Lots of Sam’s Clubs Closed Overnight Without Notice

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If you were one of the people in the miles and points world who loaded up on Walmart gift cards to use at Sam’s Clubs last quarter when Walmart was one of the Chase Freedom bonus points categories, or if you simply like jumping on one of the many Amex Offers that involve Sam’s Club (this one was my favorite), be aware that you may need to find a new favorite Sam’s Club in light of today’s sudden closing of 63 Sam’s Clubs. These closures took place in locations including Alaska, Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Virginia, Puerto Rico, and several more.

The reports I’ve seen are that some folks went to work or shop today at Sam’s Clubs that were open as recently as yesterday, only to find them locked and closed. Business Insider is compiling a list of the impacted locations here. For those in my neck of the woods, note that three Sam’s Clubs have closed in the greater Houston area.

While I’m not known to load up on 288 granola bars at a time, I still like Sam’s Club not only for the ability to use Walmart gift cards, but it is a solid place to obtain discounted Disney and other gift cards. When a Sam’s Club specific bonus points or Amex Offer comes along to sweeten that deal, it can be handy to have a club nearby where you can ramp up your savings.


Sam’s Club obviously still exists, so those opportunities are still around, but just double check that the store nearest you is still open for business. The Sam’s Club website only lists the still-open clubs, so you can head there if you need to find a new location.

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  1. I’ve never been a Wal-Mart / Sam’s Club hater, but yes, that is really cold and heartless. It doesn’t affect the stores where I live, though this kind of action leaves a company without credibility, trust or goodwill. It obviously had to have been in the planning for a long time and purposely kept secret.

  2. If there was a Costco in my town, instead of being an hour away, I would shop there every single time. But since we only have Sam’s Club (still open), it’s the best we can do.

  3. What a coincidence that Walmart makes a huge announcement about giving workers a couple hundred dollars bonus then later in the day silently locks out thousands of workers without notice.

  4. Hmmmm, great big press release trumpeting increased wages and bonuses and somehow they forgot to mention the 11,000 layoffs.

  5. Jeez they just built the new Sams in New Caney off of the Grand Parkway. I almost agree with them that the Humble Sams was probably being negatively impacted, but it’s just been a few months. I can’t imagine they thought population was going to jump in New Caney that quickly…

  6. Living in Alaska, Sam’s Club was the only wholesale option in the entire state. Next closest Sam’s Club or Costco is in Seattle, +3000 miles away. This is a major blow to the entire state. People literally come to Sam’s from the bush to stock up and retailers/restaurants from almost every small town come to enable their businesses. It is one of the few places to get (relatively) affordable groceries.

  7. Wow, shows how unethical of a company that walmart is, and how little regard walmart has for its employees and customers, imho. Btw, thank you for posting this, mp, I read this in the news but yours is the only travel blog I’ve seen it on and do think it’s relevant to our interests/hobby.

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