Plenty of Trouble With Redeeming Plenti Points

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I’m all for miles, points, and loyalty programs, but there is one point program that I will readily admit to never really figuring out, and that is the Plenti program. When this American Express linked program was first announced it sounded like it had some potential as a loyalty program that crossed retail programs, but now over two years later, I’m still left wondering how to use the Plenti points I have randomly picked up along the way before they start to expire on December 31st.


We predominately earned our Plenti points via occasional Macy’s purchases and by paying our monthly AT&T bill, though I know that Exxon and Rite Aid are other popular retailers where folks earn Plenti points. You can even transfer Membership Reward points into Plenti at a 1:1 ratio, though I can’t quite figure out why anyone would want to do that with otherwise valuable Membership Reward points.

As far as I can tell, things have not been trending in the right direction for Plenti in 2017 as AT&T exited their partnership with Plenti on October 31, 2017, and Nationwide, Direct Energy, Enterprise, National, Alamo, Hulu, and the Local Dining program will all exit the Plenti program after December 31, 2017. That is the same date that Plenti points will start expiring, as they expire on 12/31 each year two years after they were earned. This means that any Plenti points earned in the launch year of 2015 that are not already redeemed will expire in a few weeks.

Over the last two years, I have accumulated a whopping 2,700 Plenti points that should be worth about $27 in savings at one of their remaining partner retailers such as Macy’s or Exxon. There just so happens to be a Macy’s order that I would like to place, so I have been trying to use my Plenti points towards that order so that I can save some money and use the points up before they start to go to waste. Then I can presumably forget about the Plenti program entirely having used up my small stash of points.

Earning Plenti points with Macy’s and AT&T by entering my Plenti number has been easy enough, but using them has been a different situation entirely. When I tried to check out at I see my Plenti number and points balance, but the little box to use Plenti points remains greyed out below no matter what I put in my cart.

I’ve reached out to the Macy’s Twitter team and exchanged direct messages that have ranged from them getting my shopping cart ID number (that sounded promising), to telling me to call customer service (I thought I was talking to customer service?), to asking if my Plenti account is linked and inquiring how many points I have (info that was in the original request for help). Suffice to say, I have gotten nowhere in figuring out how to un-grey that magical box.

Another option to use up the points is at Exxon, however, reports on Twitter from others seem to indicate a very mixed bag when it comes to redeeming Plenti points at Exxon. Some have no trouble at all, while others report that it never ever works at their local station. Given my luck thus far with Plenti, I’m not holding my breath for an easy transaction at Exxon, though that will likely be my next attempt to use up these points If I can’t get things to work at Macy’s.

I’m very curious to know if the Plenti program has been a part of your savings and reward strategy the last few years, and if so, how you are able to make the program work for you and your family? Of course, if you know the trick to using your Plenti points at, then I’d love to hear that, too!

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  1. For what it’s worth, I live in Houston and I’ve never had a problem redeeming Plenti points at Exxon. This is the one place I em my points…as you said there really aren’t meant lucrative redemption opportunities.

  2. I have tried to use them a Macy’s several times but it always asks me for a PIN, which I never set up. I can’t figure out how to use them either.

  3. There’s always a physical Macy’s store. I usually need to try on pants for size anyway, so I went to the store, found an appropriately sized pair of pants, and then handed my physical Plenti card over to redeem my points. It was very easy.

  4. I collected $50 worth of points by transferring 2 prescriptions to Rite Aid. I used some of the points to buy things at Rite Aid and Macy’s (once online and once at a store) and I never had a problem. Make sure you have your PIN number because I had to input it at the store

  5. I exclusively use my Exxon Credit Card for fuel. So when I fill up I also use the Exxon/Speedpass app that automatically allows to earn and redeem Plenti points. It is super easy and with all the promotions like extra points every now and then, I have $90 in Plenti Points to redeem. I got an email stating that some points where about to expire and then another email stating that if I redeem a certain amount of points I would earn 200 back! It was a win win for me. Redeeming was super easy with the app, I could redeem between $5-$25 at the pump. I chose the minimum that were about to expire and go 200 points back!
    **I also pair this with the $.06 back I get on every gallon for using the Exxon Credit Card and very careful to pay in full every month.

  6. I second redeeming for Exxon gas! No issues redeeming at several Houston locations with just my phone number at the pump. Newer Exxon stations tend to be easier to navigate the pump.

  7. Collect miles and hotel points like a hawk, but pretty much ignored Plenti despite my collection of Plenti points from my AT&T business account, which I’ve had for over 10 years. Was shopping online at Macy’s the other day, and I saw a column for “apply Penti points”, so I logged in to Plenti, added my account number, and my roughly $50 order was fully credited, so I’m a happy Plenti customer now, and looking to burn my final $20 or so in point value remaining.

  8. i have used it both at macys and exxon pumps (in the woodlands area) without issues. run into occassional issues with how tax is calculated for delivery at my home address vs mall. I feel thats unique and have generally been able to get around by switching either pickup in store option or vice versa (cant mix both on same order). i have used around 115000 (out of 150000) so far and plan to use up remaining in the next few months.

    • YES! Okay at 150k Plenti points you are indeed the pro and mentioning that you played around with it did the trick. I had to take off Plenti and then re add it at the last step and I think it is going to work. Wheeeeee!

  9. The SpeedPass app makes earning (and redeeming) so easy. I usually authorize the Exxon or Mobil pump as I’m pulling in and can immediately start filling up when I exit. It’s convenient and easy to use / earn Plenti points. You can use whatever credit card you want to with the app so you still get your multiplier spend, too.

  10. I earn Plenti points at Exxon, Macy’s and until recently monthly from AT&T but I always seem to cash in at the gas pump. It alerts me I have # points and I always say Yes to using them for discounted gas.

  11. The box was greyed out for me as well, but when I clicked on the continue button to move to the payment screen, then it was unchecked and I was able to apply my points to the order at Macy’s. It did require my PIN number.

  12. FYI
    Macy’s & Chili’s are pulling out as well, effective 05/03/2018. Plenti needs to add partners to the program ASAP.

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