Make Renting Skis Easier With Ski Butlers + New Coupon Code!

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Outside of managing the high retail price for almost everything that involves skiing or boarding, the toughest thing about family ski trips with young kids is the logistics. A beach vacation is pretty easy to put together, but a ski vacation requires a lot of additional gear, lessons, map reading, and planning. Unless you own your own gear, one of the hurdles you have to overcome every single time you hit the mountains is going through the ski rental process. This process usually ranges from tolerable to miserable, but is rarely pleasant or enjoyable.


Rental lines can be long, there usually aren’t good places to sit while you wait, and unless you are a gearhead, you really don’t know what you need, you just know that jamming your feet into rigid ski boots isn’t fun. Jamming your kids’ feet into ski boots is even less enjoyable.

Renting skis in a busy shop

Make renting skis a breeze with Ski Butlers

Oftentimes, you get your gear shortly after you arrive so that you are ready to ski the next morning. After a day of travel, factor into this process that you are probably doing all of that with a crankier than normal crew. Sometimes the hotel you are staying at has an onsite ski shop which can help make the rental process much smoother, but there is a way to streamline the ski rental process even more than that by using Ski Butlers.

We first used Ski Butlers back in 2013 when our oldest daughter was first starting her ski journey. They came up to the hotel room to fit us with boots and skis while my then toddler chilled on the chair with her blanket. Nothing could be easier than that!

I’ve often regretted my decision on the trips when we didn’t use Ski Butlers, but on our most recent trip to Vail, I again used Ski Butlers and was again impressed with their service. They bring the equipment to you, they show up when they say they will, you can text or call them, you don’t have to wait in any lines, and they will coordinate with the hotel’s ski valet for drop-off and pick-up so you virtually don’t lift a finger. Ski Butlers isn’t everywhere, but they do cover 47 different ski resorts, largely in the Western United States plus Whistler and some locations in France.

If you have any issues with your gear while skiing you just give them a call and they will meet you to swap out your gear with something that will better meet your needs. It really is like ski magic.

Save 20% on Ski Butler Rentals

The only drawback is that the Ski Butler service is that it can be a little pricier than renting at some shops, but when you use a coupon code that price differential drops significantly. I just noticed a 20% Ski Butlers discount that is available to all Ski Butler customers from March 1 – April 30, 2018, if you use the code MARCH20.

That brings the ski package I usually get down to $35 per day and a junior ski package for my daughter down to $25 per day. That may not be the lowest price in town, but it sure isn’t bad for skis that are brought right to you and magically picked up without you running around town! If you are traveling with little skiers who aren’t getting their equipment through ski school, or you just want the whole rental process to be completed in your hotel or condo, then I highly recommend you check out Ski Butlers and use that 20% off code to bring the price down!

Has your family ever used Ski Butlers to streamline the ski gear rental process?




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  1. Near us in New Hampshire most of the local ski shops offer seasonal rentals for kids for $99. If your kid grows or gets better and needs longer skis during the season they offer a free swap. It even comes with a free junior season pass to Breton Woods. You can’t beet that deal.

    Summer, for the amount you go skiing, I am surprised you don’t own your own equipment. They payback would probably be two years or even less, plus it would likely be much better equipment.

    • I know. I own a board but switched to skis and don’t own that yet. One reason I have waited is to keep traveling lighter but I plan to at least get boots by next season.

      • One thing to note is that most domestic airlines consider a ski bag and a boot bag as one item for baggage purposes. That certainly holds down costs if you are paying baggage fees. Unfortunately, next to nothing can address “schlep” factor with skiing.

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