Use Chase Ultimate Reward Points for Universal Studios Tickets

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You probably already know that you can use your Chase Ultimate Reward points at a fixed value to book flights, hotels, and even rental cars through Chase Travel, but you can also use them to book activities and select theme park tickets. Some people never use their Ultimate Reward points at a fixed value to book travel and only transfer them to hotel and airline partners, which is how we also use the majority of our points. However, the best redemption is the one you want to make your travel dreams a reality, not the one that gives you the best return per point. If visiting Universal Studios is on your family’s travel wishlist, here is how you can use your Chase Ultimate Reward points to purchase those expensive Universal Studios theme park tickets.

The Business Platinum® Card from American Express OPEN

The value you can get from your Chase Ultimate Reward points when booking travel is directly related to which Chase Ultimate Rewards card(s) you have. The best value per point will be obtained by having a Chase Sapphire Reserve as your points are then worth 1.5 cents each towards booking travel.

The next highest value per point can be found from the Chase Sapphire Preferred and Chase Ink Business Preferred cards that each offer 1.25 cents in value per Ultimate Rewards point redeemed when booking travel. The Chase Freedom card will provide you with a value of just 1 cent per point. However, you can transfer the points you have earned on your other Chase Ultimate Rewards cards like the Freedom to the Sapphire Reserve and then redeem at 1.5 cents each if you happen to have multiple types of Chase cards.

In our case, we do have the Sapphire Reserve card, so our Ultimate Reward points can be used at a value of 1.5 cents each towards travel booked directly with Chase. That isn’t an outstanding redemption value given how useful the points are when I transfer them to partners including Hyatt, United, Singapore, and more, but it is still a solid return.

To use Chase Ultimate Reward points to book Universal Studios tickets, log-in to the Chase Ultimate Rewards Travel Site and enter the city of the theme park you wish to visit.

Since we are interested in tickets to Universal Studios Orlando, we entered Orlando, Florida, as our destination and then selected the ‘activities’ button.

There were many, many options presented, but we zeroed in on the ‘theme park’ filter and that dramatically dropped the number of results. One of the remaining options was indeed Universal Orlando theme park tickets. We are interested in one-day Park-to-Park tickets for this summer, and those tickets are available via the Chase Travel site using your Ultimate Reward points.

The price for three one-day Universal Park-to-Park tickets for our date via Chase Travel is $602.68 or 40,178 Ultimate Reward points redeemed at a value of 1.5 cents per point from the Sapphire Reserve.

A trip to Universal Orlando, as we are quickly learning, is painfully expensive. Being able to shave off the cost of the actual theme park tickets would be extremely helpful to the overall budget.

To compare these tickets to the price available directly from Universal, which you should always do, it looks like the Chase price is a little higher at $602.68, compared to $566.59. This means your real value per point isn’t quite 1.5 cents as you are paying a somewhat marked up price over buying direct, but that doesn’t mean it is a bad deal. Keeping over $566 in your pockets while still getting the Universal tickets you want is absolutely a win, but be sure and do the math before deciding this is the best redemption for you.

The process would be roughly the same if you were looking for tickets to Universal Studios Hollywood, and there are various other theme park tickets available in the Chase Travel site including Legoland, Six Flags, SeaWorld, Disneyland, more.

Even a short trip to Universal Studios Orlando for a family of four can very, very easily cost into the four figures. However, if you scored a two-night stay at the on-site Loews Royal Pacific Hotel, that property conveys included Universal Express Pass tickets for all registered room occupants. If you secured a two-night stay at that property by purchasing this Daily Getaways Deal (sold out for this year), and then used your Chase Ultimate Rewards points to cover the theme park tickets, all the sudden what could be a budget-busting family vacation quickly comes into range.

Loews Royal Pacific

Have you ever used your Chase Ultimate Reward points to secure Universal Studios or other theme park tickets?

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  1. Hi,
    We were going to use our Chase Ultimate Reward points for our Universal Trip in February 2018, but we ended up paying on a credit card instead. I would suggest you double check these details before you buy through Chase, because this is what we were told:

    1. The tickets are for 3 consecutive days, not 3 days in a 10 to 14 day period like the ones you buy directly from the park. We were planning on going for 7 days and had split the days up so we didn’t get park fatigue, and were told when we went to buy the passes through Chase that you have to pick the days ahead of time and they are generally consecutive days. (you may be able to call a CSR rep and have them work something out with the vendor if you want to split the days up.
    2. You have to order those passes several days in advance of your trip. They work with vendors that have a limited supply of passes and you need to get them in advance or they may run out if you want to get them at the last minute. For us the passes weren’t showing available just before our trip because one of the 3 consecutive days was sold out. They said they could make an exception and give us the 15th, 16th, and 18th, but the dates we needed were the 15th, 16th and 20th. They couldn’t make that work.

    SO, it can be a great deal and save you a lot of cash under the right circumstances, you just have to dig into the details to make sure it doesn’t backfire on you. They also have many other outdoor adventure you can use your points for too if you are trying to get the most trip with as little cash as possible.

    Have a fantastic time at “Harry Potter-land”!!!

    • As a side note: the Chase Reps were absolutely amazingly helpful and professional. While they couldn’t accommodate our request in the end, they really did put in a lot of effort to try, and willingly went up the chain of command at a very late hour to explore every option and even make an exception for us.

  2. I used 200k UR points to book the Universal Hard Rock Hotel for 7 days last summer – Chase Travel portal and Sapphire Reserve bonuses. And the travel portal also follows the same deals with hotels that you can get on the official website like the Stay More Save More that is offered for longer stays. I know I could have gotten more than 1.5 cents per point with other transfers but still saved me $2000 and that was a trip we really wanted to take so it was a great use of points for us!
    Have fun on your trip – we actually like it better than Disney now (but my kids are a little older than yours).
    Couple of tips – you can pool hop to all of the other hotels, answer the pay phone in the Simpson’s area (outside on the left of the fast food court), look for Kreacher in the window outside of Diagon Alley, stop by the Mystic Fountain in the Lost Continent, and the Horror Makeup Show is awesome if you have the time!

  3. Your price is a little inflated – 2 adults and a child is $538 direct. So about 1.33 cents per point. Agreed not horrible – but would be nice if the markup wasn’t so much.

    • David, are you sure? I triple checked and came up with the same amount each time for one-day park to park tickets for our date. Maybe it is the date that is the variance as Universal has dynamic pricing I believe.

  4. Booked the Royal pacifica this morning for 1 night in Oct- 23k UR. 5 P2P tickets- 96k. Confirmed with Royal Pacifica that ALL members of the party (max per room = 5) get the the express unlimited pass for check in day, AND check out day. For us, that’s going to be 2 days in the park (s), for 1 night on site.

    • Yeah, many times UT has discounts like buy 2 days get 2 free or better. In those cases, you generally get a much better deal than using Chase URs.

  5. Sort of related question — What credit card do you plan to use for park purchases? Do Universal and Disney code as travel purchases for Chase Sapphire Reserve or would it be “every day” spend?


  6. Not exactly an amusement park, but we used UR points to get tickets to the Polynesian Cultural Center for our family of 6 over spring break. This helped to make our Hawaiian spring break more affordable!

    I have also used UR points to book excursions, tours, and museum tickets for our European vacations!

  7. Fantastic tip, thank you! We will be spending Christmas in Orlando this year and that will come in handy.

  8. Watch out for the pricey wands! $50ish for the interactive and they were difficult to use. Cool, but not worth the price tag. Maybe look online for a suitable replica to take with you instead of buying one in the park. The wand ceremony is fun.

    Be sure to arrive at the entrance gates before park opening. Wait times can quickly build, and WW gets crowded fast!

  9. This is great info. If only they start allowing Disney tickets without having to purchase a vacation package.

    • Agree. I’ve read someone say you can do it over the phone with them, but I haven’t seen consistent enough reports there to believe it is really accurate…though I would love for it to be true! I can say I saw Disneyland tickets available + an airport transfer or similar, so that was a reasonable enough way to get Disneyland.

  10. 5 years ago, so don’t expect to get this same deal… But Chase was once specifically offering Universal Orlando tickets right on the UR website. They were only 5000 each! They saved our group of 8 a fortune that trip.

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