IHG Updates List of Excluded Properties for the Anniversary Award Night

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At the risk of beating a dead horse, I think it is worth (yet) another quick post on the coming IHG credit card anniversary night changes…because they have changed again. The good news is that this change is positive both in terms of clarity and a consistent policy.

To give a tiny bit of context, IHG is changing the anniversary night awarded with the co-branded Chase credit card to go from an unrestricted annual award night to use at any of their properties, to one that you can only use at properties costing up to 40,000 points per night. What makes this bad news is that the IHG award chart goes as high as 70,000 points per night. What made it even worse news was that multiple properties on the excluded list were at or below 40,000 IHG points per night, which added tons of confusion to what you could really do with this new anniversary night.

Thankfully, IHG has now shortened the list of properties excluded from the new version of the IHG credit card anniversary night to only include properties that are indeed priced at more than 40,000 points per night. All of the properties I knew of that were at our below 40,000 points per night and on the excluded list have been removed.

Intercontinental Kansas City is again fair game with the anniversary award night

Let’s hope that the properties that were ‘incorrectly’ on the excluded list for a period of time were not foreshadowing an increase to over 40,000 points per night in the near term!

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  1. Thanks for the update. I am in the camp of IHG card holders that applied between 5/1/17 and 12/31/17. I contacted IHG via Twitter and Chase via Twitter / Secure Message and all sources confirmed the rumor that an uncapped free night will be honored for accounts opened 1/1/18 to 4/5/18. It is completely unfathomable that Chase/IHG would honor this benefit at year one for some, but not all new card holders. If you are in the same camp, please express your frustration to IHG and Chase in any way possible. Common sense has to prevail here at some point.

    • I went online and filed a formal complaint with the gov agency that overseas credit cards. they wil investigate and get back to me within 10 days

    • My husband and I are both in this camp – it is ridiculous! As soon as I’m back from Spring Break, I will lodge a complaint with Chase, IHG and the gov agency that overseas credit cards.

  2. Trashing the anniversary night for properties over 40,000 points hardly makes it worth using, even if you’re only paying $150 for the Ambassador renewal. Some of us don’t travel that often to make a stingy room upgrade worth it, not to mention no free breakfast. The anniversary night has to be preceded by a paid booking using the Best Flexible rate, which is $40-$50 more than the Rewards Club Advance Purchase rate. So the free anniversary night is hardly “Free” when you consider $150 annual renewal fee. I wonder when that will go up? I can get free breakfast and lounge access at Sheraton hotels using my $95 annual fee SPG Business Credit card and maintain Gold status across Sheraton and Marriott just by spending $30K/year, which is easy. Sorry IHG, I’m not renewing my Ambassador card in August.

  3. David, I’m in the same boat, although a Chase rep told me that the 2018 card recipients will also get a capped night. If it turns out that they end up getting an uncapped night, I will cancel my existing IHG reservations, burn through my remaining IHG points, cash in the points on my CSP and then then say farewell to all my Chase cards.

    Yes, I’m bitter.

    • FYI….IHG points are transferable to airlines…that’s what I may do if they do no reinstate the unlimited night to those card holders who applied between 5/1/17-1/1/18. Which I am in that category

  4. That’s much better. I can make do with Holiday Inns, as long as they’re in convenient parts of town. They often have free breakfast and many have cheap laundry facilities. One free night in a 5-star hotel is hardly a bargain…you still have to pay to stay the other nights, and you get nickel and dimend for everything because they perceive you as dumb money bags who’s wasting money on hotel anyway…why not waste it some more, like $5 to launder a pair of socks 🙂

    • I agree with you in that a free night at a 40K or below property is still useful for my family. Unless you’re only doing a 1-night stay (or 2 nights if both spouses have the card), you still need to pay for any additional nights. We don’t typically go somewhere for only a night or two, so I stick to mid-range properties where I can get enough points for additional nights, or the cash price for additional nights isn’t too high. Still, it is basically a bait & switch to advertise an unrestricted free night as a benefit of the card, then change that benefit for card holders who have never received it. Chase should honor the unrestricted free night for all Select cardholders who have not yet received one.

  5. Summer, it is not beating a dead horse. I hope other card holders, who never received this free night, feel like I do and do not let up. I am sure they think after a few days, people will move on and forget it.

  6. Hubby and I are also in the group of people who signed up in late 2017 and will never get an uncapped free night. That someone thinks it’s a good idea to honor the free night for early 2018 signups but not us makes me really mad.

  7. I’m waiting for the announcement of a further devaluation of the 40,000 properties moving to a higher category to correct the original blunders on 40K hotels being excluded . Seems as though Chase and IHG are intent on totally trashing their current CC program. I’m curious how successful the new card program(s) will be after this debacle ——-

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