How We Accidentally Hacked Daylight Saving Time Flying to Grand Cayman

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Every parent knows the horrors that come along with Daylight Saving Time. It sounds lovely getting an extra hour of daylight to play together in the evenings, but that sunny universe is a facade full of lies laced with impossible to wake tweens and cranky babies and toddlers who get another hour worth of exhausted every. single. evening. for what feels like weeks.

Once you make the transition, Daylight Savings is indeed the gateway to lovely, long summer days, but the transition is especially cruel to young families. This year we (accidentally) hacked daylight saving time by heading to the Caribbean at just the right time and avoided it completely.


As school let out for spring break, our family of four hopped a flight to Grand Cayman. When we arrived on Friday, March 9th, Grand Cayman was the same time as the Eastern Time Zone, so one hour later than our clocks back at home in Texas. We played our hearts out in the sun on Friday and Saturday and honestly lost track of what day of the week was, much less what time the clocks read.

What time is it again?

In the middle of the night, as Saturday turned to Sunday, the clocks back at home sprung one hour forward when Daylight Saving Time began. There, it is now darker in the morning when the school bus first arrives, but it stays light longer in the evenings, pushing back bedtimes. However, while all that time-keeping chaos was happening back at home, the clocks here in Grand Cayman stayed exactly the same as they were before. Well, actually the housekeeping staff did spring the clocks forward for some reason, but that was just a strange accident. The Cayman Islands, like many countries in the Caribbean, do not observe Daylight Savings, and thus spare parents that fun bit of time-keeping torture twice per year.

Our beach vacation went from operating on the same time as those on the East Coast to being on the same time as those in the Central time zone back at home when Daylight Saving hit the United States. When we fly home this week, we won’t have any time adjustments to make since we are back on our usual “time zone”. Since vacations make you lose all sense of time and space anyway, we will be good to go with the time change back at home without ever having felt a minute of its painful transition.

Swimming through the easiest Daylight Savings Time transition ever

This year, we hacked Daylight Saving Time by heading to Grand Cayman for spring break, and as I see the sleep-deprived Facebook posts from young families back at home, I’m thinking that our accidental plan worked out very well indeed.

How is your family’s Daylight Saving Time transition going?

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  1. We’ve got the DST blues twice in March. We had DST change this weekend, and will have it again in two weeks when we’re in Austria!

  2. Staying at the Westin? I remember your post a ways back letting us know it dropped from a catagory 6 to a 5 spg property. My wife and I stayed for a week in January and loved it. We also booked a week for January 2019 knowing it was bound to go back up to a 6, which it did! Cash prices for next january are $900+ ,yet we booked for only 10,280 points/night. Undoubtably one of our best travel redemptions ever! Thanks.

  3. Australia and New Zealand like to also do daylight savings time but they do it on a totally different calendar so that makes things interesting. And Queensland doesn’t participate so that’s another wrinkle.

  4. My favorite DST-related parenting hack is to secretly set the clocks forward or back an hour without telling the kids. Then I tell them they “get to stay up” an extra half hour! Win-win!

    Tragically as my kids get older and have their own phones and such, this plan no longer works as well…. 🙂

    This year my son and I were in Greece during the DST change and Greece doesn’t do DST until a few weeks from now so we also missed it.

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