Save on Food at the Westin Grand Cayman

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For spring break this year we packed our passports and flew to Grand Cayman to put our Starwood Preferred Guest points to good use at the beachfront Westin Grand Cayman. No vacation or destination is ever perfect, but this one was pretty darn close for those who enjoy picture-perfect family beach getaways. If I had to nitpick about anything on our stay, it would be how pricey it can be to eat at the hotel. That really isn’t a shocker when you are dining at an island resort, but it still stings when you factor in the high costs, the CI to USD conversion rate, and 16% service charge. I’ll walk you through the onsite food options, what was worth the splurge, what wasn’t, and how you can save on food when staying at the Westin Grand Cayman.


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Save on Food When Staying at the Westin Grand Cayman

Let’s start at the beginning, with breakfast. If you want to eat breakfast at the Westin Grand Cayman you have two main options, the first is getting something like a muffin and coffee at the grab and go cafe located near the check-in area that opens at 6AM. Or, you can head to Ferdinand’s, the hotel’s “Caribbean Casual” restaurant that is open for breakfast seven days a week beginning at 7AM.

Breakfast view from Ferdinand’s

On the menu, you will find items such as pancakes, frittatas, or eggs starting at about CI $12 each. The continental breakfast that is thankfully included for two adults with SPG Platinum status is listed at CI $16. This breakfast includes eggs, juice, coffee, pastries, yogurt, and fruit, and was frankly plenty of food to start the day.

Westin Grand Cayman Continental Breakfast

There is a full breakfast buffet for CI $25, and if you have SPG Platinum status and want to upgrade from the included continental meal to the full buffet, it is $8 upcharge per person. My kids were both free at each breakfast with our Platinum status as long as they stuck to the buffet, they were not free when they ordered off the menu.

The buffet was totally fine, but not something I would pay for every single day. However, I’m a sucker for an included and easy breakfast, so our SPG Platinum status was a big hit each morning since it allowed us to kick off the day without a swift kick to the wallet.

Had we been paying full rate for breakfast we would have most certainly not enjoyed the restaurant every single morning, and instead would have mixed in some CI $6 – $7 breakfast items from the onsite cafe.

Another great breakfast option is to walk right across the street from the hotel to Eats Cafe and enjoy their extensive and affordable breakfast menu.

Catching a ride to Eats Cafe

Eat Lunch Across the Street from the Westin Grand Cayman

If you don’t make it across the street for breakfast, at least make it across the street for lunch as the food is better and cheaper than the Westin’s lunch offerings at the three strip mall restaurants Eats, Legendz, and Yoshi Sushi. They are all owned by the same group and all had good service, good food, and fair prices. They don’t look like much on the outside, but they are worth a visit for sure if you are looking to save money on food while at the Westin Grand Cayman.

From 4:30 – 7PM each day there is even a happy hour at Yoshi and Legendz with drinks starting at $3.50. We did not eat at Sunshine’s Grill on this trip, but we heard great things about their lunch offerings. This restaurant is also within easy walking distance of the Westin Grand Cayman (and has the same owners), so give them a visit if you want an affordable and tasty lunch near the hotel.

If you do eat lunch at the Westin Grand Cayman’s poolside Tortuga, be ready for CI $16 burgers, $18 fish tacos, and a kid’s menu made up solely of salads, raw vegetables, and a tuna fish sandwich…really. You’ve been warned. It wasn’t terrible, it just wasn’t very good and was not budget friendly, especially since our kid’s wanted nothing from the cheaper kid’s menu.

Skip the $18 Tortuga fish tacos

Peanut Butter Jelly Time at the Westin

I’ll admit to laughing at the CI $6 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches available in the Westin’s grab and go cafe when I first saw them, but by about the third or fourth lunch, we grabbed a few and called it good for our picnic lunch. #Don’tJudge

Enjoy the Freebies at the Westin Grand Cayman

There aren’t a ton of free food and drinks at the Westin Grand Cayman, but there are a few things to be aware of so you can snack and save. First, the juice in the lobby is free, consistently refilled, and the perfect pairing for your poolside meal.

On certain evenings, there is a SPG reception at the lobby bar where you can get some free small bites and a complimentary glass of wine.

Your resort fee includes a few bottles of water each day, but in practice, housekeeping will give you as many as you want if you just ask. If you don’t see the housekeepers, you can call housekeeping and request some more water. On one of our nights there, housekeeping even came by in the evenings with free rum cakes which instantly became the day’s dessert. Speaking of dessert, some nights feature included ‘smores by the beach campfire which makes for another fun and tasty treat that won’t cost you a thing.

Enjoy the Themed Dinners at the Westin Grand Cayman

While I was not a fan of lunch at the Westin Grand Cayman, I did enjoy their themed dinners for the right mix of fun, value, and convenience. On the night we arrived, they were cooking up the Friday Night Beach BBQ that proved to be the perfect answer to “what’s for dinner”. It is the priciest of their themed dinners at CI $38 for adults and $14 for children 12 and under with our toddler dining for free.

I loved the beachside setting at sunset and many of the menu items were big hits with my crew. We really enjoyed the fish, plantains, red beans, rice, and ribs.

To no one’s surprise, once our two-year-old found the unlimited dessert station, it was all over. I can’t blame her though, the brownies, in particular, were excellent.

The other themed dinner we enjoyed was not only very solid for our taste buds, but was also budget-friendly. On Monday nights, the Westin Grand Cayman offers CI $10 seafood Paella that is served out by the beach. All four members of my family went absolutely nuts for this paella, and the helpings they served were more than enough for adult + a snacking kid, making this a dinner by the beach for a little over CI $20!

We were not there for the Wednesday night Cuban Pig Roast that includes pork, black beans, rice, and pickled vegetables for CI $22 for adults and $8 for kids, but if we were still around on Wednesday, I would certainly go for it.

By leveraging elite status for breakfast, strategically eating offsite at the restaurants across the street as well as at Camana Bay, and mainly going all-in at the hotel on the themed dinner nights, we saved as much as we could on food at the Westin Grand Cayman without sacrificing taste or convenience.

Head to Brooklyn at Camana Bay for Kids Eat Free Night on Sunday

Since Grand Cayman is a bit of a foodie’s paradise, there are plenty of others nearby restaurants to visit on your next trip to the island. With little kids, we stuck relatively close to the hotel on this trip instead of making events out of meals, but I’d love to hear your favorite places to eat or save on food while in Grand Cayman!

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  1. We just got back from a 6 night stay at the Westin. Sunshine grill was a huge hit for our family. It was super casual and the kids could swim in the pool while we enjoyed some adult conversation and waited for food. Also, we visited Casa 43 for mexican one night and the food and service was top notch! I agree with you on lunch at hotel. We went to grocery store and bought milk, cereal, and sandwhich stuff to make breakfast and lunch in room. Doing that we could splurge on great dinners!

    • We just got back from a 5 night stay at the Westin and we also ate at Sunshine Grill two nights. Very good and the tiny ice cream cones at the end were a hit with the kids. However, if you are headed to Camana Bay, I can not recommend Chicken Chicken enough. Think Boston Market of the Caribbean but so so much better. The whole family raved about it, it was affordable, and the portions were huge.

  2. This year being our 2nd time to GC we had kinda figured out what we liked and didn’t like. Chicken Chicken is great and so is Burger Shack and Gino’s pizza. When traveling with kids you go where they will eat. Eatz cafe is a place we dined at multiple times too. I know you were t impressed by Tortuga at the Westin but we are there for lunch almost every day. My kids loved the chicken strips and our family of 5 could split 3 or 4 entrees. Nice not to have to leave the beach or pool to grab some food.

    • All sound great! We didn’t love Tortuga, but it wasn’t BAD it just wasn’t particularly worth it. That said, we defaulted into it a couple times, too.

  3. As usual you dont mention how you got all these points when you already had 2 or 3 vacations this year where you used lot of points that you supposedly got by applying for credit cards.
    Why are you continuing to sell this dream to novice readers that they can enjoy these kinds of several vacations every year just by applying for credit cards and buying household stuff with them?
    Prove to the readers that it is possible to enjoy these vacations without Fake Unethical Manufactured Spending every year… As a challenge prove to the new readers specifically how you earned the miles for all your vacations going back just 6 months..

    • It’s referrals that earn SPG points and SPG comping these stays, either through point reimbursement or a flat out free stay

      • We earn SPG points with paid stays, bonus promos, spending on the Amex card, transferring in from the Marriott cards; purchasing points, and recently I did earn points referring others to SPG business Amex card when the bonus was increased. This stay is in no way sponsored, reimbursed, or in partnership with anyone. It was a normal family spring break trip that I also wrote about to try and help others. That said, this is also my job, so we do travel more than some. My goal is to help others make the most of their trips.

    • What a strange and aggressively-toned comment. I am a (very) small business owner, a non-manufactured spender by the way, and we easily take several vacations yearly funded entirely by points and miles by simply applying for a couple of cards every year or two and putting every penny of spend onto strategically chosen cards.

      Have you been doing this for long? If not, I’d encourage you to continue “studying.” Taking multiple trips yearly is very easy to do if you play this game well.

      • Agreed. I’ve been doing this, slowly at first, for just 2 years and am already at the point where we can take 2 trips a year and pay for our flights & hotels with points. I don’t do manufactured spending, but I am pretty much always working on a minimum spend for a new card bonus and also strategically use cards in categories that earn a bonus. I figure the longer I do this the more points/miles I’ll accumulate and the better I’ll get at finding the best value for redemptions.

  4. was hoping to get some good seafood restaurant suggestions. more about the food than the ambiance/setting..wife and I will be staying at the Kimpton Seafire in about 10 months from now . anyone?

    • PJ, I hope someone has a first-hand suggestion for you! I hoped we would make it to a great seafood joint, but didn’t happen on this trip.

      • Not sure if it helps, but we thought about going to Decoy’s. They have all you can eat lobster on Tuesdays that is supposed to be pretty good although I can vouch for it as we did not go.

  5. Thanks for the terrific write up! We’re heading to the Westin GC for Memorial Day Weekend. The wife and I are taking notes for our little one who is 4 y.o. Nice to know there are terrific food options within walking distance. We’ll venture out of the hotel at least 1-3x for lunch and/or dinner since we’re there 6 days and 5 nights. Keep up the great work, we’re big fans!

  6. I’ve loved reading about your trip to Grand Cayman, and it’s now on my “short list” of possibilities for our February break trip next year. Did you visit the Marriott while you were there by chance? The Westin is coming in at 16,000 points per night for our dates, so it’s actually less points to stay 5 nights at the Marriott & I already have a points booking on hold there. It looks really nice and gets great reviews on Trip Advisor.

  7. Don’t forget about Friday night Marshmallow Madness! It’s “free” (included in the very high resort fee) and really fun! All you can eat, great s’mores toppings… It was a fun activity for our little ones last week!

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