Earn and Use Hyatt Points and Benefits at Oasis Home Rentals

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Last year we learned that Hyatt had partnered with Oasis, an upscale serviced home rental company, as part of their Unbound Collection. Oasis offers thousands of curated homes available for rent in over 20 destinations around the world including New York, Austin, London, Los Angeles, Paris, Miami, Rome, Madrid, Mexico City, Santiago, San Francisco, and more.


Authenticity of a home rental with hotel service

This is a very intriguing parntership because you can have the space, comfort, and authenticity of a home rental with the service and amenities of a hotel, including in-person check-in and check-out, fresh linens and toiletries, and on-demand concierge services. You can even find Oasis rentals in some locations such as Barcelona, Ibiza, Punta del Este (Uruguay), Rome and Trancoso (Brazil), where there is not yet a Hyatt property, so in a sense this exapnds Hyatt’s footprint.

Earn and Use Hyatt points and perks at Oasis

In addition to all of that, the big news of the day is that you can now earn and use World of Hyatt points and elite benefits when staying with Oasis at high-end home rentals around the world!

An Oasis property in New York City

Effective March 1, 2018, Hyatt members who stay at an Oasis home rental will receive the following World of Hyatt benefits:

  • Earn 5 Base Points per eligible dollar spent on qualifying Oasis nights
  • Earn tier-qualifying nights for qualifying Oasis nights
  • Earn Bonus Points on eligible Oasis spend for elite members (10% for Discoverist, 20% for Explorist and 30% for Globalist)
  • Request late check-out for elite members (2 p.m. for Discoverist and Explorist; 4 p.m. for Globalist)

To encourage World of Hyatt members to give Oasis a try, between March 1, 2018 and June 30, 2018, World of Hyatt members also earn 1,000 bonus points per qualifying night spent at an Oasis property! If you pay with a Hyatt Credit Card you will also earn 3x Hyatt points for that charge on the card.

Between the bonus points and base points, you earn should rack up a nice total of Hyatt points pretty quickly given that Oasis rentals are generally for longer periods of time and some of them can get relatively expensive.

Additionally, Hyatt elite members will get a welcome amenity at their Oasis check-in that will vary from property to property. I asked for some examples of what that might look like and was given examples of a cocktail kit or a breakfast kit of yogurt, granola, and coffee.

Oasis property in London

Hyatt point redemption rate at Oasis

If you aren’t looking to earn Hyatt points but would prefer to redeem them for your Oasis stay, that is now possible, too! However, there is no award chart for Oasis properties, but rather you will be able to redeem 15,000 Hyatt points for a $200 Oasis credit. You can redeem multiple increments of 15,000 points if you need additional $200 Oasis credits. That is a return of 1.33 cents per Hyatt point. That isn’t as bad as it could have been at a simple 1 cent per point return, but it isn’t great either. Personally, I don’t forsee us using Hyatt points in that manner since I like to get at least 1.5 – 2 cents in return per Hyatt point, but if you are swimming in Hyatt points, that may make sense in some situations.

I hope to use Oasis in the future so we can spread out and stay in a local neighborhood on our travels, but since Oasis usually requires a longer stay than just a weekend, and there is a $100 – $150 cleaning fee, it isn’t the right choice for a quick trip. You will want to use Oasis when you are staying put with your family or friends for a little while in one of their 20 cities around the world to make the most of the location, service, and amenities.

Have you used Oasis as part of the Hyatt Unbound Collection or do you plan to now that they have a full partnership with the World of Hyatt?




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  1. We list our properties with Oasis Collections in Santiago, Chile, and Oasis has been great. It’s a selective process to be able to enter their inventory, and their support to both guests and hosts is top-notch. I definitely would characterize Oasis as a worth while premium over a typical home rental site.

    For our properties, the number of points depends on the length of stay, but on average it’s about 15,000 points a night, fairly generous on Hyatt’s part.

    Our listings on Oasis Collections in Santiago, in case any of your readers are planning a visit.

    ‪Cozy 1 Bedroom Apartment in Dowtown Santiago | Oasis https://www.oasiscollections.com/santiago/homes/downtown-santiago

    ‪Cozy 1 Bedroom Apartment in Las Condes | Oasis https://www.oasiscollections.com/santiago/homes/las-condes-executive

  2. 15,000 points for a $200 credit is awful. I just burned 60,000 points for 4 nights at The Andaz Papagayo. Rack rate over $600/night all in.
    Let’s hope Hyatt gets serious and allows different point redemptions for different quality/feature homes. Ya know, kinda like their hotel program???

    • “Rack Rate” – but again, most don’t spend that (that’s typically defined as the max a hotel can charge for the room).

      Sure you *can* get 4cpp with Hyatt, personally I feel like anything 2cpp is a good value. Most points valuations put Hyatt around 1.8cpp, so 1.3 is low but not terrible.

      • My bad, by “rack” I meant rate for the days we booked(@$600+/nt). True rack was likely a lot higher.
        FWIW, this property is one of the best point/category values in Hyatt’s portfolio.

        • Agreed and get it while it’s hot. They very wisely changed their name to Andaz Costa Rica and I bet that alone will lead to more bookings and ultimately more points. #HopeI’mWrong

  3. If you can find a cheap place, this could almost qualify for Mattress Run.

    – You get the 1,000 bonus Hyatt points for the Oasis bonus (per night)
    – You get 1,000 points for the Q1.5 promotion (500 @ HH/HP, 1K everywhere else) (again, per night)
    – And you still get the night credit/bonuses.

    For example I saw a place in Bogota that was $45/night.
    25 nights = $1,225 (including $100 for cleaning)

    You’d get:
    25 night credits (almost halfway to globalist!)
    50K bonus points
    6100 points for spend ($1225 * 5)
    1800 points for globalist bonus (30%)
    3675 points ($1225 on Hyatt * 3 points/$)
    So for $1,225 you’d be almost halfway to Globalist, and earn 60K points.

    • I don’t think you get to double dip the two 1K per night promotions. The T&C on the Hyatt wide one states “Nights at Oasis Collection properties are not Eligible Nights”).

      That said, what you propose is still compelling *if* you’re near such a property, especially as the promo on Oasis doesn’t seem subject to the 25K max. Scale it on up to 60 nights (extreme / unreasonable case I know, but just to drive home the value proposition…), you can get globalist for $2,450 plus receive 83K points. Value those out at 1.5 cents apiece, and the actual cost comes out to $1200. I’d value globalist far north of that (I’ve had comped breakfasts at resorts with 3 rooms be more than that).

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