Combining IHG Points Purchase + New Card Perks to Put Together Amazing Trip

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Yesterday, the Daily Getaways deals were packages of IHG points available for a little over 1/2 a cent per point. There were large quantities of these points available and none of them sold out on the first day. Since all of the package sizes are still available today, I want to illustrate when it can make sense to purchase some IHG points to put together an otherwise unaffordable family vacation by combining this offer with the new IHG credit card’s points and perks.


Let’s say you want to go to the swanky beachfront Kimpton Seafire Resort in Grand Caymanand you really should add Grand Cayman to your list. We didn’t make it to this resort on our spring break to Grand Cayman this year, but I really want to check it out on our next trip to the island. However, paid rates at this property are seriously painful. In the lower season, rates of around $500 per night for a base level room are common, and in peak seasons you can see rates jump to $700 to $800 per night.

As swanky as this place may be, there’s no way that $500 – $800 per night is within the realm of reasonable for many of us just to book a base level hotel room. If you are flush with IHG points then just book the 70,000 per night room and countdown to your points-fueled vacation in paradise. However, what happens if you aren’t currently flush with IHG points or rolling in a bunch of cash? In that case, you need to get creative to come up with a way to make this vacation, or one like it, happen on a reasonable budget.

The new $89 per year IHG Rewards Club Premier Credit Card is offering a welcome bonus of 80,000 IHG bonus points after spending $2,000 in the first three months. If you add an authorized user who makes a purchase in the first three months then you get an extra 5,000 points. If you are starting without any IHG points, and you get that new credit card to trigger the welcome bonus, you will have a bit over 80,000 IHG points.

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That’s enough points for one night at the Kimpton Seafire, but no one is (hopefully) going to Grand Cayman to spend one night, so you need more points than that for a real vacation. Via the current Daily Getaways packages, you could spend $749 to purchase 130,000 IHG points. I know that is a lot of money, but hang with me for a minute to see when it could be worth it.

With those 130,000 IHG points and the 80,000 from your IHG credit card welcome bonus, you would have 210,000 IHG points in pretty short order. The new IHG Rewards Club Premier Credit Card has a cool perk of giving you the 4th award night free, which means that your 210,000 IHG points would be enough for four award nights (3 x 70,000 points per night) at the Kimpton Seafire, or any other IHG property of your choosing since the award chart tops out at 70,000 points.

Spending $749 to purchase points and $89 on your new credit card’s annual fee is a substantial amount of money, but cumulatively it isn’t all that different than what it costs to book one paid night at this property. Instead, with that investment, you will get you enough IHG points for a four-night award stay in a 70,000 point per night room! That works out to about $209 per night on the cash spent for the points, which is a far cry from ‘free’, but it is a much more realistic number for an aspirational award stay than a $500 – $800 per night.

If you want to start putting together this sort of vacation right now, I think it is totally reasonable to jump on the Daily Getaways IHG point offers. However, if you aren’t in a rush, then you could bide your time and wait for IHG to offer better prices for their points directly. We recently saw a sale on IHG points for less than the Daily Getaways prices and the new IHG credit card even offers a 20% discount on IHG points purchased directly from IHG, so it may be a pathway to even better prices when you purchase directly.

How is your family racking up IHG points these days, and where do you plan to spend them?

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  1. Unfortunately, you also have to add on $60 a night for resort fees. I don’t think they will waive them even on points?

    • I’ve heard mixed reports on this property regarding the resort fee on award stays, but it certainly may be included for award reservations. In that case, it would be applied equally to award and paid. I hate resort fees, but from what I remember when researching a different post, this one does include some cool things.

      • A commenter of ours told us that not only did they want to charge the $60 resort fee, but they also wanted to charge 10% of the rack rate for a service charge (which came out to $105 a night on top of the $60 resort fee). He had followed up with IHG customer service more than once on it and got the same info. I attempted to follow up with IHG via Twitter/Flyertalk, but got no response. When I went to make a dummy booking, this is what I saw:

        Taxes and Service Charges
        Service Charges: 10% per night and 60.00 USD not included in rate effective 7 February, 2018 thru 8 February, 2018
        Taxes: 13% per night not included in rate effective 7 February, 2018 thru 8 February, 2018
        13% city taxes
        10% Service Charge applies only to room rate.

        So it does in fact say that the 10% service charge per night and $60 are not included in the points rate. Would love to know for sure – because paying 10% on the rack rate sounded crazy to me. I have not looked for further reports since that report (which came in January).

      • I called Seafire direct and was told resort fee $ 60.00 for either points or IHG Chase free night.
        Not sure how they can do when reservation print out says free everywhere?
        I guess I should count my blessings that we had 4 IHG Chase free nights.

  2. “Instead, with that investment,….”

    Investment? If you spend money with no hope of making some form of monetary reward/return, it can’t possibly be an “investment” but instead is an expense! Saving money from that expense is nothing more than a savings and is NOT an investment. Guess you can justify spending in multiple ways ——

    • Queenie, I invest in experiences. It isn’t the same kind of investment as one that may give you a financial return, but to me, it is indeed an investment.

    • I went to an event IHG held in NYC this week to promote the new cards, and was told as a current card holder that I could also apply for the new Premier card and hold both cards if I wanted.

  3. Is the 4th night free that you mentioned, an available perk on the IHG Rewards Club World card (I got it about 3-4 years ago)? Trying to book a trip to Buenos Aires for my husband’s 50th. Have you written any articles on that city?

    • Tobias, it is just on the new IHG cards that launched last week. Sadly I haven’t yet visited Buenas Aires, but I hope to!

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