New United Promotion: Were You Targeted for Thousands of United Miles?

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United just released a new version of Mile Play that will allow some lucky MileagePlus members to earn thousands of bonus miles on upcoming United flights. The previous version of Mile Play that ended in early March was a total dud for my family requiring way more United flight purchases that we were going to make. This new version is much friendlier to us, and may actually result in some extra miles in the bank.

The new United Mile Play promo runs until May 13, 2018, and only flights purchased after you register will count towards your targeted offer. My offer awards 11,000 bonus United miles after taking two trips by May 13, 2018. In this case, a trip is defined as a unique travel itinerary with a unique confirmation number that costs at least $175. Theoretically, two one-way flights meeting the spending threshold would trigger the 11,000 bonus United miles, which is really not a bad deal at all.

I can’t guarantee that I will need to book at least two $175+ United flights to travel before May 13th, but it is certainly possible. Josh got a very straightforward offer of 2,500 United miles for one $225+ United flight by May 13th, which is also within the realm of possibility.

You can head here to see if your MileagePlus account was targeted for a Mile Play offer. If it was, I highly recommend registering for it just in case some travel pops up, even if you think you won’t need it.

If you got a United Mile Play offer, I’d love to hear all about it!

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  1. Book and take a trip in a premium cabin 4 times by May 13, 2018 to get 11,000 bonus award miles. Each purchased fare must be a minimum of $900 to qualify. Ouch. But thanks for the link!

  2. Book and take a trip in a premium cabin 1 time by May 13, 2018 to get 5,000 bonus award miles (purchased fare must be a minimum of $750 to qualify).
    Uh, probably not…

  3. I got book and fly economy for 1000, my husband got a not Eligible message and mom got the best $200 trip for 2400 and 1 dining for 400 – do both and get a 6300 bonus

  4. 11k for shopping in the UA mall (OK) and a $350 trip. So a CPM at around 2.7 cents. I can buy UA miles outright for closer to two. I’m an AS MVPG based out of SEA who hates using SFO for connections (it seems ALL my flights through there are delayed). Hard pass.

  5. 12k for a $300 trip. Too bad I can’t combine multiple trips, I already have a $225 trip and have a upcoming $180 trip that I have yet to book

  6. I do not have this offer but it appears I received an “up to 60k miles bonus” when buying miles. I believe it’s targeted as my brother logged in and does not see this. Not really much of a deal though since at very least I think UA miles bonus is only worth while if you desperately need a last minute top off OR 100% bonus is available – I was able to grab two Royal Laurel seats on EVA from IAH to Taipei for an absolute steal when they were retailing for $5700 r/t a piece.

  7. You might want to read the terms and conditions for what’s considered included in the fare amount. It seems that all the taxes don’t count so you might have to spend more for the ticket. I got flight for $225+ = 2700 miles, MileagePlus dining = 200 miles, do both get and additional 6600 miles for total of 9500 miles.

  8. Ouch!

    Purchase and fly in Economy Plus +1,100
    Check a bag +300
    Buy Premier Access +400

    Bonus: Complete all 3 activities +1,600

    Total available: 3,400

  9. 2,500 for 3 trips of 175$ each. I have some e-certs so might try to split into three one ways…but overall this offer is…meh.

  10. I can get 6,900 for one $250 trip plus shopping through the United portal.

    My husband can get 8,400 for a $300 flight, a checked bag and download the app.

    I’m thinking about it but due to an already booked Hawaii vacation and possible job relocation I’m concerned as to how it will fit for us.

  11. 3 trips in premium cabin, spending $1400 on each, by May 13 and receive 110,000 bonus miles. I would be tempted by this but my travel is already booked for this period. UA has a really annoying habit of offering these promotions for a window that is not achievable.

  12. Book and take a trip
    Earn 2,900 miles

    Purchase and fly in Economy Plus
    Earn 500 miles

    Complete all activities
    Earn 7,800 more bonus miles

    Do you interpret this as 1 flight in Economy Plus or 2 flights with 1 of them being in Economy Plus?

  13. My promo is to book and take a trip 2 times by May 13, 2018 to get 22,000 bonus award miles. Each purchased fare must be a minimum of $275 to qualify (no cabin specified, so can be any). Luckily, I have two trips coming up within the deadline for which I haven’t bought the tickets yet, so this one is in the bag.

    In the previous promo, I picked up 12,000 miles in February ’18 for 2 trips, also $275 minimum.

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