Silvercar Expanding to More Cities and Renting Audi SUVs!

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My favorite rental car company is hands down Silvercar. They only rent out Audis that are equipped with WiFi, GPS, have free car seats available, and much more. At some of their locations they pick you up and drop you off at the airport terminal, and generally speaking, they make renting cars as easy as possible. However, their biggest limitations are that they aren’t available in every city and they only have one type of vehicle available, the Audi A4. They used to have Audi Q5 SUVs available at their Denver location, which was great for ski trips, but that offering stopped at some point in favor of the all A4 fleet.

Silvercar in Colorado

However, they just announced that not only are they expanding to five new locations in the first half of 2018, including Salt Lake City, San Diego, and Washington DC, but they will now be offering the Audi Q5 SUVs in a number of cities!

This is tremendous news for family travelers who need more space for stuff and people than you can get in the A4. In fact, the main reason we didn’t rent from Silvercar on a recent trip to Seattle was that they didn’t have any SUVs, but this would have changed all of that.

The first nine locations to get the Audi Q5 SUV via Silvercar are reported to be: Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Denver, Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Francisco, Seattle, Orlando, and Salt Lake City, UT. The A4 pricing will remain the same, starting at $49 per day, and the Q5 will start from $69 per day. Those cities make a ton of sense as they are largely family-friendly spots and/or spots where folks are more likely to have ski gear along for the ride. They even make ski racks available at no extra charge!

If you are renting for five days or more, you can save 40% by using the promo code WEEKLY (thanks to The Points Guy for spotting that code). If you are new to Silvercar you can sometimes get even better new customer discounts as well as earn a $25 Visa gift card code if you enter a referral code before your first rental. Mine Silvercar referral code is SHULL and here are instructions on how to stack it with other first-timer Silvercar discounts.

A spot check of Denver showed that with the code WEEKLY, the per day cost to rent an Audi SUV with child seats and ski racks is just $42 + taxes/and fees during our spring break, which is a really solid deal. I can’t wait to use a Silvercar SUV on one of our future family trips to the mountains or beyond!

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  1. Summer, agreed that this is a nice addition to Silvercar, but there is a big, big difference in off-road/snow capabilities between the regular Q5 and the Q5 Quatrro (all wheel drive), and even the Quattro is far from a pro in the snow. Further, the Q5 is short in terms of length compared to competitors in its class, and you can feel this in its trunk space.

    in order for Silvercar to win more of my business, i’d like to see them offer the bigger Audi models (A6/8, Q7, Quattro versions of all cars) that are more suitable for families – i’d happily pay a premium for them. if they did that and restored the curbside pickup that they used to offer, i’d never be renting elsewhere. but those are big deficiencies compared to what the “big guys” offer.

    • Oh I totally agree and would love a larger SUV option, too. Interestingly enough, when we did rent an SUV in Seattle, even there we couldn’t get anything with snow rated tires that were now basically required to drive to Whistler. Whoever could guarantee snow-worth SUVs will win that portion of my business for sure. I am happy to see this addition, but agree that an even larger option would be nice, too.

  2. Just to manage your expectation the Q5 hold just a bit more space in the cargo area than the A4. also, back seat space is almost the same. I have a SUV that uses the same Q5 platform so I know it pretty well. If you have a family of 4 (including kids) traveling for more than 1 week, unless you can manage to fly with carry on only which my family can’t the minimum we would need is a Q7. For my needs in terms of cargo space, going from a A4 to a Q5 doesn’t change much.

    • Good to note. We have a mid-size SUV at home too and found that it isn’t always big enough fully-loaded so now we have it and a truly big SUV. It’s amazing how fast space can fill with kids, car seats, and lots of luggage!

  3. Not surprising since Audi bought Silvercar. I still would prefer the all silver, all A4 model. It’s simple, you always know what you’ll get. I would also like to see more loyalty partners like the old Virgin America partnership we used to enjoy.

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