Awesome New Wyndham Rewards Bonus Points Promotion

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During the first couple years that I was blogging about miles and points, we would occasionally see hotel bonus points promotions that were so lucrative they were worth utilizing even if you didn’t really need a hotel stay at the moment. These check-ins that were done just to earn bonus points were referred to as “mattress running” and it was sort of silly, but the math made it a worthy endeavor at times. With a stronger economy and more people traveling, promotions aren’t nearly as frequent or lucrative as they once were, but every now and then we get a little glimpse of the past in the form of a truly good hotel bonus points promotion.

Along those lines, Wyndham Rewards just announced a new promotion that is worth running the math on, even if you otherwise don’t have Wyndham stays on your calendar. Wyndham is awarding enough bonus points for a free night (15,000 points) if you register for their new promo and have two separate eligible stays at any Wyndham Rewards hotel between now and June 30, 2018.

You can only earn the bonus once per member, but there is no minimum stay or minimum rate required. Since Wyndham Rewards has a flat award chart where all their hotels (and one-bedroom condos and cottages) are just 15,000 points per night, this means that two cheap one night stays can earn you enough bonus points to use for an award night in an expensive city such as New York City, Miami, Aspen, Paris, and more. You do need to book your rate directly with Wyndham to qualify, but it will work with their new ‘Rewarding Rate’ that will save you 10% and is available to Wyndham Rewards members.

TRYP Times Square South

For roughly $100 (assuming two $50-ish one night stays), we could earn 15,000 bonus Wyndham Rewards points via this bonus, assuming we can’t align any real stays with Wyndham during the promo period.

Spending around $100 to earn this bonus is a good chunk of change, but if we could then use the points for an award night in a city like NYC when rates are several hundred dollars per night (as we did a few months ago), then it would have been money well spent. Since Wyndham Rewards has several very economical brands in its stable, you may be able to find stays for even less than $50 per night. On top of that, when you book your paid Wyndham stays, you can go through cashback sites such as TopCashBack (currently 5%) or eBates (currently 2.5%) to make your overall deal even better.

Remember to register for the promotion before doing anything else, but don’t discount this one without giving it some thought as it is a very good promotion that is worth considering even if you otherwise wouldn’t have had any Wyndham Rewards stays in the next few months. Will your family be able to make use of this stay two get one free Wyndham Rewards promotion?

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  1. Fortunately, i have rooms near me that are $38/night!!! Combine that with ebates, etc.

    We are using 45k points for 3 nights at Hotel Galvez in April.

    • Yes! I’m betting if I dig deeper I can get around $40, too! Absolutely combine it with any other discounts or rebates and earn another cheap night at Galvez! I have that on my list, too!

  2. Just registered. Thanks for the heads up. I can do two one-night business stays (at a location I know is actually pretty good).

    • Please read my post! They change terms without telling you. And unfortunately they can do that in the little, itty-bitty fine print.
      I’ll never stay at one of their hotels again!

  3. Talk about perfect timing! I am thinking about staying at Foz do Iguacu, Brazil (hello, Iguazu Falls) for four nights. We could also go through AA’s shopping portal and get 2x miles per dollar spent.

  4. just a heads up, I was signed in to the website and searching for rates yesterday and today and they emailed me a 15% off coupon to come back and book

  5. There have been some reports on Flyertalk and One Mile at a Time that the terms of the previous promotion which gave 15,000 points after 3 stays were changed without notice. The booking date deadline was moved to Jan 18 from Jan 31. If true, I’m out 12,000 bonus points. Better book early for this one in case they change the terms without notice again.

  6. For this Wyndham promo, the two stays must be “Qualifying Stays.” Bookings through “third party sites” are not Qualified Stays. Do you know for sure that using Ebates and similar sites will not be viewed as “third party” bookings?

    • Jim, yes because you aren’t booking with eBates, you are still booking with Wyndham directly – just clicking through eBates to earn some cash back.

  7. For this Wyndham promo, the two stays must be “Qualifying Stays.” Bookings through “third party sites” are not Qualified Stays. Do you know for sure that using Ebates and similar sites will not be viewed as “third party” bookings?

  8. ok I’m planning to do this, have my husband book 2 stays and I book two stays so we can get 2 free nights, probably in NYC. Is there any way to get a third night? I don’t suppose I can book a night in my toddler’s name? (jk, of course)

  9. Don’t believe ANY of Wyndham’s Promo’s! They change the terms on your promo retroactively & without notice to their members.
    I signed up to get 15000 Bonus points after 2 nights stay. Waited for points, calling 4 times in 2 months. When I didn’t get them after 8 1/2 weeks, I called again just to find out that they changed it to 2 NON-Consecutive stays. I have found that they have done this before on promo’s.
    And whatever you do, DO NOT get caught up in the Traveler’s or Shopper’s Advantage programs that they also push. People have had nightmares over those.

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