The $69 Disney World Add-On for Those Who Love Mine Train

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Disney World is expensive. Okay, we’ve gotten that obligatory, expectation-setting statement out of the way, so let’s move on to the topic at hand of picking your extras wisely at Disney. With some advance planning, you can have a successful day at Disney World without spending a dime on any of the extra add-ons. On the other hand, you are already ‘in for a pound’ at Disney, so sometimes spending a little extra in one arena can dramatically improve the overall experience. There is an early morning Magic Kingdom add-on experience very much has my attention as it appears to offer the right mix of added convenience and a reasonable price. To set the stage, last summer I took my girls, then ages seven and two years old, to Disney World and we splurged on the Magic Kingdom Classics Tour. This tour lasted all morning and allowed us to walk right onto about ten classic Walt Disney World attractions with no waits.


In addition to this guided tour through those attractions, there were magical Disney ‘fairies’ moving our stroller to the optimal exit point at the rides’, giving an extra helping hand with the girls, providing snacks and an air-conditioned reserved table to rest, and a few other magical Disney touches. It was indeed a magical and stress-free way to spend the morning at the Magic Kingdom riding multiple no height restriction rides in a short period of time.

Little S made a Disney friend or two!

Doing this tour allowed us to save all of our Fast Pass Plus Reservations for other rides in the afternoon, meaning that we were able to accomplish everything we wanted to do in our one day at the Magic Kingdom without ever waiting in line. With little children and the July Orlando heat, this was our recipe for success.

As we look towards our next trip to Disney World, I want to incorporate something similar to that tour into our plans since it helped us make the most of our time at Disney. This is especially true since I will likely be the only adult visiting the Magic Kingdom with our kiddos that day. However, we don’t need to do that exact Classics tour again, nor do I want to spend quite that much money on top of theme park tickets and other costs a second time. The Magic Kingdom Classics Tour is $199 per person (children under 3 are free), so it was a large investment on top of all the other Disney expenses.

The $69 Disney Early Morning Magic Experience

This time around, we are giving serious consideration to the Disney Early Morning Magic experience that is a reasonable $69 per adult and $59 per child (presumably those three and under are free). This experience is only available on select Sundays and Tuesdays from 7:45 – 10:00 AM, and during that time you have virtually unlimited FastPass/wristband access to The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Peter Pan’s Flight. On top of that, you also get breakfast at Pinocchio Village Haus. I’ve heard of folks riding Mine Train ten straight times with this experience.

If we purchased this special access, we would most likely ride those three included rides many times for the first hour, and then just before the park officially opens, we would line-up for a Frozen princess meet and greet or other popular attraction in that part of the park as soon as they begin. We may then sneak in another attraction before the lines really get going, do a final Mine Train ride, and then round out our morning having included brunch at Pinocchio Village Haus before the included breakfast buffet ends at 10AM.

Getting a few rounds on Mine Train, a top-tier princess meet and greet, Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pan, breakfast, and potentially another ride or two knocked out without any real lines by 10AM and without using any Fast Pass reservations sounds well worth the $69 and $59 tickets. Since my youngest daughter will still be just under three years old on our Disney visit (but yet already tall enough for Mine Train at 38 inches), she would presumably be free for this experience, just as she was for our VIP Classics tour last year. My eight-year-old is already a big Mine Train fan, so I know she would enjoy several rounds on this track.

My eight year old digs Mine Train

What Disney World add-ons has your family found to be worth it? Has your family ever utilized the Disney Early Morning Magic experience?



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  1. Ahh wish I had known about this option earlier, it’s already sold out for our spring break dates. But I will definitely keep this in mind for next time!

  2. We considered doing this on our last trip, as we couldn’t get a Seven Dwarfs Mine Train fastpass. We ended up getting an 8am Be Our Guest breakfast ressie which basically equates to a 9am fastpass for that ride. This, and the guided group VIP tour, is a great way to experience many rides in a short amount of time with little wait. They aren’t cheap, but Disney has no trouble selling them out consistently. Quite a few of the higher priced tours have DVC/Annual Pass discounts so always check that if booking. It might make sense for these tours for larger groups to upgrade one person to an AP just to get the discount.

  3. We did it in September, and we don’t even have little ones (DD is 18). SO worth it! I loved riding Peter Pan multiple times as well, and the breakfast buffet was very good.

  4. We did it last summer. Worth every penny. It was our 2.5 year old’s first time at Disney and it made for an awesome, low stress, no line, way to get him comfortable and excited about the rides. He also just walked around a bit looking at park stuff, and we let him because almost no one else was there. The 8 year olds enjoyed mine train (5 or 6 times) but it was best (and free) for our little guy. Breakfast is also surprisingly good, similar to a 30 buck hotel buffet. And as you note, you’ve got a head start at rope drop to hit a few other rides (especially little kid rides) before the crowds filter in.

  5. Hate to see how this ends up in a few years when prices for this option goes up (in addition to already sky high prices). Then, they add some other gimmick (at an ‘affordable’price, of course) to help with making your trip more ‘worth it’.

    Ok, with that out of my system…this sound like a great option, for those who can afford it and are willing to pay, of course. This it’s another reason I frequent MP, I never know what I’ll learn or experience (by readying others’ stories).

    • I know, I hate the cost of a Disney experience. But, I can’t fix that, I can just try to figure out what is ‘worth it’ to us at this stage and what we can skip. Thanks for reading!

      • Glad we purchased some non-expiring tix years ago for the family. If all goes as planned, when the kiddos leave the nest in a few years, they will take with them some unused tix for them to enjoy as they see fit as they start their new lives!

        • I love that – I thought about doing that, but decided against it as I’m sure I didn’t want to plunk down a chunk of change when Disney wasn’t on the immediate horizon. Very smart move for those who pulled it off though!

  6. I was thinking about doing this for our trip in November. Neither my mom, nor my husband ride roller coasters so they are not interested. My daughters will be almost 2 and almost 3 when we go and I think my almost 3 year old will be tall enough. She is 36″ now and she will be about a month shy of 3. So what I’m not sure about is if mine train is too much for her. The main reason to do it in my opinion is to ride mine train multiple times. I am hesitant because if she gets scared on mine train, I don’t want to scar her and have her be afraid of roller coasters! What is your plan for your younger daughter? Do you think she will love it?

    • I think it is okay even if you only to MineTrain once as you still get do Peter Pan and Winnie the Pooh. Rumor is the carousel runs early and you will be in the right place to line up for something fun at rope drop and then get breakfast before 10. With the almost three year old free, I think it is worth trying for the two of you since you will only be paying for yourself.

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