Hilton Honors Elite Status Extension Deadline and Program Updates

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Even for the most frequent of travelers, sometimes life happens and your travel drops off a cliff for a bit. Maybe you had a baby, battled a medical issue, helped an ill family member, or had a job transition, and for a temporary period of time were home much more than normal. With many loyalty programs, even a temporary drop in travel can mean stating over on the elite status wheel, which isn’t pleasant at all. However, some programs unofficially will extend your status if you ask, and others have started to officially offer parents a status hold or extension when welcoming a new baby to the family.


Deadline to extend Hilton Diamond status is March 31st

One hotel loyalty program, Hilton Honors, allows their top tier Diamond members to extend their status a year regardless of the reason when life happens and travel dips, but you have to make that request by March 31st each year, which is in just a couple of weeks.

To qualify for this one-time “life happens” status extension you must be a Diamond member, have been a Diamond member at least three years (though they do not have to be consecutive years), and have at least 250 nights (paid or reward) or have earned 500,000+ base points with Hilton Honors.

Hilton Honors changes coming in April 2018

While we are on the topic of Hilton Honors, also note that beginning in April, Hilton Honors members will earn 10,000 bonus points on every tenth night, once you reach 40 eligible nights in a calendar year. These bonus points come with no cap and no registration required. Hilton Diamond members will get an additional 30,000 point bonus upon reaching 60 nights in a calendar year!

Also beginning in April 2018, there will also be new Hilton elite bonus point rates of Silver (20%), Gold (80%) and Diamond (100%). These are all increases as the current elite bonus points structure is at 15%, 25%, and 50% bonus points, respectively.

In 2018, you will also be able to rollover Hilton qualifying nights earned beyond the tier requirements towards earning elite status in the next year. Those who stay 60 nights or more in a calendar year will also be able to gift Gold status to the person of their choice and Hilton loyalist who stay 100+ nights a year you will be able to gift top-tier Diamond status.

Get your Gold or Diamond Hilton status the easy way


You don’t have to be a true Hilton road warrior to earn Gold or Diamond status, you can do it the easy way with one of the new Hilton credit cards. Both the Hilton Honors Ascend Card and The Hilton Honors American Express Business Card come with automatic Hilton Honors Gold status (in addition to their up to 100,000 point sign-up bonuses). If you are after automatic Hilton Diamond status, the Hilton Honors Aspire Card comes with top-tier Diamond status as one of the perks to go along with its $450 annual fee. That’s a heck of a lot easier than staying the 40 or 60 eligible nights per year that Hilton Gold or Diamond status usually require.

Will you be requesting a Hilton Diamond status extension, or do you take the easy way out and just get your Hilton elite status via one of the Hilton co-branded cards?

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      • You’re correct. I found in the fine print that it excludes bonus points and stuff from credit cards. From the FAQs:

        3. Do Bonus Points count towards achieving the criteria?
        No. As with our Diamond status criteria, only Base Points are eligible. Points earned via bonuses, promotions and/or co-branded credit cards do not count towards meeting these criteria.

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