New Promo: 10x Points Per Dollar in Best Buy Stores With Chase Pay

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Earning one mile per dollar spent on your rewards earning credit cards will usually get you nowhere fast, but if you start increasing that rate to 2x, 3x, 5x, or even 10x points per dollar spent, then award trips obviously come into view much, much faster. This can be done by utilizing built-in bonus categories that come with certain rewards credit cards and by using lucrative temporary offers that pop up from time to time.


We have recently started to enjoy a number of bonus offers from Chase Pay where you can really ramp up the number of points you earn paying with your Chase credit cards via Chase Pay. I loved the eBags promo over the holidays that awarded 2,000 bonus Ultimate Rewards points with just a $20 eBags purchase! I value the 2,000 bonus points earned at more than the $20 it cost me to earn them…and I got some nifty stuff from eBags in the process.

Bonus Chase Pay points have posted from eBags

Earn 10x Points Per Dollar in Best Buy Stores With Chase Pay

Over the holidays we also saw Chase Pay offers from Walmart and Best Buy, and now there is a new Chase Pay offer from Best Buy that awards 10x points per dollar for purchases from January 15, 2018 to February 4, 2018!  This offer is valid on up to $400 in eligible Best Buy purchases during that time. The terms indicate it is valid for those with a Chase Freedom Card, but it is possible more Chase cards are eligible and have their own landing pages that just haven’t been unearthed yet.

Typically with these offers, you don’t need to register in advance and the offers aren’t targeted, but if you want to be 100% sure before making a purchase, you can contact Chase via secure message and be sure your account is eligible. For an in-store Chase Pay purchase, you will need to have the Chase Pay app downloaded and set-up on your smartphone so that you can pay with the QR code at check-out. Yes, this is a little bit of a pain, but it is worth it if they are going to keep enticing us with bonus points to use Chase Pay.

Even if you don’t have a new electronic or other gadget to purchase at Best Buy in the near term, keep in mind that Best Buy does have a decent gift card selection. Have you been racking up the points with some of these new Chase Pay promos?

Terms and Conditions:

*Offer valid in-store only. During the promotional period of January 15, 2018, to February 4, 2018, earn an extra 9% cash back on up to $400 in purchases at Best Buy® when you check out with your Chase Freedom card using Chase Pay. The bonus cash back earned is in addition to the 1% cash back you earn on all purchases for a total of 10% cash back. Bonus cash back will post to your account within a week of the transaction posting, and will appear on your monthly credit card billing statement and be available for use within 1–2 billing cycles. To qualify for this promotional offer, account must be open and not in default at the time of fulfillment. This promotional offer is non-transferable. For more information about your rewards program, see your Rewards Program Agreement.

Thanks to Slick Deals for spotting this new promo. 

Head here to learn more about available credit cards and their bonuses.

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  1. Thank you for always sharing these promos…I have a hard time keeping up with them on the various cards and this reminds me to take a look more frequently!

    • I purchased an iPhone 8+ for my wife tonight using Chase Pay at Best Buy. As soon as the charge settles, I’ll take a look at my account and see if it stacked to 15% (10% for the Chase Pay promo + 5% for Freedom Q1 Chase Pay spend) or if it truly caps at 10%. Will circle back soon.

      • Ok, this is interesting. The iPhone purchase from Best Buy settled on our Chase Freedom card and we earned 3,585 points on a $417 purchase. The breakdown of points earned looks like this:
        +Bonus 1Q 5% cat: eligible mobile wallet
        +5% Chase pay Best Buy bonus
        + 1% (1pt)/$1 earned on all purchases

        Strange considering that I didn’t see any language in the T&Cs from Chase that the Best Buy purchase was tied to the Q1 category bonus.

  2. Thanks for sharing this.
    Chase Freedom already has a 5% cashback this quarter for using mobile pay apps like chase pay. I wonder if this is 10% on top of that, or does it include the 5% already.
    Also, this will (might) count toward the $1500 quarterly limit i think.

    – Desi Guy.

  3. Looking to buy a couple Netflix gift cards….I see “More checkout options” and I see Visa Checkout but not Chase Pay. How can I make this work if it doesn’t show up? I’m using Google Chrome when trying to access the website.

  4. I know this is a super low tech question, but here it goes anyways. Could someone walk me through how to take advantage of the chase freedom mobile wallet 5% cash back? Does anyone know what stores take mobile wallet and what phones it can be used on? Or maybe you could do a post on this, Summer? Thanks in Advance!!

  5. I have an old & cheap samsung & my husband has an old iphone, I think iphone 5. Do we need a newer phone to take advantage of this promotion?

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