How to Earn 300 Bonus Starbucks Stars with Chase Pay App

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Free Starbucks Stars are a great way to start the day, and if you are willing to do some app downloading and linking, you can kickstart the day with 300 bonus Starbucks Stars! That is more than enough Starbucks Stars for two free Starbucks menu items at 125 Stars each, or it is enough to earn you Starbucks Gold status if you aren’t yet a Gold member.

If you are newer to Starbucks Rewards, this will catapult you to Gold status where you can start earning free Starbucks menu items going forward. I only just joined Starbucks Rewards last year via a similar promo, and I rack up free items way faster than I thought possible thanks to all sorts of bonuses and promos. To earn these 300 bonus Stars you will need to make a purchase using the Chase Pay app at a participating Starbucks by March 19, 2018.


Before you file this one in the “too much trouble” file, remember that one of the Chase Freedom second quarter 2018 5x bonus categories is Chase Pay, so having the Chase Pay app loaded and ready to go is a smart move for many of us so we can easily earn 5x points at a variety of retailers, including Starbucks.

How to Earn 300 Bonus Starbucks Stars With Chase Pay

To earn 300 bonus Starbucks Stars you need to first download the Chase Pay app to your smartphone. To set it up you will need your regular login credentials. This step took me about 5 minutes.

Next, you should see an offer for 300 bonus Starbucks Stars in the middle of the Chase Pay homepage on the app that says “Offer Earn Stars”. For some reason, I could not find this offer under the retailer listing that had some other offers listed, but instead, it was only on my Chase Pay homepage.

Click on the Starbucks Stars offer to activate, and you will be directed to link your Starbucks account information so you can earn the Stars. If you know your Starbucks log-in information, this should only take a few seconds.

You should then get a message that you’ve signed up and will earn 300 bonus Stars when you use Chase Pay at a participating Starbucks by March 19, 2018!

For what it is worth, in the Chase Pay app I also saw offers for $10 off my first restaurant ‘order ahead’ order paid for using Chase Pay at the participating restaurants in my area. Remember, once you have these steps down for yourself, it may make sense to go ahead and take care of this for your partner, too, as 600 Stars are better than 300!

I’d love to hear if this worked out to score you 300 bonus Starbucks Stars. I’ve got my app and offer loaded and Starbucks on the agenda for tomorrow morning!

Thanks to Doctor of Credit for spotting this promo.

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  1. Thanks for the tip! Just activated the offer & linked my accounts. I also see the offer for $10 off my first order-ahead food order, so will take advantage of that as well. Gotta love a free lunch.

  2. PSA here. I just got a message back from Starbucks customer service that you can only earn the 300 points in the following states: Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, Ohio and Pennsylvania. This was very poorly communicated on their part, as well as Chase’s part.

    • Oh I am going to hope that is somehow wrong as that isn’t written anywhere in the app that I can find…but like I mentioned in the post, I’m not seeing the offer anywhere but on the home page, so not on my local starbucks listings. Will test tomorrow anyway.

    • Thanks for the tip. This offer appeared and I am in CA, not DE, MD, MA, OH or PA. Just last week I used Chase Pay to reload my Starbucks card to earn another 5X!

    • That’s not “poorly communicated” – it’s completely contrary to what is explicitly written in the terms. It says “participating location” and then further says you can use the chase map on the app to find a “participating location” many of which are showing up in NY and NJ. I would think with a screenshot (which I took) Starbucks would credit the stars if it doesn’t happen automatically.

      • Yeah it took 3 messages going back and forth with Starbucks customer service. My final message was that I would dispute my drink charge this morning with Chase due to the misleading promo – at which point they begrudgingly acknowledged they were wrong and did a 300 star “goodwill” credit to my account. Good luck…

  3. Loaded up and used. $3.00 for 300 stars. I’ll take it. My teenagers spend $7 a drink! 2 free ones will work.
    Thx MP!

  4. New to ChasePay.
    Signed up, setup and everything good.
    Also, I learned not all Chase cards work with Chase Pay. IHG rewards is an example that does not work

  5. Signed up and went to pay at Starbucks, but the employees didn’t know how to use the Chase Pay app. The QR code from Chase Pay didn’t work with their scanner (they said the scanner is only for the Starbucks app?) and they were at a loss. I eventually used my Starbucks app and gave up. Not sure what to do next! The Starbucks I went to is listed in the Chase Pay app as a participating one, but the cashier said the same thing had happened to someone else this morning, so clearly the employees haven’t been trained or maybe their system isn’t set up yet for Chase Pay?

    • I had the same issue at a different location. Went to another location and the cashier said that I need to tell them I’m using ‘Chase Pay’. It’s a different button on their screen. My transaction went thru correctly.

      • I told him I was trying to use Chase Pay, but maybe I’ll try again tomorrow and be more insistent the cashier look for an option on their screen for it. Thanks!

  6. Just did this finally…it was a slow going, but we got it done. No one in the store had ever seen someone use Chase Pay before. You load your barcode from the Chase Pay app and then scan it with the same machine that the Starbucks app uses. The cashier then has to hit something that flashes on their end for it to go through.

  7. I was to use the chase pay at my local Starbucks without any issue. I live in California so was a bit disappointed to hear that the promo was only for certain states. Just this morning however to my surprise and joy I found that 300 Stars were added to my Starbucks account. Thanks MP for the tip I enjoy your writing.

  8. I was able to use the chase pay at my local Starbucks without any issue. I live in California so was a bit disappointed to hear that the promo was only for certain states. Just this morning however to my surprise and joy I found that 300 Stars were added to my Starbucks account. Thanks MP for the tip I enjoy your writing.

  9. Like many others, I had an issue receiving stars and got the same message as others that the promo was only good in 5 states, which wasn’t clearly stated, but others had no issue with getting stars outside of the 5 states. Others were also denied stars for not having Gold status, which also wasn’t clearly stated. I have Gold status with Starbucks, so I feel like Starbucks was trying to come up with any excuse to deny people the stars. Starbucks tried to assuage me at first with a measly 10 stars. I was able to get all the stars after insisting to Starbucks that they needed to be fully transparent on the terms and that they were intentionally misleading consumers and that the deception is parallel with a class action suit against Apple for falsely promoting an iTunes gift card . If anyone is having an issue receiving their stars and want the stars, you should go back to Starbucks and you should be awarded ALL the stars. Starbucks needs to honor their promo.

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