Hyatt’s Worst Idea Yet: Eliminating Free Breakfast at Some Hyatt Place Hotels

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This morning I read an article over at View From the Wing that made my head visibly shake and some invisible steam shoot out of my ears. After working to make some positive changes in 2018 after a less-than-perfect World of Hyatt launch in 2017, now Hyatt is heading back in the wrong direction. I’ve had a few Hyatt customer service and draconian policy fails in a row, and no longer consider Hyatt’s service to be as shining of a star as it once was…though I do still very much enjoy their resorts.

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Now Hyatt has come up with what I think might be their worst idea yet. A few Hyatt Place properties such as Hyatt Place Dallas North by the Galleria and Hyatt Place Detroit-Utica are testing a new policy where a full, free, hot breakfast is no longer included unless you have Globalist status or are on a certain type of rate that comes with breakfast. According to View From the Wing, the tests seem to include a $10 option for full breakfast, or as a buy-up to the hot items with the continental items included for all.

The Hyatt Place breakfast experiences I have had over the years range from very good to not very good. But, all rang in at just the right price of free for all.

Good Hyatt Place breakfast experience.


Not good Hyatt Place breakfast experience.

Below is what the breakfast information looks like online for most Hyatt Place properties. The word free is mentioned several times.

Here is what it now looks like for a few Hyatt Place properties including in this ‘test’. Free is gone and $$$ now applies.

Interestingly, the breakfast price seems to be $10 per room per day, not $10 per person per breakfast. That eases the pain some for families over a per person charge, but fees generally only increase with time, so I would not hold my breath that the rate would remain $10 for the whole room if this new charge is widely adopted.

Here’s why this idea of eliminating free breakfast is so bad, 65% of family travelers say that free breakfast is one of the most important factors in deciding where to stay on their vacations. Free breakfast is ranked as more important than free parking, being able to use points, wanting to stay at a particular brand, and more. Free breakfast matters a lot to families both from a budgetary and also logistical standpoint when getting everyone ready in the morning. Hyatt knows this, everyone knows this, and yet here we are.

Lacking brand consistency, the only way to know whether or not the Hyatt Place you are interested in is now ‘testing’ a breakfast charge is to head to their individual website and look at the dining category for more details. I checked about a dozen of the more popular Hyatt Place properties such as those in the NYC area, Waikiki, Orlando, Seattle, Keystone, Park City, Austin, and in the Florida Keys and all that of the properties that I individually checked still proclaim free breakfast, so this is not (yet) a widespread test.

However, if you are staying at a Hyatt Place property that is now charging for breakfast, I would highly recommend letting them know your feedback. Or, simply avoid those properties all together in lieu of either a different Hyatt, or even another brand that still provides free breakfast such as Holiday Inn Express, Hampton Inn, Embassy Suites, etc.

Death by a thousand cuts is a real thing, so let’s hope that Hyatt realizes this cut to the budget hotel experience is a very bad idea indeed.

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  1. Hyatt place is already kind of trashy unless they are new I really don’t like their brand scent or the design of the rooms

  2. Totally agree, Mommy Points. For us, when we travel as a family, free food is the #1 consideration when picking a property. Hyatt Place properties are typically uninspiring as it is. To make you pay a needless fee for a breakfast you can get free at many similar brands with other chains seems to be very short sighted. The incremental revenue of $10 gained will surely be offset by the $100+ in revenue they won’t be receiving for their rooms!

  3. In the USA the state of Hyatt Place breakfast is pretty pitiful. The company should be embarrassed. I won’t bother with it for free let alone pay $10. Overseas it is quite another story. The new Hyatt Place in Bangkok is very enjoyable. Great selection of hot and cold dishes. Tables immediately cleaned and food refreshed frequently. My experience in Panama was similar.

  4. Yet another reason why I didnt renew my globalist status with Hyatt. Too much devaluation with a TINY global footprint that is really laughable. Hyatt isnt ready for the big leagues. There are some nice properties, but not enough overall to make 60 nights worth it.

    I will easily get platinum at SPG/Marriott and Sphere at IHG.

  5. Hyatt is doomed. I have said it before here but they won’t see a dime from me. The only way for me to stay at their properties is if I see a good opportunity to redeem Chase points which I did for an upcoming stay at the Park Hyatt Milan this summer. I spend my money on Starwood.

  6. The “acceptable” bar is quite a bit higher for a paid breakfast than for a free one. If I have to pay, it better be hot. The coffee better be fresh. There better be real cream for my coffee. The eggs better not be reconstituted. Oh, yeah, and there better not be a Holiday Inn Express nearby — or (Gawd forbid) a Marriott, where my credit card status gets me a real breakfast.

  7. Hotels are giving more and more reasons to use Airbnb. With 48 hour to 72 hour cancellation policies, no free breakfast, resort fees, parking fees – why would you stay in a hotel? You would think hotels would take the opposite approach and focus on making their services better so I would never consider Airbnb.

    • Yes! I think this is a topic all on its own, but travelers have more options these days…not less. If you give families a reason to try Airbnb, they just might like it and not come back.

  8. Bad idea, I would definitely stay away if this becomes their norm. Shame too, I just spent the last two weeks at a Hyatt Place for work!

  9. Logistics is definitely the number one reason for families, and with SPG/Marriott Gold status, is the reason I prefer to stay at full service Marriott or Renaissance hotels as my first choice. Dads need proper fuel to start the day, but the kids just need some fruit and waffles, while Mom might be happy with a bagel and muffin. Being able to just pop up/downstairs while getting the crew ready for the day is priceless, and so if you put a price on it I’m going out of my way to not stay there.

  10. I couldn’t agree more! With three young kids, waiting until we leave the hotel for breakfast isn’t an option. In fact, it can be the difference between having a grumpy group and a happy crew for the rest of the day. A $10 fee may not seem like much, but if it becomes the norm, we’ll be happy to earn (and spend) our points elsewhere.

  11. Is United’s former CEO now in charge of Hyatt? lol

    Hyatt is going down a slippery slope with this, coming on top of glitchy IT (and making customers suffer) and recent “changes you will like” to the Hyatt points program.

  12. I think it would be good if people who did book at another hotel send an email with the booking(details of Name and booking number blacked out) to the Hyatt that would have used if they had not started to charge for breakfast. This is one booking you have lost.

  13. Hyatt Regency Tokyo on points … 2 rooms per night and NO free breakfast 🙁

    I am a Hilton Diamond, but base level “Hyatteer” !

    Help us (family of 4) .. 3 per person capacity too

  14. Those Hyatt Place breakfasts are nasty anyways, I skip them. I may much prefer cook-to-order breakfasts (especially if I’m paying).

  15. Much better option: a decent condition Choice Hotel or Super 8 and a fantastic breakfast at a hometown restaurant with local charm. Beats the sterile, chain hotel SWILL any day of the week!

    • Close second. 😉 Seriously though, I rank this as an even worse idea because it impacts a greater number of people. The Diamond slaughter was indeed also quite bad.

  16. I stayed at a Hyatt Place last weekend and it was my first stay at a Hyatt in 17 months. The reason for picking the Hyatt this time? Free breakfast was the main pull. Without that I would have stayed elsewhere. My wife and I are not big breakfast eaters, but a glass of juice and some toast is nice and a good basic start to the day at least.

    Please note that I was a diamond member before the rollout of globalist. This was my first sty since the rollout.

  17. I don’t get it, what kind of free food do hotels in North America offer? Cereal,bread(toast), yogurt, or cold egg? Visit any Asian countries to see the real breakfast’s that they offer, in some places, it will be 50+ freshly cooked hot items

  18. I tipped Gary to this one, I stayed at the Dallas property last week and was surprised to be handed the breakfast coupon. The desk person told me that the property was able to give breakfast to elites and to regulars. I never usually have a problem with the breakfast at any Hyatt Place/House location since I only am after an English muffin and a glass of juice. So there’s no way that’s worth $10 for a single business traveler. Hyatt must think that their Place properties are mostly business travelers and that they can squeeze a little more out of the leisure traveler.

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