Best Hyatt Properties for Kid-Free Stays

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This is a family-centric travel site where most of the trips we take and talk about include kiddos, but I’m also all for the kid-free vacation. If you have the luxury of taking some trips without the little ones along for the ride, I think everyone is the better for it. The kids get some time to bond with grandparents, cousins, etc. and the parents get a chance to breathe and be more than just mom or dad for a minute or two. Or perhaps your kids are now at an age when they no longer travel with you all the time and you are aching for a trip where you are less likely to get a cannonball into your mai tai next to the pool. Strange but true alert, if you had an eleven-year-old when this blog started, they are now EIGHTEEN YEARS OLD!

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There are a million reasons why a traveller who is normally all-in on travel can find themselves hoping for a trip that isn’t dominated by families, so here’s a look at some points-friendly Hyatt properties that would be good for a kid-free trip.

Enjoy some kid-free relaxation!

Adults-Only Hyatt Zilara All-Inclusive Resorts

I’ve visited the adults-only Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall in Jamaica and the family-friendly Hyatt Ziva Cancun and both were top-notch resorts. Obviously, if you want to limit your exposure to kids and families then targeting the Zilara family of resorts that do not allow children is a great way to go. You can find these adults-only resorts in Jamaica and Cancun. The Jamaica resort is adjacent to the family-friendly side, so don’t expect to never see a kiddo, but for the most part, they will stay on their own side and in their own pools while adults have their resort to themselves.

Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall Pools

In Cancun, the family-friendly Ziva (which was spectacular), is in a different location from the Zilara resort. While I haven’t stayed at the adults-only location in Cancun, I’ve heard good things, and if it is anything like the family-friendly version, I believe it will be a top-notch experience. Do note that the adults-only Zilara Cancun will be closed for renovations from August 13 – Nov 30, 2018. The Hyatt Ziva Cancun does have adults-only accommodations in their Turquoize suites, though you can’t book that room category with points. However, it could be worth making a regular points reservation at the Ziva Cancun and then contacting the hotel directly to see if you could ‘upgrade’ to the adults-only side of things.

Hyatt Ziva Cancun

These all-inclusive resorts are a great place to use Hyatt points as it is just 25,000 Hyatt points per night for double-occupancy and that includes not only your room, but also your meals, drinks, and activities!

Margaritas and more included in Cancun

All-Inclusive Wellness Retreat at Miraval

If you want a kid-free retreat available using (a lot) of Hyatt points, then the Miraval Resort in Arizona may be the perfect match. This Oprah-worthy retreat costs 45,000 Hyatt points for single occupancy and 65,000 points per night for double occupancy. That is a ton of points, though it does also include a $175 resort credit per person per day (hello spa!), and all guests at the resort enjoy unlimited meals, snacks, smoothies, and over 120 wellness activities and classes each week.

If you still have some of those Hyatt credit card nights from the old version of the Hyatt card, this is a fantastic way to use the nights if you are seeking luxurious “wellness and balance”.

Park Hyatt Maldives and Park Hyatt St. Kitts

The Park Hyatt Resort properties do host some families, but in my experience, the majority of guests are adults looking for a high-end getaway. This is especially true of the Park Hyatt Resorts that are located in harder to get to places such as The Maldives. The Park Hyatt Maldives will cost you 25,000 Hyatt points per night and then Park Hyatt St. Kitts is 30,000 Hyatt points per night.

Park Hyatt Maldives

On our trip to the Park Hyatt Maldives we didn’t encounter many other families at all, and I expect on our upcoming trip to the Park Hyatt St. Kitts we will have much the same experience. At the Park Hyatt Maldives some of the land villas have their own private pools, so between enjoying your own villa, your own private pool, and the ocean itself, you don’t really need to see anyone else anyway!

Use 25,000 points per night at the Park Hyatt Maldives

Relax at an Andaz

There are currently no other adults-only Hyatt properties beyond those already mentioned, but after staying in more than my fair share of Hyatts around the world, I can tell you that the Andaz brand is by far the one where you encounter the fewest families and have the highest chance of an adult-oriented stay. This is especially true if you are traveling outside of traditional school breaks.

Andaz Maui

Some of the Andaz properties that we have already enjoyed or that have my eye for an adult-oriented getaway are Andaz Maui, Andaz Mayakoba in Mexico, Andaz Papagayo in Costa RicaAndaz Amsterdam, Andaz Napa, Andaz Palm Springs (slated to open in 2019).

From a points perspective, the Andaz in Costa Rica is the best value at just 15,000 Hyatt points per night as a Category 4 Hyatt property and the Andaz Maui is the toughest of the bunch as it is 25,000 Hyatt points per night but the property is notoriously stingy about releasing award rooms.

Have you used your Hyatt points for a kid-free getaway? If so, I’d love to hear about your favorite Hyatt properties to enjoy for a relaxing kid-free stay!

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  1. Thanks. Always enjoy your content.

    I think the bloggers need to call a spade a spade and conclude that Andaz Maui is effectively not available on points. I know you address this partially, but I check this property often, and points availability is a unicorn.

    This is high deception on Hyatt’s behalf (corporate owned property). They are able to use this property for marketing WofH, but without actually allowing stays aligned to their no blackouts written policy.

    I know Gary has given them grief in the past, but I think the blogger community is being overly forgiving about this egregious management of Andaz Maui on behalf of Hyatt corporate.

    • Oh it’s bad and I have written about this phenomenon too. I stayed there this spring break on points, but it has gotten even worse since then. I spot checked 10 days and only see tomorrow currently available on points. It’s really bad.

  2. PH St. Kitts next month for 3 days. Looking forward to it. We are not really Caribbean people, but we have a PH fetish of sorts. One hotel that we’ve been to that we were over run by kids was the Grand Wailea in Hawaii. Its such an expensive property and we could not believe how many families were there on vacation spending money like it was free. Id like to get to the Maldives PH next year. Really looking forward to that.

    • I’m not sure what Youo is saying above, but my wife & I stayed at the Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall for a week in August, & it was spectacular. Food/restaurant choices were great, pools were massive and amazing, & the room we had was fantastic.
      100% I’d go back in a heartbeat.

  3. We just got back from a week at Miraval and thought it was really great. There was a bit of confusion regarding the 23% resort fee. I booked the property in July 2017 combining a 4th night Citi Prestige free benefit with a a 5th night free promotion that the Miraval was offering. I had confirmed on several calls that the resort fee would be waived on both my husband and I.

    In the course of setting up activities an spa appointments I was advised that the resort fee would only be waived for myself (and not for my non Globalist husband) as the billing is done on a per-person basis. After several discussions they did end up waiving it for us, on an exception basis. When we went to check in they confirmed that it would be waived on an exception basis. On checkout husbands resort fee was still there. Went to the front desk to inquire and the agent took it off and said of course it would be taken off as long as my Globalist WOH was applied to both ppl in the room. I didnt question it, but was confused by the whole incident.

    Moral of the story – not really sure what their actual policy, but they should figure it out.

    We like the Ziva Cancun with the kiddos and was tempted by the Ziva Rose Hall, but have not had good experience with Jamaica in the past. I don’t even try for the Andaz Maui anymore, we just stay at the Kaanapali property (especially since the refresh).

  4. Three years ago, we managed to use my hsuban’s two free nights and my points for Andaz Maui but it was difficult in terms of trying to find 4 days that worked. We had luck just right after Spring Break – our kid was 3 at the time so we could go. It was a great redemption, they gave us an ocean view room, gave my kid sand toys, and my daughter loved the pool. The hotel was relatively new so there were some service issues that needed to be addressed, otherwise it was fine.

    Andaz Papagayo was probably the best redemption – we used our anniversary nights and cash+points for the rest – 6 days for under $500. Child friendly, loved the kid’s club and my daughter and the GM’s daughter became friends, so they played together a lot.

  5. And we are staying at the Hyatt Ziva in Cabo for Spring Break – we are paying out of pocket but it’s going to be a ton of points using my Hyatt Card.

  6. I know its a little off topic, but do you know of any nice IHG’s that would allow a room with an occupancy of 3? (2 adults/1 child). curious how you’ve redeemed those IHG card free nights? Thanks

  7. Thanks for this post. As a single adult, I find it really helpful! I was booked at Andaz Mayakoba next month but given some of the crime stuff, I switched to a place I like a lot and go each year, South Beach, for the Hyatt Centric. If only Confidante were on mid-beach!

  8. Ha, when I read the title, I was thinking that it was about the best Hyatt properties where kids stay free. My youngest is 5. So we’ll have another 13 years before we h ave a kids free vacation.

  9. Haven’t been to/experienced the Ziva Cancun and Rose Hall, but have stayed at the ones in Cabo and Puerto Vallarta. If you are looking for a West Coast option….

    Cabo-No beach/ocean access (like most of the town) due to the undercurrent, but the location in San Jose is ideal as it’s close to the airport just off the main freeway as it’s splits off to Cabo. There is a separate ‘adults only’ building and pool/bar/restaurant which was quite during our visit. They do a ton of corporate and personal parties (e.g. weddings) so there will usually be private events going on each evening. One night we were there, there was actually 4 separate events going on all at once, including one in the adults only area.

    Puerto Vallarta-Small overall footprint with a adults only pool/bar located right next to the small kiddie pool and main pool; no kids traffic but you will probably hear noise. Didn’t see many minors in the nicer club tower, but the ongoing slow construction that’s been going on to convert the rooms here has been problematic as far as overall noise. Main selling point here is the private secluded beach.

    • We’ve done the Zilara in Cancun (nice location on the beach — but that very beach often closed for bad surf) and we also did the Zilara in Montego Bay — FABULOUS food — but so-so-room locations. (not really much on the beach)

      Have had our eyes on the Cabo Ziva location, but NOT impressed by the fact that the beach apparently is always (!??) closed for swimming…. If that’s really the case, I don’t get the attraction of the entire Cabo area…. if the surf is too rough to get your feet web, what’s the point?

  10. I can tell you that our 6 night stay at the Andaz Napa was just amazing. We used the points + cash option as it was still an amazing value vs the almost 600.00 per night during crush season in September. We were not charged any resort fee at all. The place is just lovely, and being in downtown Napa is wonderful. The great restaurants and Oxbow Farmers Market are easily walkable. Parking is free in the garage behind, and you have to drive to the wineries anyway so, having a central home base is awesome. Our favorite purchases were 2 Andaz wine carriers that enabled us to bring home 24 bottles of assorted wine that we purchased during our tastings. Each holds 12 bottles, and can be checked as luggage. You can’t imagine how many of these you’ll see at the airport! Cheers!
    ps…..very adult place…didn’t see one family.

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