mauritius right across from our gate. Not very fancy but still more comfortable than seats at the gate.
    We noticed the s(h)ongololo lounge at JNB takes it, though we utilized the Aspire lounge as part of SQ Business class benefit.
    We also noticed that the Ambassador Transit Lounge in SIN takes it— we had the SQ business lounge, so we didn’t have time to check it out, but their sign outside says they have showers and nap rooms.
    And last month we used it for 13 of us at the Plumeria Lounge HNL. Again, not anything fancy, but still a comfortable place to congregate and kick back.

      • Correct – though getting to D and back from some parts of C can take a while, so just be sure you have enough time to make it worth it. Now, if you were heading to the Centurion Lounge in D I would say it is worth the effort for sure!

      • We are a family of 4 (with 2 PPS cards + 2 UA CCs) arriving at IAH at 11:54 AM and departing to DFW at 3:00 PM the day before TGD. Do you think it’s worth skipping the UA Terminal C lounge and head to Terminal D lounges? Do we have the time? Which one do you prefer or should we try both?

        Thanks again! 🙂

  2. My family of four ate lunch at Timberline in Denver last month before heading off to Houston for our cruise. It was very good but the wait was a bit long as it was packed. A wonderful perk for the Priority Pass card but I don’t know how sustainable this feature will be. We left a nice tip!

  3. We had breakfast at the Tap Room in LEX 3 days after they joined. They were unfamiliar with the specifics but were happy to learn. They only comped my breakfast and not my wife’s at first; I showed them that they needed to sign me in with a guest instead of just me. Instead of being angry or even just resigned they were eager to correct it and it all was good in the end.

    Oh, and we had 2 full breakfasts, 2 coffees, a bloody mary and a stout; that was still only $45 of the $56 possible.

  4. So, How does it work ? You show your pass to the waiter and they issue a credit on your bill … Do you have to tell them before ordering food ?

    • Tell them when you get there; that would have saved a little hassle on our part. Have them check in you and all your guests on your card. Order as normal. At the end they will remove $28/pp from the bill. Since it’s the USA, tip on the full amount.

  5. PGA in MSP has two bars and also lets you use the $15 credit at French Meadow Bakery, Ike’s Food and Cocktails and Rock Bottom Brewery. If you have guests they will print out a separate $15 voucher for each person, which you can use at multiple locations if you like. I just used $30 at Ike’s and $15 at French Meadow on Nov 6 when traveling with two guests.

  6. Last weekend my son and I flew into and out of the Miami Airport. Because we arrived and departed in terminal g and not terminal D where the priority pass lounges are, we were only able to use the lounge on the Departure day and not on the Arrival Day in Miami. On departure day TSA agents let us through terminal D security even though my boarding pass stated I was departing out of G. We just made sure to get to airport early enough to get through security (longest TSA Precheck security line I’ve ever seen).

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