Mission Complete: Save Money for 120 Days with Price Protection from Aviator Red MasterCard

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I love my rewards credit cards for many reasons, and one of those reasons has nothing to do with the miles and points they earn me, but rather the price protections they provide. Stuff goes on sale all the time, and it can be massively annoying when something you bought today shows up for half price the next time you notice it online or in the store. Sometimes retailers give you a price protection guarantee for a week or two, but beyond that relatively short timeframe, you are usually out of luck if something goes on sale, as discounting prices to make way for the next crop of stuff is just the way retail works. However, your credit cards can have your back if or when much of the stuff you buy goes on sale, at least for a longer period of time.


I’ve spilled lots of words professing my love of the Citi Price Rewind website and its easy-to-use price protection benefits, but I don’t always use my Citi cards for every single purchase, and it just so happened that some clothes I bought in the fall went on sale 80 days ago later…you know, as clothes often do. I had bought these three items on my AAdvantage Aviator Red World Elite Mastercard, and since this card offers 120 days of price protection coverage, I was in luck in getting a credit for the difference between what I paid and the new selling price. Had I put the items on my Citi card I wouldn’t have been able to make the price protection claim as their Price Protection cut-off is 60 days. Before you think that you should use the Aviator Card for everything since it gives a longer price protection timeframe, be aware that you can only make four submissions in a 12 month period worth up to a $250 credit per claim on that card as opposed to Citi which doesn’t have a limited on the number of claims.

I’d never used this particular Price Protection perk on my AAdvantage Aviator Red World Elite Mastercard before, so I outlined the first part of making the online claim process in this post. The summary of that process is that you start a claim online at mycardbenefits.com by entering some basic purchase information. Once the claim is opened you will receive an email that instructs you to upload copies of your itemized store receipt, credit card statement with the purchase reflected, a copy of the ad with the lower price, and a copy of the return/price match policy for the retailer being utilized. This was more documentation than I generally have to provide when making a Citi claim, but at least for most online retailers, it is pretty easy to gather. For the “ad” portion of the requirement, they thankfully accepted a screenshot of the item now on sale for a lower price.

The only slight issue I had with the claim process was that when I would upload those documents to the mycardbenefits.com site it wouldn’t ever confirm that the items were really uploaded, so I had no clue if the claim process was completed or not. I also never got any confirmation or updates as to the status of my claim once it was made. In fact, I had no idea the claim had even processed until the three checks showed up at my house about a week ago. There were roughly three weeks between when the claims were made and when the checks arrived, and those weeks were within the winter holidays; I’m sure that slowed things down a bit.

Truthfully, I didn’t even recognize what the checks were for when they first showed up as they weren’t clearly marked as being for a Price Protection Claim. Eventually, I figured out what they were, and I was thrilled that the claims were complete and paid without any further work on my end. A double check on their claim website indeed reflected the “Price Protection Paid” status that I was expecting to see given that they sent the checks.

Have you ever used the 120 days of price protection benefits available via the AAdvantage Aviator Red World Elite Mastercard? Was the process pretty smooth for you, too?

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  1. I haven’t used Barclays, but I’ve used Citi Price Rewind and Chase Price Protection. Chase requires more work, though usually goes fairly smoothly. The new paper form they want signed is a pain and delays the process. Citi is the best even though they only give 60 days instead of 90 like Chase or 120 like Barclays. Citi, you go http://www.citipricerewind.com and look-up your item and upload the receipt. Then, they search for you! If the item isn’t in their database, you’ll have to do the work on your own and upload the receipt and a screenshot/ad showing the lower price.

  2. The sweet spot in what @Jeremy said is indeed that Citi does the search for you and sometimes they looked up the wrong (i.e. an older version) item and refund you way much more than you deserve.. I used to get $400 for the price difference of a new Macbook 2016 and a refurbished Macbook 2015.

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