Updates to the Very Murky IHG Anniversary Night Changes

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Award travel devaluations and negative changes to loyalty program or credit card benefits are always tough to swallow and will be met with some level of blowback each and every time – as they should be. However, the level of blowback will vary based on a number of things, and clear and consistent communication is one of those very important things. The IHG credit card recently changed the way the anniversary night will be handled going forward and will be shifting from a basically unrestricted night to use at any IHG property around the world, to a certificate that can only be used at hotels costing up to 40,000 IHG points per year. Only, even that isn’t exactly clear as there are lots of hotels on the list of excluded properties that cost 40,000 points per night or less.

This major change was going to be terrible news for cardholders no matter how it was handled, but the inconsistent (and painfully difficult to ascertain) communications about the change are making it so much worse. Now it seems that Chase and IHG are back-pedaling a bit in some areas, while leaving very murky water still standing in others.

Chase backpedaling when the new version of the IHG anniversary night takes effect

Let’s talk about the anniversary night award backpedal, since that is the most concrete element at this point, at least if you believe the @ChaseSupport Twitter team’s replies. Chase is now telling unhappy customers on Twitter than IHG credit card accounts opened from 1/1/2018 – 4/5/2018 (psst, that is tomorrow!), will not see the new change in terms on the anniversary night for their first year. In other words, they will get one anniversary night as advertised with the old rules in effect when they signed up.

That is great news, and consistent with how they have handled similar changes in the past. However, what about those who signed up on from May 1, 2017 – December 31, 2017, and who also haven’t received their first anniversary night with the same unrestricted terms that were in place when they signed up? So far there hasn’t been anything to indicate that they will get the same treatment as someone who signed up say…today. We’ll call this storyline still developing.

Murky updates on why IHG hotels 40,000 points or less are on the excluded list

Update: My IHG contact has said that the hotels 40,000 points and under that are on the excluded list are there in error and will be corrected soon.

Next, let’s look at a very murky area with the list IHG properties excluded from the new 40,000 point version of the anniversary night. Every single term I have seen regarding the new 40,000 point maximum threshold for the anniversary night has said just that – that there is a 40,000 point per night max. Even my IHG brand communication contact has answered my questions about this issue by saying “All hotels 40,000 points or less will be available”.

However, that does not explain the numerous hotels on the excluded list that are 40,000 points per night or less. A few examples include the Holiday Inn Paris – St. Germain des Près that is available for 35,000 points but yet on the excluded list of properties. A few other examples of hotels that are 40,000 points per night and yet still excluded are:

  • Holiday Inn Washington-Central/White House
  • Holiday Inn Orlando SW – Celebration Area
  • Holiday Inn Express Ft. Lauderdale Cruise-Airport
  • Intercontinental Prague
  • Intercontinental Kansas City

Unfortunately, this is not an exhaustive list of properties, as there are many other hotels on the excluded list of properties that are 40,000 points per night or less. I’ve thus far been totally and completely unsuccessful in getting clarity as to why they are on that list when IHG continues to state that all hotels 40,000 and under will be available.

In short, this is all still murky mess that appears to also still be a moving target. If you are impacted and unhappy, I recommend sharing your concerns both with IHG and Chase, especially if you are one of the cardholders who signed up from May – December 2017, and as things stand right now won’t ever receive even your first anniversary award night under the terms in effect when you signed up.

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  1. […] Update: Chase is now responding to people complaining on Twitter that IHG credit card accounts opened from January 1, 2018 through April 5, 2018 (that’s tomorrow) will be able to use their Free Night Certificate once with the old terms (meaning at ANY IHG property, not capped at a 40k point property). Apply now if you want that Free Night Certificate! Hat tip to Mommy Points. […]


  1. “A few other examples of hotels that are 40,000 points per night and yet still excluded are:

    Intercontinental Kansas City”

    Guess that requires an update to your previous post! #foreverroyal #gochiefs

  2. IHG has outdone themselves again in complicating matters worse than they have to… If you want to limit the free night to 40,000 points, then fine, it’s easy to check to see what properties will meet that threshold. But to then have a separate list of excluded properties is ridiculous, as they are pretty much taking away redemptions in major tourist cities.

  3. Even if IHG backpedals and removes these 40,000 points hotels from the excluded list, these hotels can easily be moved up to the 45,000+ points category next year. This is the reason why I am thinking about cancelling my current IHG credit card.

    • I don’t understand why people are threatening to close the account.

      Can you not make use of a $49 hotel night?

      • The first thing to consider is that IHG doesn’t have a real loyalty program. My last stay I was upgraded to ‘club floor’ but no access to the club room BFD. Hilton Diamond, which my wife has, gives access to the ‘club?’ room. Even Marriott gold status (which I’m working toward) offers lounge access. IHG Platinum? Nothing much.

        Add to that the problem that everything since the announcement makes Chase/IHG look both dishonest and incompetent. And who wants to do business with that?

        First comes an announcement that cancels a benefit which was listed when I signed up, without me getting that benefit even once. Then, even though the revised benefit was for 40K a night hotels or cheaper, a lot of 40K hotels and cheaper are not eligible for ‘free’ nights. Then those who signed up from Jan 1 to April 5 2018 ARE getting an unlimited free night, but those who signed up between May 2 2017 and December 31, 2017 are not. Totally illogical.

        Now even with this, I don’t intend to cancel the card immediately. I’ve got a lot of IHG points that I need to spend, and this card both keeps the points alive and gives a refund of 10% of the points. But, until they straighten up their act so that I can trust them, IHG and the card are hanging on by their fingernails.

        • Jim –

          You still haven’t addressed my question though. Can you not make use of a $49 hotel stay per year?

          All your other points aren’t really relevant to this decision. You can be loyal to Hilton Diamond if you wish, or Marriott.

          You already have the IHG credit card. If they keep it at $49 a year and still offer a free night then your decision should be based on whether you can make use of this annual night at $49.

          Keeping the card doesn’t mean you have to be loyal to IHG. Why do you think that? Keeping the card just means that once a year, you will stay at an IHG hotel for $49. That’s it.

          I don’t see it as a hard decision to make.

          • Can I find a hotel to use the free night? Sure. Is it a hotel I want to stay in? No.

            I’m not keeping a $49 annual fee card so I can stay a night at a Holiday Inn where the cash rate is $79, which I wouldn’t stay at in the first place.

            Jim Lovejoy is correct.

          • @NoIHG

            If your only option was to stay at the $79 Holiday Inn, then why did you keep it at all?

            Unless you’re saying you only used it at the 330 properties that were excluded and nothing else?

  4. MP: Thank you for the continuing updates. What was once a great card with good benefits now slides to the bottom as being a poor value to use with its significantly reduced awards. Chase continues to drive its credit card users away with its dramatic devaluations, severe changes to “Points Breaks” and now this! Lots of other cards out there to choose from —-

  5. This not grandfathering all people in the havent been able to claim there unrestricted night yet bucket is the height of inconsistency and incompetence

  6. Thanks for the updates. I’m one of the many that are being screwed out of at least one free anniversary-night because signed up in q4 2017. Have joined many others in voicing my displeasure through as many social media platforms as possible.

  7. I am very very unhappy about this devaluation.
    Really sad to see it go away.
    But I also think, most hotel that I will be able to use it on, will be well above $49/night. So, I am still coming out ahead.

  8. This shows why you need to hire great marketing folks.

    If this whole restriction was put in place because “too many people are staying at the nicest places for free”, then tie the reward to behavior!

    Want to redeem at a Kimpton? Then require at least one paid night at a Kimpton. IC? Then you better have stayed there and generated some income for IHG before you get a totally free night. Happy with HI Express? Then spend less on that paid HIE night and your redemption is less of a value, but in line with your contribution!

    Or, tie it to a minimum annual spend on the CC. There are plenty of ways to protect the company while encouraging repeat business!

    When you have clueless people creating reward programs, this is what you end up with: lost opportunities and disgruntled customers.

  9. “AC” and others–I just did what “james” suggested and used my Chase Secure Messages to ask about my card. I first started using the card in late summer 2017 so have yet to have my 1st anniversary as well. I will post again if I get an answer.

  10. For $49 we’ll keep the cards even with the new rules, whatever they turn out to be. For $89, not so sure. I would keep if they’d just give 40,000 points like Club Carlson, but for a perishable night, not sure I want to prepay $89 for a night with those restrictions . On the other hand, we just received a nice upgrade at the Intercontinental Los Angles merely by having the Platinum status with the card. And I’d miss the 10 percent rebate on points. Alas, it was such an easy keeper before!

    • I’m leaning towards keeping the $49 card as well. The 4th night free on award stays that comes with the new cards is appealing but I don’t know that it’s worth an extra $40/year in AF. $89 for a room (even capped at 40K properties) is still a good value, though, as long as you make sure you can use it. Giving annual bonus points would be a much better value but I don’t see that happening.

  11. This devaluation is bad but what I would rather see is that they just give us the 40k in points like Radisson does instead of handcuffing us to an expiring certificate that can’t be used at higher properties.
    As an Ambassador and Spire member I’ve very unhappy about this change. It WILL effect my loyalty and my stays this year with IHG. My wife and I both travel a lot of business and typically have about 100 nights each a year in hotels (90% IHG).

  12. My experience on the phone with Chase and IHG was horrible. Both lay the blame on the other. Chase is just the servicer, they have to do what IHG wants to do, etc. IHG rep said Chase makes decisions. We have 7 Chase cards, spend near $10,000 a month with Chase. I may cancel them all!! I applied for this card 9-17.

  13. So…I used Chase Secure Message while logged into my card account and expressed my disappointment as a long time IHG member for this no-warning change. I said I was also frustrated that my new card as of summer 2017 would not even have one anniversary under the old, stated rules. Thus it felt like “bait and switch.” I got a standard boiler plate reply. So then I followed up by saying I didn’t think their first response addressed my specific situation. I got a much more pleasant 2nd reply with one notable paragraph: “Although no immediate changes can be made to the eligible properties for the Anniversary Free Nights benefit, on your behalf, I will ensure to direct your feedback to the appropriate area for consideration.” So I suggest we all keep posting on social media AND contacting them directly by twitter, Chase Secure Message, and whatever other means seems useful.

  14. With no malice meant, I’m curious as I read through all these comments: how much spend do you actually put on your IHG Visa per year? Most with this card and reading a blog like this are pretty points-savvy, and I assume the answer is likely “minimal” (i.e. “sock drawer” in our common parlance).

    So, while I bemoan the loss along with all, let’s be real. $49 for an all-in free night ain’t so bad even if it’s not for EVERY room, however aspirational. We all knew about this as an outsized deal when we signed up. That’s why we did.

    On the bright side, there may be some value to be had in the next iteration.

    All that said, I agree that the late-2017ers have been screwed and I hope their situation is rectified.

    • “So, while I bemoan the loss along with all, let’s be real. $49 for an all-in free night ain’t so bad….”

      Colleen: Using your reasoning, if your salary was cut in half for the same amount of hours/work, you should still be happy since you’re still getting a salary. IMHO, few of MP’s readers would agree in this case that some is better than none, especially for those that have had this benefit for many years ——

  15. MP. I have 2 nights reserved already this coming July using 2 free night certificates in Intercontinental Singapore. I made this reservation on August last year. The hotel is 50,000 points otherwise. Do you think my reservation remains in effect? Or will they cancel it?

    • I will be happy to answer your question. I got the card in September 2017. O am one of the “screwed” ones. I spend on my card, though not heavily. More importantly to Chase, should be exactly what I told them. We spend around 10,000 per month across our Chase cards. We pay in full each month. We do not churn cards. We put minimal charges on cc’s outside of Chase. I do not have a lot of paid stats with IHG but my husband does, he has Spirie status, through stats. Who books his stays?? I do. Who tells him which cards to spend on ? I do. And I told this to Chase and IHG. I understand changing terms but why are terms changing just for people who applied in a 8 month period? Shouldn’t they honor their terms and benefits for one year? They sent me an offer for this card. I expect them to live up to it – at least for one year.

      • I see where you’re coming from Renee. Let me play devil’s advocate from their perspective.

        When you opened the card in Sep 2017, they charged you $0 annual fee. They offered you a bonus of 60-80k which you probably met. They also promised that on your anniversary in Sep 2018, you would get a free anniversary night should you pay the annual fee at that time.

        So they did live up to their promise for the 1st yr. From Sep 2017 to Sep 2018, you will get all that you were promised.

        To me, it’s debatable if they have to honor their promise for the 2nd year. Because if they do, then I’d contend that there’s they made the same promise to existing cardholders as well.


        1) You opened the card in Sep 2017 with a promise that in Sep 2018, you would get a free anniversary night should you pay the annual fee at that time.

        2) An existing card holder paid her annual fee in Sep 2017 with a promise that in Sep 2018, she would get a free anniversary night should she pay the annual fee at that time.

        Aren’t the 2 promises the same?

        • No. You are leaving out a few words. My wife signed up for the offer back in October 2017. First year AF waived, Bonus points after $1K spending, Platinum status AND 1 FREE NIGHT AT ANY IHG PROPERTY WORLDWIDE after paying the AF on the 1st anniversary. “Any” is what’s being left out from your explanation.
          She, in good faith, signed up for the offer, did the spend requirement and is expecting Chase to follow through with an anniversary free night at ANY IHG property worldwide in October 2018, not a property that can be redeemed up to 40K points. Now, they’re making it right for those that signed up from January-April 2018, but that is very unfair to those that haven’t ever received the annual certificate. Why is one group special and the other’s not? At least give her what she signed up for at the first anniversary and than adapt the new rule for future certificates.
          My wife put’s some spending on the card every month to where her current balance is about 105K IHG points. But I put over $50K spending on 2 of my Chase cards. If this doesn’t get resolved the right way, I will not only close her accounts but mine as well.
          There’s more than Chase cards out there offering some pretty good values, and with those companies you don’t have to mess with 5/24.

          • To be blunt, if you’ve put over $50k spending on your Chase cards and you’re going to walk away over this, then you make financial decisions irrationally.

            Your explanations aren’t rational at all.

            1) You know that you spend $10k a month.
            2) You know that there are many cards out there with many benefits.
            3) You know that Chase has a 5/24 rule
            4) You weigh all your options and decide that the best use of your $10k a month spending is opening some Chase cards.
            5) You know that once you cancel your Chase cards and open new cards, you will be over Chase’s 5/24 rule.
            6) Your breaking point is whether Chase IHG will allow you to redeem a free night next yr at ANY property instead of just at 40k properties.

            This is pretty irrational.


            And to your pt regarding what your wife was promised on her anniversary date – my point is everyone is promised the same thing, new and existing cardholders.

            Your wife, when she signed up on Sep 2017 was promised the same thing as an existing cardholder that renewed on Sep 2017 – they were both promised that next yr on Sep 2018, upon renewal, you will get a free night.

            So my point is, whatever Chase IHG decides, someone will feel screwed.

            If they go back and change it that ok, Those that opened the card in Sep 2017 will get a free night anywhere, then you’ll be happy. And those that opened in Aug 2017 will still feel screwed.

            And also the existing cardholders that renewed in Sep 2017 will feel screwed.

          • @ Bill

            Yeah, I don’t know what you saw in the mail, or if you still have it. But, on the new application page, it states: “Anniversary Free Night rules and regulations are subject to change.”

            There is no such wording w/ regards to the signup bonus. Those are not subject to change.

            Now I’m pretty sure they had the same wording in that offer they sent you in the mail. If you still have it, you can take a look at it.

            You talk about building trust and owning a business for 38 years. Well then you should know that the only thing you should trust is the contract that you signed. Whatever you feel you were promised and/or entitled to, it’s all there for you.

            Now, they further state that “Anniversary Free Night will be available for redemption on your account renewal anniversary date each year. (“Anniversary” is the date that is twelve months after your enrollment date, and the same date each twelve months thereafter.) Annual fee applies after the first year.”

            My understanding has always been that anniversary bonuses are for renewal of the card. It seems that you feel differently about it.

            w/ regards to you being irrational. You mentioned how Chase treated you right by giving you the free night already but not your wife. So, because you’re not happy for your wife, you’re willing to cut off all relationships w/ Chase, even though you’re happy.

            You want to give a speech about trust, I say you’re giving a speech about being naive.

            What banks out there can you say have clean hands? BOA? Wells Fargo? Citibank? American Express?

            You want to draw the line in the sand here based on some high moral principal, that’s up to you.

            What happens if Chase came out w/ a new card, CSR part 2? Will you still stay away? Even if the rewards are out of this world? All because of this 40k limit?

            Let me ask you this: if the offer that they sent you had this in letters: “ANNIVERSARY NIGHT IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE”, would you feel less cheated?

            Think about that.

        • No, I don’t think so. I was mailed an offer to apply for this card, actually for 100,000 bonus points. I took that offer. I received those points. Featured just as prominently, if not more so, as the 100,000 point offer, was the fact that I would receive a free anniversary night after one year, FOR KEEPING THE CARD ONE YEAR. To me that is a reward for keeping it that year, thus I earned it for that reason, not as a gift for having it a second year. An anniversary present/gift or whatever is given for that anniversary not for the next years anniversary. So, no, they are not living up to the offer they sent me. I lived up to my part. I pay my bill each and every month, in full. As a matter of fact when you earn the anniversary free night it states that you have earned for being a card member for that year. It doesn’t say, here is a free night now for your card membership for the next year. by the way, the same applies to Chase’s SW cards. You get points each year on your card anniversary, for keeping the card for that year.

          And why give it to people who are applying this year but exclude those of us who applied last year from May to December? I have not heard one logical explanation to that question. That leaves a horrible taste in my mouth, as I am sure it does others in the same boat.

          I also disagree about changing banks. If I don’t trust someone to live up to what they have said they would do, then I don’t need to do business with them. I can earn just as much rewards with American Express as I can with Chase. I can earn just as many reward nights with Hilton as I can with IHG. I preferred Chase but they just lost my faith and I will take my $8,000 to $10,000 per month in spending elsewhere if they don’t reverse this decision. If they had said going forward from this first year you won’t get the free night anywhere, sure it would have been disappointing, but this is BS.

          Sometimes you have to stand for what you believe is right. I don’t do business with people I don’t trust. I love the CSR, CSR, the SW cards and the IHG and Marriott cards are ok but I can live without any and all of them, as I get similar benefits through other cards.

          • Sorry, TPG, you are just plain wrong here. I received my free night at any IHG property this year, so I’m happy. Moving forward, I know what to expect next anniversary which will be the free night up to 40K. I have absolutely no problem with this. I can decide to cancel or keep the card when this anniversary arrives.
            However, my wife signed up for a card promising a free night at, here’s that word again, ANY IHG property worldwide. She is at least entitled to the original agreement, no more, no less. You want to change the rules, do it afterwards, but at least give her what she signed up for.
            I build my relationships with companies on trust. Break the trust by changing the rules mid stream and I’ll walk away. Irrational? I don’t think so. I have built a very successful company based on doing the right thing over the last 38 years for my customers, even if it’s at my expense. That’s called trust, something obviously missing from your explanation.

  16. For anyone wanting to spend their 40,000 pts at the Holiday Inn Orlando SW – Celebration Area…. Please let me buy you a night there for your 40K…..lol. 😉 I’m floored they get more than 15,000 for that hotel. I usually nab it for $45-$50 on priceline/hotwire.

  17. The key is the lack of notice, the lack of clarity, and the buck passing. I sent Chase a PM and got a boilerplate reply that they have no control over IHG’s decisions. But I don’t believe that. They have contracts concerning those things, and clearly must have agreed to it. Anyway, to me a key minimum is that anyone who paid an annual fee based on the terms of the offer (a free night at any property) should legally be entitled to get that annual fee back if they don’t want the card on the new terms.

    • This is interesting.

      The old terms are: sign up w/ $0 annual fee. You get 60-80k bonus. On your anniversary date, you pay $49 and you’ll get a free night certificate.

      So who would be entitled?

  18. Holiday Inn – Historic Downtown Charleston (SC) was also on the excluded list but is available for 40k points. Charleston is a pretty expensive hotel town if you want to stay downtown, so the $49 card would definitely be worth it if they ensure that hotel is eligible.

  19. IMHO this doesn’t merely “seem” like bait and switch, it IS bait and switch. When you apply for a card, with terms and conditions listed on the app, that’s a contract between you and the bank. They set the terms. However over generous they may be, that’s not your fault. If you meet your end, they should be legally required to fulfill their promised benefits.

    And not just for new sign ups, whatever the date may be. My wife just renewed her card, and paid the AF, based on our expectation of getting a very valuable free night in exchange. What right do they have to take that fee, and then tell us we don’t get what we were promised in exchange?

    This is totally different from a devaluation, where the miles/points for a specific award can change, as all you were promised is a stated number of miles/points, with a clear understanding that the miles/points for an award could change at any time. In this case, we were promised something very definite, a free night “anywhere” in their system.

    I’m guessing there is a government department that would tell Chase they are in violation of contract terms. And if not, the next person to contact is your state Attorney General.

    • This is what I was trying to tell the poster (Renee) from above. Everybody is going to somehow feel screwed whether it be new or existing cardholders.

      But I’d like to ask you this though – you get your free annual fee before your annual fee hits.

      For instance, my annual fee hits in August but my free night gets deposited in July.

      Why would you (or your wife) feel screwed? If your wife just paid her annual fee, her free night certificate was already deposited into her account. This free night is not the limited type.

      Why do you guys feel screwed?

      • @TPG.. Do you work for Chase? You have spent a lot of time quoting their terms. It is not our fault that we expect the free night at any of their hotels, their offer to us said that. I took them at their word. In the past Chase has given notice about changes, and not took them away before you ever got the benefit of it at all. We used to get a percentage back each year for our spend on the CSP, maybe 10% of your spending in points?? When they stopped that, they still gave it to us at the end of the year – the year they announced it. Maybe announced the change early in the year but still gave it for that year, it changed for years following. Normally when IHG makes changes to their award chart, they give you some notice. Giving me notice in April that I won’t get the benefit I was told I would get is deceptive. Giving it to people who applied this year but not next is wrong.

        They could have easily changed the benefits on new cards going forward at any time. In January they could have changed the terms and honored what they told us we would get – for at least the year. An announcement saying hey everyone next year this benefit will change but everyone will get this benefit at least their first card anniversary would have been better. Even sending out a letter that said, hey we loved it, ya’ll loved but we can’t do it anymore. Sorry to see it go, just as we know you all are. You know not a letter basically saying ha, we are screwing you over, but we are not doing that to newer card holders.

        I will close down our Chase cards and I won’t feel bad about it. If they ever have a card I want, I won’t feel bad about opening it, getting the bonus and closing whenever I want to. To be clear, we have not closed any credit cards in the last 5 years. I will not show loyalty to them. Maybe I should just open a card to do just that, one that would cover the expense of the hotel I planned to stay in in Europe with that free night. But, I don’t do that.

        • @RENEE

          Nah, I don’t work for Chase. I just don’t get the irrationality.

          What’s our motto in this game? Earn and burn. Why? Because devaluations can come at any moment without warning.

          When the devaluations come what happens? People get all up in arms about unfairness.

          You know what’s always on the top of credit card recommendation lists? The Chase IHG. Why? It’s a phenomenal deal. What do people say about it? Get it while you can because it’s such a great deal it won’t last forever. I’ve recommended this card to friends. I tell them get it while it last. Now I have to tell them the deal’s dead.

          What happens when it goes away? You have people threatening to cancel all their cards from Chase.

          That’s irrational to me.

          If I spent $10k a month, I’d make sure that $10k brought me the most profitable rewards possible. Whether it be AMEX SPG, or AMEX Blue Business, or Chase CSR, whatever.

          And if I’ve already determined that spending $10k on a Chase card is going to bring me the most profitable rewards every month, then I’m not going to deviate from that until it no longer is the most profitable avenue.

          So no, I’m not a spokesman for Chase. I’d be having the same conversation if it was Barclays, or AMEX, or Citibank.

          I’m a spokesman for getting the most out of this game.

          So for example, let’s say the dude that spends $10k a month has a Chase Ink card. Let’s say he gets 5x on that $10k, so he gets 50k UR pts every month.

          He’s figured it out that that brings him the most profit out of any card.

          Let’s say he values UR pts at 2cpm. So, he values the 50k UR pts at $1,000.

          Now, this Chase IHG deval comes along and he’s all up in arms about it. He cancels all his Chase accounts and moves to the Citi Double Cash, based on “principal.”

          Now, his $10k a month earns 2%, or $200.

          That’s just silly to me.

        • “@TPG.. Do you work for Chase?”
          Thanks Renee. You took the words out of my mouth! I think anyone reading my comments will know where I stand. ‘Nuff said.

  20. Some positive news, they’ve updated the list and removed some 40,000 point properties, including the IC Kansas City, and both IC’s in Toronto.

    The Staybridge and Candlewood Suites in NYC are still on the list, but they are listed at 50,000 points on website. Did they just raise both properties from 40,000 to 50,000 points?

  21. This free night made me spend more nights in a hotel that I would normally dub as too expensive for me. (I’m sure for the non-free nights I’m spending more than the rate negotiated by companies for their traveling business folks.) The free night made a stay at some very cool Intercontinentals doable (Hong Kong!). It made the card worth it. It encouraged me stay at a lot of HI Expresses to accumulate more points to join up with my free night and additional paid nights. Sure, you could stay at some $150 a night Holiday Inn cuz you need to and pat yourself on the back for getting it for $49. BUT THIS TAKES AWAY THE FUN FACTOR. I hope the millennials, who are refreshingly all about experiences instead of acquisitions, stay away from this card in droves because of that. Time to check out other hotel cards and programs, which I’ve taken little time to do because of my IHG loyalty. Very disappointing, IHG.

  22. I also wrote a secure message and they gave me the same garbage answer, that it wasn’t their choice, and that I wasn’t getting anything different than anyone else. I replied back how untrue that was, and that it was not fair to give the newbies the perk but not someone who signed up in September, 2017. I didn’t hear back from the second secure message yet. I also do a lot of business with my other chase cards for many years, but chase now has changed so much and I am disappointed over and over how they are implementing customer unfriendly policies. But so goes the world of travel these days.

    • I received my IHG card in August of 2017 and was hoping for the unrestricted anniversary night as well. I secure messaged Chase and I got an answer basically saying they will take the feedback and share it with their IHG client. Additionally, she pointed out that the terms and conditions do allow them to do this at any time. And then she pointed out the benefits the card still gives.

      I also pointed out how it really doesn’t make sense that the unrestricted night would still apply to people who registered for the card after I did (2017 vs 2018) but that didn’t really do anything either….

  23. So I got my card in July 2017. I called Chase today to get clarification. She said that no one who hasn’t been issued their free anniversary certificate already will receive a free night at a property valued over 40k points. So, this twitter from Chase is incorrect. People just getting the card approved from Jan through April 6th of this year are not getting an unlimited free night award, just the folks who got issued their anniversary night cert. So, this idea of the newly issued cardmembers getting something that those of us in summer through fall of 2017 aren’t getting is not true. The rep I spoke with said the information put out by chase was not clear. What she told me made much more sense than the Chase tweet. This is going to be funny to see them have to walk that back. Am I disappointed? Yes, but in the scheme of life, it’s not a huge thing.

  24. Any update on those who signed up for the card between May 2017 and December 2017 whether or not they’ll get a free award certificate at any IHG hotel or not? Thanks!

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