Big Changes Likely Coming to IHG and Barclay Arrival Plus Cards

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New rewards credit cards are kind of like presents under the tree. They are exciting, enticing, and I can’t wait to unwrap them and learn all about what’s inside. Thankfully, new rewards cards are pretty much a constant in this day and age as ‘old’ cards can get stale and outdated as fresh cards with more relevant benefits and earning structures are released. Right now there are two big credit card developments that haven’t been formally announced, but are likely right around the corner.

New Barclay Arrival Premier Card

I recently noticed that the Barclays Arrival Plus World Elite Mastercard wasn’t available online for new sign-ups, which is always a flag for potential coming changes…good, bad, or ugly. Then, Doctor of Credit found out from some little birdies that a new Barclay Arrival Premier card was likely on the way…his little birdies are pretty reliable.

Now, this is still just speculation, but I think it is pretty solid speculation at this point. There seem to be several unofficial sources, as well as multiple Barclays customer service reps spilling at least a few beans over the phone…including to us when we just called and asked. Our rep wasn’t as in-the-know about the coming card as some seem to have been, but she did not hesitate to say that there was a new version of the Arrival Plus coming. She first said “by the end of the year”, but then said, “but maybe much sooner”.

The new Arrival Premier Card is rumored to come with transferable points, which has been long rumored for Barclays and would certainly make for a more competitive product. Barclays has co-branded products with Amerian Airlines, Wyndham Rewards, JetBlue, Hawaiian, Frontier, Choice, and Lufthansa. I’d especially love to see transferable points to American and Wyndham, as those would be pretty unique and useful partners. Of course, they could also partner with programs outside of the ones they already have relationships with.

The rumored timeframe for this new card is late March/early April, so we shouldn’t have to wait long to unwrap this rewards card present. As for us, we’ve used up our Arrival Plus points and didn’t have any left to speak of, so we just canceled that card and are ready to see what comes next.

IHG Credit Card to be revamped

This is also not yet officially confirmed but extremely, extremely likely to be at least mostly accurate. The current version of the IHG Rewards Club credit card looks to be leaving us in favor of two new IHG credit cards. The current card is a steal at $49 per year with an anniversary award night you can use at any IHG or Kimpton property around the world. The current version is no longer on the Chase website, but working links are still out there on the IHG site and in the affiliate space…for now.

Use your IHG anniversary night at the Kimpton Sea Fire in Grand Cayman

However, word is that the two new versions of the IHG credit card will come with $89 and $29 annual fees with varying built-in perks. Naturally, there will also be sign-up bonuses with these new cards. The real question from most will come down to the whether or not an anniversary award night is present and if new restrictions are introduced. It looks like the answer is yes to an anniversary night on the $89 version, though it appears to say “at one of our eligible hotels”, so time will tell if that translates to new restrictions.

The new $89 version of the IHG card is said to offer a 20% discount on purchased points, the 4th night free on award stays, and an 80,000 point sign-up bonus with $2,000 in the first three months.

Learn more about available Hotel Rewards Credit Cards.

The current version of the IHG card is not subject to the Chase 5/24 rules in terms of getting approved, but it will count towards your 5/24 totals when you apply for the next card. The terms state that the sign-up bonus is not available to those who currently have the card or who have received the sign-up bonus in the last 24 months.

Will either one of these rewards credit card rumors impact your rewards credit card strategy?

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  1. Hi Summer, I liked your article on Keystone and now these possible new cc. I have the IHG with a free night which I love. If IHG comes out with a new cc, 1) Do they typically cancel the old one? and, if not, do you think they would change the free night benefit?

    • Mary Jane, thanks for the nice words. WHen a new card comes out the old one is usually grandfathered at least for a period of time, sometimes a very long period of time. So, no one knows yet, but hopefully there would indeed be a grandfathering period.

  2. I recently obtained the IHG card, for which I have to spend those $2000- Do you happen to know how long does it takes to get the 100% bonus from purchasing IHG points as per the offer that just expired on 03/22/2018- I bought those points that same date but I have yet to see them 60,000 as I bought the same amount but no bonus has posted to my account yet.


    Mario H.

  3. Completely off topic, but Amtrak just got more expensive last week- former Delta CEO eliminated AAA, AARP and Student discounts. Did bloggers cover this?

    • Amtrak eliminated AAA and student discounts. There is still a senior discount but the threshold is now 65. To compensate, they say they’ll have more frequent sales, including some deep discount “flash” sales.

  4. I got an email yesterday with an 80K (+5K for an Authorized User) after $2K spend offer for the IHG card. I was a bit nervous to pull the trigger on my fifth Chase card (they had given me a bit of a hard time when I got my fourth one a few years ago). I was instantly approved for the IHG card, and they gave me a gigantic credit limit. Which sounds good, but then makes it more difficult to get an additional card with Chase, since they’ve already given me a bunch of credit, so “why do you need more?”

  5. Amtrak did not nominate the NARP discount and anyone can join NARP. I just renewed my NARP membership since I just lost the senior discount.

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