13 Female Miles, Points, and Travel Writers to Add to Your Feed

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One of the main reasons I started Mommy Points about seven years ago is because, at the time, there weren’t really other moms online talking about how to make miles, points, and rewards programs work for a whole family. Forget gender, there really weren’t many parents talking about this stuff as most of the sites I read at the time were written by vibrant, jet-setting men who didn’t have children and were often traveling the world solo, or with just one other person. While the family angle was and is my primary goal, it also became quickly apparent that there weren’t many females in this space, or at least not that you could easily spot since some were writing anonymously or working behind the scenes of some pretty great sites.


Fast forward seven years to 2018, and if you think about the largest and most popular miles, points, and travel deals sites and groups, most of them are still headed up by men. I’m friends with lots of these guys and genuinely think they are fantastic and certainly know their stuff, but thankfully, there are now many women miles and points writers out there as well, and in a much more forward-facing role than when I started in 2011.

While link-sharing isn’t what blogs do very much in 2018, on this International Women’s Day, I want to roll back to an old-school blogging technique and encourage you to follow some fabulous female writers in the miles, points, and travel space. Some of them have kids, some do not, and all can offer a diversity of perspectives, styles, and techniques will enhance your quest to travel more, better, and for less.

Deals We Like

Jennifer has two little kids, lives in the Northeast, and is all about finding and sharing travel deals to help you really stretch your travel dollars. We have similar traveling styles and enjoy skiing, beaches, and living it up at awesome resorts on points, all while chasing our kiddos and keeping an eye out for the next deal.

Tiffany Funk at One Mile at a Time

Ben may be the face of One Mile at a Time, but I’m pretty sure he would agree that Tiffany is what makes the wheels turn, not only behind-the-scenes, but she also writes some fantastic articles for the site. She knows more about the ins and outs of stretching your miles, often in a premium cabin, than 99.99999999% of folks out there. You can also catch her five-star presentations at many frequent flyer events like Frequent Traveler University.

Angelina Travels

Angelina now has two little kids, but that has not slowed up her frequent and fast-paced travel style one bit. She will load up her backpack and hit the skies with her adorable littles to places near and far…often where it is warm and sunny. If you want inspiration that becoming a parent doesn’t have to mean giving up the things you love, like travel, then Angelina Travels needs to be on your radar.

Will Run for Miles

Kathy has a day-job as a lawyer in NYC, but in her spare time, she also runs the site Will Run for Miles that blends miles, points, and travel deals with her passion for running and fitness. She has completed 112 marathons – including running in all 50 states, 6 countries and 3 continents. When she writes about a trip she often includes info on local jogging trails, the fitness room, and will help you stay healthy as you globetrot.

sightDOING with the Girl and the Globe

Go beyond just the miles and points aspect of planning travel and follow Becky from sightDOING as she embraces exploring new cultures and taking in authentic local experiences, often on a budget. She has slept in ice hotels, blown glass, climbed a glacier, and partied at Oktoberfest, with more authentic travel adventures to come.

The Deal Mommy

For information on travel deals and family travel tips without any fluff follow Dia, the Deal Mommy. She focuses on “family travel for real life”, which isn’t always five-star and fancy, but always comes with a solid dose of reality. She also runs an annual conference by the same name, FTFRL. Dia is a Disney pro, lives in the DC area, and has two tweens that keep her on her toes.

The Road Warriorette

Sarah from The Road Warriorette was one of the first other females I met from BoardingArea. She has been in this space for almost a decade helping other female business travelers navigate absolutely everything related to travel from what to wear, to how to combine fun and business, to what gadgets and books to pack in the right luggage for your journey.

Le Chic Geek

Think it is just guys that like to get geeky, then think again. Jeanne is “geeky” in the chicest and most wonderful and informative way. Jeanne co-hosts frequent traveler meet-ups in the DC area called GeekyPizza, streams live on Twitch (so is obviously way cooler than me!), and knows as much about libations as she does about travel!

Giddy for Points

Elena is a fabulous fellow Texas girl who has a full-time job as an accountant but shares her miles, points, and travel deals stories at Giddy for Points as a hobby. Most recently she snuck over to the all-inclusive Hyatt Ziva in Cancun for her honeymoon and tried out one of their adults-only rooms (mostly using miles and points), so she is going to be an inspiration for our next kid-free journey!

Miles for Family

Leana describes herself as a “stay at home mom who loves to travel” and she focuses on how miles and points really stretch their family’s budget for adventures they otherwise wouldn’t have afforded. She mixes it up with nearby staycations at a Holiday Inn Resort or using her AAdvantage miles to stay at a condo in the Keys with family trips to far-flung places like Tahiti! You never know what you will get with Leana as she does things 100% her way and then shares her adventures online.

Heels First Travel

If you have interest in traveling comfortably, affordably, and fashionably, then Keri is your gal. She is going to not only help you get where you want to be for less, but then make sure you find the absolute best drinks, meals, and of course, fashion while you are there.



Gift cards, money orders, manufactured spending, and more are mostly outside the realm of this site, but they are squarely in the wheelhouse of Ariana from PointChaser. Ariana not only lives M.S., but she writes regularly on the topic, and speaks at conferences such as Frequent Traveler University, so you can learn her tips first-hand.

Emily at Million Mile Secrets


Last but certainly not least is Emily from Million Mile Secrets. The Million Mile Secrets site now has a team of writers, but it all started with Daraius and Emily. Emily now has a baby of her own and has started sharing stories from her own journey as a new traveling mom with her adorable baby girl, Arya.

Sincere apologies if I mischaracterized anyone’s traveling style and for any fabulous female miles and points storytellers who I have missed.

You will be doing yourself a favor to read these women’s’ stories, support their sites, and utilize their travel tips. I would love to hear about your favorite female miles, points, and travel writers so that I can add them to my own feed and continue to learn from a diverse group of online travel storytellers!

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  1. Can’t wait to check out some of these I have not heard of. Would like to add one of my favs – Holly Johnson of Club Thrifty. She also writes for Frugal Travel Guy (and other websites). She has two little girls and writes a lot about family travel!

  2. Love this. I’d add wdwprepschool too as it’s hosted by another Texas woman and she has a great Disney planning podcast as well.

  3. Thank you for putting together this list. I have been looking for a woman’s POV on the miles/business travel front for ages!

  4. Caroline Lupini is a great woman traveler, writer and photographer. Her site is http://carolinelupini.com and if you check out the Press and PR tab you’ll see that she writes or has written for a bunch of other sites like Frugal Travel Guy and milecards.com
    She is young and doesn’t have kids, and goes to some pretty diverse destinations from the mainstream Amsterdam to the, well, not mainstream, like Iraqi Kurdistan.

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