Eight Sneak Peeks of Colorful Palm Springs

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Probably like most other business travelers, when I travel to conferences or meetings, I don’t always get out of the hotel very much. For conferences like the one I was at last week, I usually don’t pick the destination or the hotel, and instead just fly in, do my job, squeeze in online work where possible, and then fly home to get back to my family as quickly as possible. My boarding pass my say I’m going somewhere cool, but in reality, it could be Anywhere, USA, because I don’t always get out and enjoy where I am on a quick work trip. I have a feeling that is a common pitfall for work travelers everywhere, especially when there is a family waiting for you to quickly get home as soon as your work is complete.


However, the conference last week wasn’t in Anywhere, USA, it was in Palm Springs, California, and there was no way I wasn’t going to at least see a little bit of this famous city on my first visit to the area. I didn’t do a great job getting out as much as I wished I could have, but I still enjoyed every free moment in colorful Palm Springs.

I’ll do a full write-up soon, but for now, here are a few snapshots from a pretty magical spot in the desert. Thanks to its location, proximity to Los Angeles, and micro-climate, Palm Springs has a fascinating history, and I very much hope to return when we have more time to get out and enjoy the city, the architecture, the people, and the surrounding mountains.

If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably seen many of these shots, but they were so fun to experience first-hand that I have to share them again here in the hopes that they might inspire someone to include Palm Springs on a trip out west. I know I want my girls to see the fiery sunsets, enjoy the warm dry air, and see the abundance of mid-century modern buildings…especially the ones painted with rainbows, their favorite!

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  1. What hotel/resort would you recommend to stay there with kids? That is a place I would consider to escape winter instead of going to Florida.

  2. The fee to attend this conference was $800 !!.. You Did Not pay this out of your own pocket, did you ? and the hotel and airline and food ? some transparency is warranted… on another note, what do u think of the people that actually paid 800 to attend this? thanks

    • I was a presenter. Not a paid gig, but also didn’t pay to attend. I doubt most paid out of their own pockets to attend but rather were sent by their companies.

        • I’m not sure it is 100% relevant to 8 sneak peeks of Palm Springs, but since you asked, my hotel and air was covered by the conference since I was an invited speaker (they used miles for me to join!) and all on the ground expenses outside of the conference buffet lunch type offerings were my own.

          • Thank You. Was it so difficult? you could have easily volunteered this info upfront, to give readers a more complete picture of your travel adventures.
            The reason it is relevant is because you are selling a dream of unlimited very cheap / free travel and a lifestyle that only very rich people can afford (if one had to pay real money for airfare hotels etc.).
            The naive readers who think they can do it too should know that it is mathematically impossible to just fund all the 1st class tickets and hotels by applying new credit cards, and the bloggers’ travels are often funded by being invited to write reviews, or, massive amounts of unethical Manufactured Spending, or conducting paid workshops funded by credit card companies…

            If the bloggers volunteered their trip’s funding info when writing about a trip, it would give more complete picture. thats all..

          • I agree that points/cash can be a helpful piece of info when doing a review, but it didn’t seem totally relevant to a few pictures of a city, but if it is helpful information for you then I’m happy to provide it.

  3. Beautiful photos! We go to Palm Springs every year, and those sunsets never cease to take my breath away. Looking forward to your review of the JW, too. We drive by there every time to get to our usual spot and have always admired the beautiful grounds.

  4. Palm Springs is a nice place to visit but really there isn’t that much to do for kids unless they are into tennis or even golf. We make the short trip over from San Diego every March to attend the BNP Paribas Open Tennis Tournament at Indian Wells. It is the most unbelievable tennis experience where all the top male and female pros attend. The tennis garden is intimate and fans are able to get up close and personal to the pros. I highly recommend those who haven’t gone to check it out and reserve your hotel well in advance.

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