New IHG Anniversary Award Night List of Excluded Properties

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Earlier today I wrote about the (horrific) changes coming to the IHG credit card anniversary award night. There is no delicate way to dance around what happens to the IHG anniversary night beginning with those issued on May 1, 2018, and onwards…the value of the award nights is being decimated based on the letter mailed to existing cardmembers. The IHG credit card anniversary award night will go from being a nearly unrestricted certificate you can use at any IHG (or Kimpton) property around the world, to only being worth a stay at a property that costs up to 40,000 IHG points per night. The IHG award chart currently goes as high as 70,000 points per night, so that means there are many nicer properties in aspirational locations that cost between 40,000 and 70,000 points per night that will no longer be on the table when using this award night.


IHG Anniversary Award Night List of Excluded Properties

When I first shared that information, I didn’t yet have a link to a list of excluded properties, but you can access a list of IHG properties where you cannot use the anniversary award nights here.

What is very confusing about this excluded list is that while it says the properties as a result of requiring more than 40,000 points per night, that is not actually always the case. For example, the Intercontinental Prague and Intercontinental Kansas City are both on the list of excluded properties, and yet both cost right at 40,000 points per night.

I have tweeted and emailed IHG to understand if this is intentional, and a property can indeed be excluded from the credit card anniversary night despite being at or below the stated 40,000 points per night threshold.

To be clear, it may still be worth holding onto the IHG card with a $49 annual fee since many 40,000 points per night hotels cost much more than that with cash, but the value of this anniversary award night will be nowhere close to what it used to be – especially if IHG properties can be excluded despite being at or below the 40,000 point threshold.

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  1. Urg.. it excludes both IC’s in Toronto… So basically they are limiting it to 40,000 points, then picking out more hotels in tourists areas to exclude (i.e. New York City)? Big fail…

  2. It looks like perhaps all of the 40k properties are currently on the list of exclusions. Hopefully that’s just an error.

      • I can’t tell if ALL 40k ones are on there, because that would seem like an error. But if they’re selectively plucked then it’s a devaluation on top of devaluation. I would almost tolerate 40k since I’m not a hotel snob and many 40k are nice hotels which can be in expensive areas….but excluding those in tourist spots is just too scummy. Classic IHG move.

  3. Yes, can’t wait for the …”Oh we’re sorry, we meant 35,000 points or below”. Which would effectively eliminate any usefulness for our family.

  4. Summer, I got great value out of the anniversary night in Hong Kong last October so this is a real bummer. Does this mean you have to use your anniversary night by May 1st?

    • For those who got the letters (which my guess will be either all cardholders or at least those who have received at least once anniversary night already), certificates issued on or after 5/1 will have the new 40k rules. If you have one still to use from before 5/1/18 it will be under the old rules.

  5. Wow, big time cancellation coming my way after NYC in July. I have no reason to keep this card. I don’t do Holiday Inns which I’m sure are limited as the nice HI in Europe are sure to be 40,000 or over and restricted. I don’t travel to fly over states where this “free” night can likely be used.

  6. Madrid is also excluded and its 40k a night. Why even make 40k cap if you are still going to exclude those within the cap?

  7. Reading about this great deal that used to be makes me wonder are there any other deals like this one used to be that I am missing?

  8. Holiday Inn JFK excluded and it’s 35,000 points. It looks like they are trying to limit all big city redemptions.

    • I stand corrected the holiday inn express is 40k and is excluded at jfk but the holiday inn at jfk is 35k and is included.

  9. I just got this card, and I am not happy. So I can imagine how all of you longtime cardholders are feeling! Ugh!

  10. Seems like they are about to announce another devaluation where a lot of the 40k properties are now 45k or 50k and that’s why they are on the excluded list.

  11. If this means that my $49 fee card will go up to $89, such that I am essentially paying $89 for a one night stay at a maximum 40k point Holiday Inn, that won’t be worth it to me. Major bummer, but I still received 100k points basically for nothing when I got the card, so I have to look at the bright side.

    • This whole process and execution has been abysmal. An IHG contact has told me by email that all hotels 40,000 points and under are eligible, but has not yet addressed why there are hotels 40,000 points and under on the excluded list.

  12. @mommypoints

    It looks like that list has changed since this post. I am not seeing IC Kansas City on that list now–I assume it was previously?

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