Why You Should Match Hyatt Elite Status to M Life Before March 1st

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World of Hyatt elite status tiers expire very soon on February 28, 2018, unless of course you requalified for the next year. If you are used to having Hyatt elite perks on your travels such as lounge access, late check-out, and more, this can be a real blow. However, there might be a way to protect some of your Hyatt elite status perks by leveraging the Hyatt and M life reciprocal elite status program, if you act quickly.


Before we get into the details of how this works, the premise is that if you have any M life elite status from gambling in the casinos or having the M life credit card, you can match that status to a corresponding Hyatt elite status level. If you have a Hyatt elite status level from staying in Hyatt properties or from having the Hyatt credit card or whatever, you can match that to some M life elite status. My mom recently matched her Hyatt Discoverist status she got from the co-branded Hyatt credit card to M life Pearl in order to get free parking in Vegas.

Last year, my husband Josh temporarily lost his Hyatt elite status in March, but was able to match his M life Platinum status to Hyatt to secure Hyatt Explorist status while he earned back Globalist.

Match your expiring Hyatt status to M life now

Now that you know sort of how this works, let’s talk about why you will want to match your expiring Hyatt status to M life now. First, you will want to do it now because you obviously can’t match it to M life once it expires, and having M life status can be very useful when you are in Vegas. The M life elite status perks vary based on your level, but it can help you avoid parking fees, access shorter lines for buffets, have a shot at a room upgrade, and more. You can see the full chart of M life perks and discounts here.

If you are a Hyatt fan, the main reason you might want to do this match right now is that since M life elite status operates on a different calendar than Hyatt elite status, you may be able to match your M life status back to Hyatt after your status level drops post March 1st.

Let’s say you are a Hyatt Globalist or Explorist right now, but that come March 1st you will be just a general member or Discoverist. If you match your Hyatt status to M life right now you will get M life Gold status per the chart above. Fast forward to when you lose your Hyatt status on March 1st, you can then theoretically match your M life Gold status to Hyatt Explorist status. There is no way to match to top tier Globalist, but Explorist is better than nothing with the four annual lounge access certificates, late check-out, and bonus points.

Will this really work?

I can tell you with 100% certainty it has worked reliably for the past few years. I cannot tell you with 100% certainty that it will work this year, but it is worth a shot. I have yet to hear any reports of it not working, though it is always possible that at some point the carousel will stop turning.

How to match Hyatt status to M life

To get started on matching you current Hyatt status to M life, you can head here and click on “Opt In” as shown below.

Share status with your spouse

Everything I mentioned so far can be accomplished online, however if you are going to physically be in an M life casino, there is a way to extend this status matching domino game to your partner. M life states that “two members with the same address may link individual M life Rewards accounts to share their tier, Tier Credit and Express Comps balances. Both members must visit an M life desk in the resort and show a valid identification to link accounts. M life maintains separate account numbers and account histories for every member. Restrictions apply at MGM Grand Detroit and Borgata.”

At least one of you would need M life status that you earned on your own or matched from Hyatt before you go to an M life casino to share it with your spouse or partner. Once all of that is accomplished, that person who shares your address could very likely then match their new M life status to their own Hyatt account if they desired.

Have you been utilizing the M life – Hyatt status match opportunities to expand your elite status perks?

Head here to learn more about available credit cards and their bonuses. 

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    • as MP stated, the Explorist status will go away after 2/28; then have to request a match from the Mlife Gold to get Explorist til Feb. 2019

    • Your M life Gold likely expires in the fall? If so, and you lose Explorist on 3/1 you should be able to rematch M life Gold if it all keeps working.

  1. I recently used my MLife Gold status to get Hyatt Explorist status. I used the online “Opt-In” button (although I suspect that only works to match Hyatt back to Mlife and not the other way around) and nothing happened. After a few weeks and many, many phone calls, I was able to get the Hyatt Explorist status. This is one of those things that really depends on who at both companies you speak to. Some had no idea what I was talking about, and others were very helpful.

    • Good point and for anyone who hits a real delay, try reaching out to @HyattConcierge on Twitter as they can be quite helpful.

  2. For some reason mine changed to the lowest level with MLife even though I still had Discoverist with Hyatt. Tried to reconnect via website and it kept telling me it could not connect. I called Hyatt and they said they’d send a message to MLife. But it’s been a couple of months and still nothing. Guess I need to try again. It worked great when I did it initially os I’m not sure why ti stopped working.

  3. I”m curious about the other way around. Currently Discoverist via credit card buy MLife Gold. Am I able to get that matched by Hyatt to Explorist? And if so… when is the best time to do that?

  4. As I posted over on Gary’s blog:

    I understand why you feel the need to publish details on the Hyatt loophole (website traffic and revenue), but seriously why can’t all you bloggers just keep quite and use some discretion once in a while when a good thing comes around. I’m not saying to hide anything, but a little conscious omission would be nice though. It’s one thing to let people come to conclusions on their own. It’s another entirely to spoon feed the masses which typically results in opportunities being shut down and then no one benifits.

    • I understand, truly. I’m not one to really post about ‘secret’ tips. With this one, it has been around at this point for years and helped lots of people have status they otherwise wouldn’t have had it. I think it was worth sharing as it has lasted a long enough time and helped a large enough number of people who wouldn’t have known otherwise. That is my main criteria for sharing, not eyeballs. However, I know it might be closed at some point, but moreso when their tech catches up, not when it is or isn’t written about at this point. I hope I don’t sound like I’m dismissing your concerns though as I understand it is a balance, but in this case sharing has proved to be the right course over the last few years.

  5. Have Hyatt Discoverist status ending this month, and there’s a 2-day conference being held at an MGM property in May that I’m planning to attend. Not sure yet if I will stay overnight there (or at another nearby hotel on points), but was able to match status to M Life Pearl a few minutes ago, thank you!

  6. I earned Explorist in 2018. Should I match right away before the deadline or wait? I do not have any Mlife stays in the near future.

  7. I’m an Explorist with Hyatt due to a status match from MLife Gold last year. I’m now an MLife Sapphire. Last week, I tried to match my Hyatt Explorist status to MLife to reattain MLife gold, but it was not working online (I’ve tried multiple times over the past several weeks), and I was prompted to call. I called and spoke with an MLife rep who told me I could not be matched because my current Hyatt Explorist status was due to a status match last year from MLife.

  8. The status match is called tier reciprocity and is explained in the World of Hyatt terms and conditions for both directions. I have M Life Gold and I am trying to obtain the reciprocal Explorist status in the World of Hyatt. The Hyatt terms and conditions say to follow the instructions on https://www.mlife.com/en/overview/preferred-partners.html. There is an opt-in button that opened the Hyatt web page and asks you to sign in to your Hyatt account. Then there is an error message in the Hyatt page, where the Hyatt page claims to have received a bad token from the M Life page. So far, I have been unable to match my M Life Gold status to Hyatt Explorist. Currently, I am Hyatt Discoverist, which I mostly earned from my 2017 MGM stays (Park Hyatt Sydney too), which also earned my M Life Gold status, ironically enough.

    Would love to know if anyone actually achieved Hyatt status due to their M Life status, following the instructions in the World of Hyatt T&Cs.

    • Same thing happened to me. Finally had to call a couple of times and it finally went through. As noted, you’ve got to get the right person on the phone.

    • This actually JUST now worked for me! My Explorist status expired yesterday, but I still had Gold status with MLife. I used your link above, and it instantly updated my Discoverist to Explorist…. THANK YOU! I sincerely hope you get matched as well, thank you for the tip.

      • Laura, a thousand thank you’s for posting. Because of your success, I tried one more time. Instant match to Explorist due to my M Life Gold, the way it is supposed to work. I bet the trigger was March 1 date.

        I’ll actually achieve Globalist on stays this year, but it’s nice to be Explorist in the meantime, as I won’t achieve Globalist until the end of the year.

        Again, a sincere thank you for posting your positive outcome.

  9. Thanks for this reminder. I’ve actually status matched from Royal Caribbean Diamond Plus status to M-Life Platinum to Hyatt Explorist. I didn’t think they would do the Mlife to Hyatt because it was a status match, but they did last year. Hoping they’ll do it again this year.

    • I missed going back to World of Hyatt. Royal Caribbean Diamond matched to MLife Gold and that matched to Hyatt Explorist! Thanks!

  10. Word of caution…… I tried doing the back n forth match, but my WOH status was never updated. Followed up but was referred back and forth between WOH and MLife. Finally MLife told me they are unable to match MLife Gold to WOH Explorist because it was matched over from WOH to MLife prior. Not sure if this is a sign of things to come……

  11. Just matched my MLife Gold which was still valid from the match last year. thanks to you Mommy Points. Instant match to Hyatt Explorist again…..including the 4 free night awards exp Feb28/2019 My Hyatt Explorist expiry says valid through Feb/29/2020. Feeling Happy !

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