Earn 1,000 Bonus United Miles With New Spring Shopping Promo

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On the way to school today, my two-year-old said in her somewhat hard to understand adorable toddler voice that “myshonofit, istoosmall”. After turning down the radio and a little back and forth, it was determined that her adorable sneakers need to take a trip to the “too small bin” as her growing feet have outpaced their limited size. We were already just about to school when she made this announcement, so she was sentenced to a day in istoosmall shoes. Coming on the heels of the tooth fairy’s first miss with the older daughter last night, I think our parenting track record today is…questionable.


I’m still not sure how the tooth fairy is to make up for her misdeeds, but I know exactly how to fix the istoosmall sneaker problem. Fixing that problem just requires a few minutes of online shopping, and as an added bonus, the timing of this development means I’ll be able to stack the United MileagePlus Shopping site’s new spring bonus as I pick up a few isNOTtoosmall new items for my growing girls.

Earn 1,000 Bonus United Miles With New Spring Shopping Promo

This new United bonus awards a one-time bonus of 1,000 MileagePlus miles for cumulative purchases made through the site from 4/16/18 – 4/29/18. There are two bonus tiers, of which you can earn one.

  • Earn 300 miles for qualifying purchases of at least $150
  • Earn 1,000 miles for qualifying purchases of at least $350

In addition to that sitewide bonus, four retailers are also offering 100 bonus miles if you make a $50 purchase during that same time frame. If you make a $50+ purchase at Nike, Macy’s, Groupon, or Magazines.com, then 100 bonus miles will be coming your way in addition to the regular miles per dollar awarded at those stores.

As for us, on this J. Crew purchase (they actually carry great kids sneakers), we also stacked an Amex Offer that awards 2,000 bonus Membership Reward points on a $100+ J. Crew purchase to score some new sneakers and some other next-size-up items for the girls. Our purchase will also count towards triggering the new United shopping bonus when combined with a few other things we need to order in the next week or so. I wouldn’t go so far as calling this morning a parenting win, but stacking promos on a necessary purchases does take the edge off a bit. Now onto figuring out how the tooth fairy will make up for last night…


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  1. The first (of many) times I forgot to alert the tooth fairy of my kid’s missing tooth, I quickly decided the fairy had become a tricksteer! Instead of the usual cash under the glass with the tooth in it, I suggested that possibly the tooth fairy was like the easter bunny and tried to make the kids search for their rewards. Can’t remember all of the places the fairy has left money, but usually in spots that my children frequent, like inside a game, toy, or drawer they use alot after school. Along with a note and some extra—than-usual money, my kids never know if the tooth fairy is going to play easy and leave as usual, or make them work and reward them with some extra dough for their efforts.

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