Mommy Points Holiday Giveaway of Lounges Passes and Upgrades

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The end of the year is not only the “season of giving”, but it is also when lots of travel perks and goodies tend to expire if they aren’t used. This makes it the perfect time to share those upgrades, lounge passes, and more that you aren’t going to be able to use yourself. Something like an expiring lounge pass may not seem like much to you, but it can really brighten someone else’s travel day, especially if they aren’t used to enjoying a free glass of wine and a snack in the lounge before a flight.


I have a few things to share from my stash and that of a consistently generous Mommy Points’ reader, but I would love if you have anything to offer and want to add it to the pile, too. There isn’t going to be a scientific way we manage this, so please let’s just keep this fun and happy.

United Club

If you have something to share you can email me at mommypoints at and I will add it to the list, or you can just list it in the comments section and I’ll do my best to link your travel goodies with gracious travelers who can use them.

If you see something listed that you or a loved one can put to good use before it expires, leave a message in the comments and I’ll contact those I think we can help by Sunday, December 17th, since there are tight deadlines on most of these things and all items require being mailed.

  • A pair of American Airlines Admiral’s Club Lounge passes – expiring 12/31/17
  • A pair of United Club passes – expiring 1/31/18
  • An American Airlines one-class, one-segment domestic upgrade.
  • Several United Regional Premier Upgrades and one United Global Premier Upgrade (GPU is now claimed) expiring 1/31/18 – must be R space available and be in an eligible fare class. Here is a post on how to check for United upgrade space.

The upgrade is from the American Airlines Business Extra program and is not valid on fares booked in B, N, O, Q, or S fare classes. I’m not an AA upgrade expert, but I believe you can look for upgrade space on ExpertFlyer and you are looking for C space on a domestic two-cabin plane. I’m not sure how to find the space without ExpertFlyer, so this one may need to go to someone familiar with that whole process to ensure it doesn’t go to waste. You need the paper American upgrade certificate and lounge passes in your hands when you travel, so please allow time for these to be mailed (meaning your flight needs to be at least a few days out).

Houston Terminal C United Club

Thanks to those who share and safe travels to those with upcoming flights!


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  1. I could put the two United Club Lounge passes to good use before 1/31/18. My wife and I booked a one day trip from DEN-LAS in mid-January to have lunch at Lotus of Siam (Best Thai this side of the Pacific in my opinion!). They just opened a new restaurant after their original location was damaged from rain in September. We could get the day trip started in style at DEN’s United Club Lounge.

    Thanks for the consideration and generosity. Merry Christmas!

  2. Taking the family to Palm Springs from ORD on December 25th and it would be really nice to be able to sit in the admirals club rather than letting them tear up the terminal.

  3. We could put the pair of American Airlines Admiral’s Club Lounge passes to good use. We are travelling from DFW to EZE on December 23, 2017. It would be great to experience this Club.

    Thanks and Merry Christmas

  4. My brother is flying cross-country (something he seldom does because of financial hardship) to visit me and his sister, whom he has not seen in 21 years. He’s traveling on a red eye from SD to PVD Tuesday night 12/18 and returning on December 30, so he could make use of one or both Admiral Club lounge passes. It would be a nice Christmas present to offer him. Thank you for your holiday spirit!

  5. hi MP,
    will be leaving/departing from IAH this coming monday, 18th, to SFO for our anniversary; will appreciate a pair of united club passes; we haven’t got united credit card & never been to its lounge before. thanks for a consideration & happy holidays!

  6. My girlfriend and I will be flying American out of Ohare to meet my family for the first time on Dec 24th. We would love to put the Admirals Lounge passes to great use!

  7. You are the best! I follow your blog religiously. I have been collecting miles and points for about 2 years and have given our family some great adventures.
    My family of five is traveling to Grandma and Grandpa in San Diego on Dec 21 and then from San Deigo to Cabo for a five day free trip courtesy of Hyatt and Ultimate Rewards. We return home on December 31. We could never have done it without your wisdom and advice. Oh and here’s the cherry on top: two of the kids are flying free using Southwest Companion passes.
    We live in Pittsburgh so the only club in our home town is American. It would be great to have those passes!
    Thanks again for all you do and Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  8. Our family would love to receive the United Club passes. Traveling with a VERY active 15 month old who is often on “overload” at airports, a little respite from the holiday madness at Newark would be a welcome surprise.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  9. Happy Holidays!
    I’m flying out of Charlotte on American and would love an upgrade via Business Extra points for my 6ft 4in husband! Please let me know if I need to provide additional information. Thank you.


  10. Taking my wife to Liberia, Costa Rica to celebrate our engagement 7 years ago (7!!! Where did all the time go). Would love the admirals passes 🙂

  11. I could use either the United Club passes or AA Admirals Club passes on our upcoming trip from SNA to SEA, 12/22 – 12/26. Thanks and happy holidays!

  12. Heading from AUS>DEN just about every week in January. Despite the UA Clubs being ‘meh’ in Denver, they’re still nice to get up and away from everything.

  13. I would appreciate a GPU or two for an upcoming flight. AMS-ORD 3/20/18, it is R9 so PLENTY of upgradeable seats. United is happy to extend GPUs into March, just give the 1k desk a call. Let me know if it’s a go and I’ll buy-up the fare to W.

  14. Will be traveling United from IAH to EWR on xmas day, also IAH to ORD for mlk weekend. My kid loves the lounge when we have passes.

  15. We just booked a trip to China from St. Louis this week to bring home/adopt our 11-yo son. Half of us (3) are flying American 12/23-1/11 and 2 are flying United 12/26-1/4. The American flights are humanitarian fares, so I don’t think we can upgrade those – but United are Q one way and H another – but we woudn’t want to split parents from tween/teen kids. Lounge passes would get used.

  16. Thanks for doing this! How fun! Park Hyatt St.Kitts in January on American (we have lounge passes but no seat upgrades)—would love a Hyatt suite upgrade or free breakfast but not sure if that’s possible. Hyatt Place Keystone in March with our Kids!

    • Talked to Hyatt and we can’t use a suite upgrade since we booked on points but they said we could be Guest if Honor if there are any Globalists that would be willing to call and add that to our reservation (and we would transfer 30,000 points). It would save us $100/day on breakfast!

  17. I’m surprising my husband with an early 40th birthday trip from SEA-FRA the last week of the year on a 747-8 intercontinental! (LGW-SEA in return) Lounge passes would be fantastic!

  18. Southwest in January to NYC with the Little’s!! My 20 month olds first flight…several hours direct…I’ll take anything that will help…lounge passes, drink passes, ear plugs, hard liquor…

  19. i could use the United Club passes at LAX in January (or maybe ORD). I may be able to give away a regional upgrade, but I dont know how to do that.

  20. I’ve got a segment for LAX->BOS on 12/23, space in C is confirmable right now, in fact there’s 4 confirmable right now.

    I’d really like to use the BXP1 for that. I also happen to have a ‘G’ ticket, so this would work nicely.

    Would also be able to use those AC passes if no one claims them.

  21. We are taking our 2yr old and 7 month old on a 3 hr flight from IAH-CHS and it has exactly 3 R seats available. Would love to move up front in the ERJ with some extra room for the kiddos!

  22. I’d love the American Admiral’s passes. We’re flying with the kids on 12/29 from LAX to Maui, but had to book two separate AA flights to get enough award seats. (Mom and 2 year old on flight one; Dad and 8 and 10 year olds on flight two). It would be great for Dad and the kids to have somewhere to hang out while they wait for the later of the two flights! Thanks so much!

  23. A United upgrade would be great. Just found out my wife is pregnant and having a little more room and comfort for her would mean the world. We are traveling from Austin to LAX on 1/9/18.

  24. Traveling from PHL to MCO with my parents. Would love to get them in the AA lounge for their anniversary on 12/23 before return leg. Are the passes still up for grabs?

  25. I have 4 SW drink passes, exp March to go to a good home.

    Flying Sfo to Fll Jan 1 to 7 on Alaska/Virgin with my family, if anyone has any drink passes or something to trade

    Thanks for setting this up Summer, this is such a great idea.

    • I found another MP reader that can use the Southwest drink vouchers if you are willing to share. I have some Alaska lounge pass access codes, but I just don’t know if they are transferrable or not. Trying to figure that out…

  26. Would love to receive United or Admiral Club passes for my husband. He’ll be traveling alone twice in January 2018. It would really make his day!!!

  27. MP, you are truly invaluable to so many of your readers. I really appreciate you sharing so much in the world of miles and points. Please stay down to earth as you are. Merry Christmas to you and your family including Grandpa and Grandpa Points. BTW No immediate travel plans so I’m not asking for any of these perks. Much thanks anyways.

  28. My husband and I are flying United on January 4 from San Francisco to Hong Kong. We are staying at the Hyatt in Siem Reap for part of our journey
    Would love to have United Lounge passes or Global Upgrade or Hyatt Upgrade
    Thanks for your consideration.
    Happy Holidays!

  29. If anybody has AA SWU that they won’t be able to use I can take them off your hands.

    I have an international trip with confirmable space for the AA SWU.

  30. We could definitely use the United Club passes. We’re flying (6 of us) to Ethiopia to visit my son’s birth family for the first time. Should be an incredible trip but we’ll have plenty of time in several airports! Thanks for your generosity!

  31. My husband and I would love to use the Admirals club passes if they are still available. We are taking the redeye out of Anchorage on Wednesday (Dec 20) with our two young kids and have a 5 hour layover in LAX. We are flying Alaskan but wouldn’t mind the walk to use the family room. Not sure if that’s too soon, but thank you for your consideration.

  32. Traveling next week with my two kiddos (5 and 1.5) by myself (I know I know… could be crazy) to my home town of Merida, Mexico for the holidays with my family.
    Would love a united upgrade on any of those to ease the travel a bit.
    Traveling denver-Houston-Merida (MID)
    Thank you and happy holidays.

  33. I would love the united lounge passes. I’m flying solo with my two daughters (ages 5 and 2) for the first time on 12/24. I’d love to be able to have a quiet place to get a snack and fill water bottles before our cross country flight from IAD-LAX!

  34. Hi

    As always, very helpful tips and thanks for the giveaways. We are going on a ski trip for Bday #50 :). Quick question: on our United flight Costa Rica to Denver there is no space in R class, however there are at least 8 seats available in Business class in each leg. Could that mean that an R class seat become available? thanks!

  35. We are taking our first child to see grandma and grandpa in Boise, ID for his first birthday in January. We try to fly out of SNA, but for this one we wanted a direct so are on UA out of LAX. We could definitely put those UA lounge passes to use, as I know we will have time to kill at LAX as a result of having to give extra extra cushion for traffic, security, and the general nightmare that is LAX

  36. I wish I had enough for everyone, but currently all of the upgrades and lounges passes I had direct contact with are claimed. If some more of you want to do direct sharing with each other, that would be great! I’ll update if I come across more, but otherwise safe travels and Happy Holidays!

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