Inside a Texas Snow Day

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I grew up, and again live, in an area just a little north of Houston. This is an area that is known for how many days the temperature gets over the 100 degree mark in the summer much more so than for how cold it gets here in the winter. Sure, we get below freezing a few times most winters, but one cold day is about all we get before the temperatures start creeping back up to at least the 70 degree mark. We aren’t generally lucky enough to time our few hours of freezing temperatures with moisture in the form of snow. However, there were two distinct days I remember as a kid when it snowed real snow and we got to pretend we were legitimate snow kids for a day. It was so much fun and such a rare treat to have a Texas Snow Day.


My sister and me on a Texas snow day in the 1980’s


Decades later, I can still tell you everywhere we went those snowy days.¬†Fast forward a generation and my own kids have the privilege of experiencing snow on our annual ski trips, but back at home, snow still isn’t something we see very often. However, today is different. A few days ago they started saying we may see some wintery mix today, but no one believes that sort of thing it until it happens as weather¬†forecasts here get a wee bit over-hyped at times.

However, this time they were right. Schools closed and it in the middle of the night the rain transitioned to sleet that you could hear pinging against the windows in the middle of the night. That by itself was fun and rare for us, but throughout the day the sleet eventually turned to legitimate big, fat, snowflakes.

Texans get excited about any white stuff coming from the sky

…but then it got better and turned into real snow!

Texans are happy to just run out in the snow and sing like we are in The Sound of Music, but as it kept coming, it was time to take it up a notch.

Loading up on the sleigh to see snow

Our cars were iced shut, but the golf cart was nice and dry in the garage, so it was the perfect way to get to a small hill on the nearby golf course to see if our cardboard boxes were enough to sled down Chevy Chase style. Obviously, the once in a decade real snowfall means that Texans don’t really have sleds, so we had to improvise with anything we could find…AKA Amazon boxes to the rescue.

We quickly found that we didn’t have enough slope or the right sledding items to truly sled down this little hill, but if we pushed each other down, we could get enough momentum to have fun.

There were more than enough laughs to make up for the lack of actual sledding.

We had a blast during our few hours of enjoying our local winter wonderland, but the coolest thing about a Texas Snow Day is that kids who don’t get to go on somewhat regular pilgrimages to the mountains got to have a snow experience. They didn’t have to travel, the snow came to them. There is something smile-inducing about snowfall in general, but maybe some of these kids who otherwise would have never considered traveling to see snow fell in love with it a little bit today and will expand their horizons in the future.

Watching the snow fall

A Texas Snow Day is a rare treat, which is good as we simply don’t have the infrastructure to deal with it (or even play in it) very effectively, but when it happens it is a special event. Texas Snow Day 2018 is one that I think the kids, and kids at heart, around here will remember for quite a long time to come.

If you want to laugh at some videos of us trying to sled, head to my story on Instagram.

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    • I’m sure! Rarity is one of the reasons it is so special here. Now our pipes are frozen and we have no water, so a taste of real winter is enough I think!

  1. Loved this post – as a Canadian experiencing minus 18 degrees Fahrenheit (!) this year, I sometimes forget about the fun winter brings too.

    • So glad! Yeah, it really isn’t that different than travel. It is a different world that arrives and changes everything for a few days. It was less magical when the pipes froze, but otherwise it was a really fun departure from the norm.

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