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The roughly two-year-old American Express Plenti points program is having plenty of difficulties. They recently lost AT&T as a partner and are losing lots of additional partners including Nationwide, Direct Energy, Enterprise, National, Alamo, Hulu, and the Local Dining program effective on December 31, 2017. I’ve also now heard that the ability to transfer Amex Membership Reward points to Plenti will be ending in early 2018 as well. I can’t imagine that was a popular Membership Rewards redemption option, but losing a partnership within the Amex family can’t be a good sign. Combine these partnership loses with the reality that Plenti points will begin to expire on December 31, 2017, and I was happy to go ahead and use up the few thousand Plenti points I had picked up along the way, largely via my monthly AT&T payments.


However, when I tried to use my Plenti for a purchase at, I encountered lots of trouble. The points would display during check-out as the accounts were linked, but no matter what I tried, the ability to click “Use Plenti Points” remained greyed out and unclickable. Trying to work with Macy’s online support did nothing to rectify this problem and I didn’t want to make the purchase over the phone or in the store as it was going to earn me a healthy number of miles via an online airline shopping portal.

After trying everything I could think of, I had just about given up on using the points at Macy’s and planned to instead use them at Exxon, though that process also receives mixed reviews based on the gas station being utilized. However, thanks to one of the comments left on my initial post about having trouble using Plenti points, I got the idea to just remove Plenti points from the order completely and try re-linking the account from scratch.

Low and behold, just like how turning the TV off and back on sometimes fixes all technical woes, unlinking and relinking the Plenti and Macy’s accounts did the trick.

Being able to use up my Plenti points and save $27.20 in the process was great once I figured out the trick of removing and re-linking my Plenti account to Macy’s during the check-out process. Of course, it is nuts that this is required, but for a program that is having so many obstacles and setbacks, I suppose it shouldn’t be too surprising that there are some strange glitches along the way. If you are having trouble using your Plenti points at Macy’s, hopefully, this tip of removing and re-linking your Plenti account during online check-out will help.


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  1. I tried to use my points (all accumulated via ATT bill payments) in an ATT store before the 10/31 drop date…but I was signed up for auto bill pay and so had no outstanding balance…they were unable to use my points there. I even thought about buying something and returning it in store after 10/31 but they had nothing I wanted/needed.

    So I turned to Exxon around the corner from me. I had to manually enter my plenti acct number, at the pump, using the hard keypad. It didn’t like my first try but took it on my second try. I was offered a deal to get 500 points when using 2k points…ok, sign me up. It didn’t say anything else to me so I pumped gas (still had to enter my CC), it completed the transaction and I chose to print a receipt…which showed a CC purchase for the full amount of gas. This was ridiculous. I didn’t even bother to go in to the cashier, like he’d/she’d know anything about it. Maybe I’ll try for a Macey’s purchase, though there’s little there I need.

    I guess I can’t complain since they were free points via ATT, but I’d still like to get some value out of it!

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