Southwest Saying Aloha To These Hawaiian Destinations

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We have known that Southwest is going to fly to Hawaii for more than six months, but we haven’t known the exact when’s or where’s of the situation. The full range of details is still forthcoming as the airline is still awaiting all of the proper certifications to operate those overwater routes, but you can continue your planning process now that we know where Southwest will operate within the Hawaiian Islands thanks to today’s announcement.


While Southwest plans to start with just one route from the West Coast to Hawaii, likely to kick-off in late 2018 or early 2019, they hope to then quickly ramp up to four Hawaiian destinations that will include:

  • Honolulu (Oahu)
  • Kahului (Maui)
  • Lihue (Kauai)
  • Kona (Big Island)

They have not announced the mainland airports that will operate these flights, though they will presumably be from some of their larger airports in California. I think it is great that they will be serving four different islands, instead of limiting service to just one or two different destinations. In today’s announcement, Southwest did not confirm or deny the rumors that they may operate inter-island flights between the islands at some point.

North Shore of Kauai

You will be able to use your Southwest Companion Passes on these new routes to Hawaii, effectively making Hawaii a buy one, get one free destination for pass holders. The sign-up bonuses from the Chase Southwest credit cards continue to count towards the 110,000 Rapid Rewards points you need to earn in a calendar year to trigger earning that valuable pass. However, Chase has made a recent change to which Southwest cards you obtain and hold at the same time.

The terms now indicate that you can’t receive a welcome bonus on a Southwest personal card while you still hold the other Southwest personal card. You also can’t have received a Southwest personal welcome bonus in the last 24 months. This means you can’t go for both the Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus and the Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Card to use both bonuses towards earning a Companion Pass in a single year. However, the terms do still permit you to have a personal Southwest credit card and the small business card, so that is still a viable pathway to earning the Southwest Companion Pass a bit faster than normal.

Learn more about available airline credit cards.

Hawaii is a high priority for my own family as it is the spot of our big multi-generational family trip in 2019, so we may have a chance to try some Southwest Hawaiian hospitality out for ourselves once these routes take flight!

Are you also keeping a close eye on Southwest’s progress towards Hawaii? What do you think of these announced destinations?

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  1. more or less click bait these have been in the wild for sometime now what is of interest to everyone is where and when

    come back when you know something new

    • This was announced the same day it was written (though a few hours slow thanks to broken United WiFi). Learning the when’s will be exciting!

  2. We flew last year in VX F fantastic. The Dean and Deluca gummy bears saved the day. The FA let us take a few packs which was very nice for our son as he loves anything gummy. Could not imagine squeezing into a southwest seat for that long. Definite pass.

  3. Man, a lot of haters on this post. Is it one bot just poking you in the eye? Are they all spoiled travel millenial bloggists who have never suffered the inconvenience of *gasp* a middle seat in a *gasp* common cabin? More room for me going to HI next year!

  4. I’ll never understand the hate for SW. Sure, they don’t have first class but their economy is no different than any of the other majors. In fact their seats have more room and are more comfortable that United. Their boarding is different but its not too hard to avoid a middle seat. I’ve never once had less that a middle B number and I rarely buy early bird. For my family of 5, WN simply cant be beat as a people mover. I, for one, am excited to be able to use RR points to fly my family back to Hawaii.

  5. The hard part will be talking my husband into going. (I know, right?) We just stick our daughter in the middle seat. We flew to Vienna in AA economy last month – I can’t imagine SW to Hawaii will be any worse! It’s our go-to airline for most trips.

  6. I’m sorry but if I’m going to fly economy to HI I’ll use KE points on DL…we just did that a few weeks ago. 150k points to get 6 of us to HI sure beats paying cash for the ‘opportunity’. Not to mention wife and I are going back in July DL F for 90k points.

    If I’m ever stuck with no FF availability then WN can be a good option. Best thing out of all of this is what it’s going to do to fares on the current carriers.

  7. Waiting to find out what the destinations and start dates are out of OAK, which I am 1) betting on as a gateway, and 2) I live 10 minutes away from. Hoping for KOA at a reasonable intro fare, before next January.

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