Getting a Discounted Disney Resort Bounceback Offer by Mail

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A common tactic used in the travel world to get you to return somewhere you have already been is to offer you a discounted ‘bounceback’ offer to book another trip, sometimes before you even finish the first one. Disney World is no stranger to this tactic and they will sometimes offer you a chance to book a discounted return trip to one of their resorts while you are still on Disney property. These discounted offers may appear on the TV screen in your room, in some printed documents given to you at Disney, or in your email inbox. We received one of these bounceback offers via email while at Disney last summer, but it wasn’t the right time for us to quickly think about a return trip, so we ignored it, moved on, and enjoyed the rest of our stay.


Now that we are indeed looking at returning to Disney this summer just before our youngest turns three, I have been stalking prices at the monorail resorts, specifically the Contemporary since it is within walking distance to the Magic Kingdom. Availability to rent and use DVC points to book Bay Lake Tower isn’t looking good for our July dates, so the actual selling price of the room matters tremendously in terms of whether or not we can pull this stay off in a reasonable way.

Ready to return to the Magic Kingdom

Disney World recently kicked off a public sale on their resorts for many summer travel dates which helped, but since I still haven’t booked anything, I guess it wasn’t quite enough to make us pull the trigger.

Getting a Discounted Disney Resort Bounceback Offer by Mail

However, when we checked our mailbox over the weekend, Disney had sent a flyer labeled “A Little Extra Pixie Dust For You”. Inside the flyer was a unique promo code that they said would save us up to 30% on a resort stay from 6/11/18 – 8/30/18, as a way for us to save on ‘another magical stay’. It was a Disney bounceback offer sent months and months after our last Disney stay and that was valid for the dates we were considering. Yup, I’d say that counts as pixie dust.

Since I have run exactly 7,432,925 resort pricing or Disney Dining searches on the Disney World site recently, there’s no question they knew I was considering a return summer trip. Who knows whether that had something to do with sending the offer, but saving up to 30% on some resorts during the summer is probably about as good as it is going to get.

While I know that my family getting a unique Disney resort offer code tied to my mailing address isn’t exactly going to help you save money at Disney right away, my hope in sharing this is that you keep your eyes peeled for these type of discounted bounceback Disney offers since they are out there, and apparently not limited to only when you are in the parks on a current trip. That said, if you are on a current Disney trip and haven’t noticed a bounceback offer, you can call x8844 from your Disney room to see if any offers are available to your family.


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  1. Got one in the mail the other day as well! Trip was last year Spring Break. Guess this is something they’re trying out.

  2. I see that there are a few 2-day periods at the end of July where there is availability using DVC points at BLT in a studio. You might want to consider a “split stay” where you do a few nights at BLT then switch to a cheaper resort….maybe something like the Disney Springs area partner hotels. You would plan to do the Magic Kingdom the days you stay at Bay Lake Tower so you can utilize the easy walk to MK.

    Split stays aren’t for everyone but being able to walk to Magic Kingdom when the kids are that age is priceless.

    • Oh for sure and we are actually planning on a split stay – availability just isn’t lining up with our dates.

  3. Not sure, guessing you’re looking at a 1BR. Dates at BLT in July are about 50% full. Plenty of openings at Wilderness lodge and OKW. Being Old Key West owners, I’m partial to all the room you have in the villas, ability to park right outside your room and free parking at all the Theme Parks.

    • We are cheapos, so looking at a studio for this trip. One-bedroom would be nice, but as long as we can squeeze into a studio, that is the preference for us.

      • Oof, studio availability at BLT is as non-existent as (put currently non-available award ticket here). You might have a chance at other DVC resorts like OKW or Saratoga, but I know you want to stay on the monorail loop if possible.

        • Bahahaha. Indeed. I’ve used a 30% off bounceback for a couple nights at contemporary. Not a great deal, but not a ton more than renting points for a studio so I’m okay I think for this trip. Need to plan more in advance next time!

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