New United Promo Awards Thousands of Bonus Miles – Targeted

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United has a new promo out that will award some lucky travelers bonus miles based on completing activities such as purchasing new United flights and traveling by March 11th, using the United dining program, etc. This targeted promo displayed in my United app (after I upgraded to the latest version), but you can also view the promo and register at this site.


The promos seem to range wildly from a few thousand miles to a massive 90,000+ miles. The United Mile Play promo runs until March 11, 2018, and only new airfare purchases made after you register for the promo will count towards unlocking the bonus miles. In terms of targeting, my husband and I were both targeted while both of my daughters were not.

My United Mile Play promo awards 5,400 bonus miles if I complete these tasks in the next 38 days:

  • Book and take a trip in a premium cabin – 2,300 miles
  • Dine with MileagePlus Dining – 400 miles
  • Complete both tasks – 2,700 additional miles

My premium cabin trip has to be a minimum of $700 to qualify, so it’s pretty unlikely that I will be taking advantage of that portion of the promo unless some pretty unexpected trip pops up in the next 38 days.

Josh’s bonus awards 4,600 bonus miles if he books and takes three trips of $175 or more. He will likely meet that threshold by March 11th, but the airfare has all already been purchased prior to the new promo so it won’t count towards earning the bonus miles. We both registered in case more travel pops up, but it is unlikely that either of us will benefit from this promo.

Others will be a bit more lucky than us as I’ve seen a variety of offers in this Flyertalk thread such as:

  • Take one trip greater than $125 for 2,500 bonus miles
  • Book and take a trip in a premium cabin ($2000 minimum) and get 80,000 miles
  • Book and take a trip two times ($225 minimum) to get 12,000 bonus award miles.
  • Book and take a trip two times to get 21,000 bonus award miles
  • Book and take a trip and get 7,900 miles – no spend hurdle

Did anyone in your family get targeted for a good bonus via the new United Mile Play promo?

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  1. mine is a really low threshold – 1 trip of $150 to get 3900 miles … and even THAT i’m having trouble taking advantage of cuz my travel plans have all been previously made

    close friend of mine who’s a weekly business consultant, usually on Q fares, got no promo

    i think the promos are well designed because they’re truly tailored to each customer’s past activity and spend capability.

  2. Hubby had book/fly once and get 2600.
    Kids (2 are over 18 and had recent flights) have nothing.
    I have Fly E+ for 1,000 miles
    Check a bag for 400 miles
    Purchase Premier Access for 600 miles
    All can be done on flights purchased prior to registration. I have a flight in the promotion period but with my husband (Gold MP) so all of these items will be free. Probably not worth buying.
    SIDE NOTE – it mentions it doesn’t include E+ purchased with miles. I remember United saying E+ with miles would be possible with the changes a few years back, but have never seen the option. Is it possible to upgrade to E+ with miles?

  3. My Mile Play offer was, “Complete 2 premium cabin trips by March 11 and receive 19,000 miles.” Minimum airfare of $700 is required. I will most likely not partake in this promo, however, I did take advantage of the previous offer of 11,000 miles for two economy based fares. I actually flew United First, but the flights still counted

  4. My offer was Book a premium cabin for 2,500 miles and Shop through MP Shopping for additional 300. Do both and I get an additional 6,500 miles. Unfortunately the catch is is airfare must be $650 to qualify. I think this could be a fun promo, but the lead in and completion time is too short. I’m about to book a premium cabin fare, but for the miles involved I have no interest in paying an extra $350 for an air fare. I like having miles, but I like having money in my bank even more. Makes me hanker after the days of the US Airways Grand Slam promo.

  5. My offer was decent. Book and take a trip (at least $150) for a 5400 mile bonus. My husband’s account was ineligible though.

  6. Mine are:

    Book a trip (minimum $200) = 1,300 miles
    Pay for a checked bag = 400 miles
    Do both = 3,800 miles

    Total is 5,500.

    I’d actually consider this if I have to add any travel in the qualifying period.

  7. Thanks for the h/u. I got:

    Book a trip ($250+) = 2900
    Shop through Mileage Plus = 400
    Both = Additional 7500

    That seems good (right?), and I do have a couple unbooked trips that I know of. Hopefully trips booked through 3rd party agencies will count. I will totally buy something through them for the 7900 miles if it gets credited.

  8. Our offer was:

    Book a trip – 2,600 miles
    Download and use MileagePlusX – 400 miles
    Complete both activities: 6,700 mile bonus

    total: 9,700 miles available

  9. Another person in our household got this offer:

    Book and take a trip ($300 minimum) – 2,500 miles
    Dine with MileagePlus Dining – 200 miles
    Complete both: 6,200 bonus miles.

    Total: 8,900 miles available

  10. I’m a Lifetime Gold, but have only been flying 20-25K miles/year the last few years. My offer was take two trips, get 20,000 bonus award miles. Each trip must be a minimum of $275 to count.

    My wife has my spousal Gold benefits, and flies less than 15K miles/year. Her offer was take two trips, get 13,000 bonus award miles. Each trip must be a minimum of $275 to count.

    Our teenage son, who has been Silver once, but usually flies 10K-15K miles/year, is not eligible for this offer.

    The fine print says:
    • “Trip” is defined as each unique travel itinerary as documented by United with a confirmation number.

    I wonder if a round trip, with each direction on a separate itinerary, count for this promotion.

  11. So now that March 11th past, my promotion disappeared from my phone – it was for 8100 miles for 2 trips over $400 and I did it – when will these miles post to my account? Anyone already got theirs?

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