Hyatt Place Announcements: Reimagined Breakfast and More Coming Soon

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When the Hyatt Place brand started experimenting with charging for breakfast earlier this year, I got pretty nervous about what the future held for the chain and those who use it on their travels. Free hotel breakfast may sound like a trivial topic to some, but to many traveling families where every dollar counts, it is an extremely important inclusion. You can use your points to book the room, start the day with free breakfast, and keep your budget intact for the more memorable parts of the journey.

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Today the Hyatt Place brand has many announcements to make, and one of them is what comes next for their breakfast offerings. Since free breakfast matters to families, let’s start with that piece of the announcement.

Reimagined breakfast coming to Hyatt Place

Effective November 1, 2018, Hyatt Place will offer a ‘reimagined breakfast’. I bet you think you know where this is going, but don’t panic yet. This reimagined breakfast will offer some regional specialties such as avocado toast in the Pacific Northwest and good old biscuits and gravy in the South. The breakfast buffet will also offer cage-free eggs, all natural bacon, all natural skinless sausage, and artisanal bread and pastries. This is great as the state of affairs for the included Hyatt Place breakfast isn’t at an all-time high.

March 2018 Hyatt Place breakfast offerings

I was very worried that this was that time during the announcement when they would say that there would be a new fee to enjoy this reimagined breakfast, but that fear is only a tiny bit correct. Those who are World of Hyatt members, including those who sign-up for the World of Hyatt program at check-in, will still have free breakfast for everyone included with their room. If for some reason a person does not want to become a World of Hyatt member then breakfast would not be included unless their stay is booked before Hyatt formally announces these breakfast changes. What I’m not clear on yet is what happens with breakfast if you are a World of Hyatt member, but the stay was booked via a third party site such as, Expedia, etc. Hyatt does not typically honor elite benefits on stays booked via third party sites.

Hyatt Place properties are going mobile

Hyatt Place is targeting 2019 for a more mobile-capable experience, presumably where you will be able to check-in and hopefully unlock your door with your mobile phone. This is already in place at many other types of properties, including at one of their competitors, Aloft. Those with Hyatt Explorist and Globalist elite status will also have a forthcoming option to check-in early at Hyatt Place properties. In practice that is already available when space permits, so I don’t fully understand what component of this will be new, other than perhaps some confirmation of the early availability in the mobile app.

New well-being experiences at Hyatt Place

Nothing derails my workout and healthy eating plans like some frenetic travel days, so anything that hotels and airlines can do to help frequent travelers stay healthy is a positive move. In late 2018, Exhale will extend preferred privileges and rates to Hyatt Place guests that are staying in exhale markets. Exhale has fitness classes and spa services in cities such as Atlanta, Boston, New York City, and Dallas.

There will also make available new exhale wellness video content in the Hyatt Place rooms and in Hyatt’s mobile app in 5, 15, 30, and 45-minute segments no later than 2019. Finally, learning from the exhale fitness model, the new generation of Hyatt Place properties will transition to offering space for activities such as yoga and stretching to address shifting demand.

These announcements all sound like mostly positive changes for the Hyatt Place brand as they strive to meet the needs of travelers who want to stay healthy, connected, and experience some local offerings even while enjoying free breakfast in the hotel. Mostly, I’m relieved that free breakfast is sticking around for World of Hyatt members, and that what is available on the buffet beginning in November will be a little better than it is today.

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  1. One negative that is sort of hidden with today’s other announcements is that the new Hyatt Place prototype will allow property developers a greater mix of room types to choose from, including a base room that is 15% smaller than the current room.

    • I’m more concerned about this. They may rename most rooms some thing other than ‘standard’ and make it unavailable for reward booking.

  2. This is pretty negative stuff. The breakfast may be better, but the criteria to get breakfast is much worse. Booked through an OTA? Sorry, no breakfast for you. Not a member of our program? No breakfast for you. Given the size of the Hyatt footprint, I would think that they would find ways to be more appealing rather than less, but the entire WOH program shows that that’s not how Hyatt thinks.

    • I have that question into Hyatt, but that would be negative…just not as negative as if they nixed free breakfast for all but Globalists as they were doing during the tests earlier this year.

    • Direct booking will limit my stays, that’s for sure. My company requires I book hotels (can still pay with my personal CC) via Egencia (Expedia’s corp travel site). All I want is some toast and juice…they’ll choose to lose business over that? As @Christian says, you’d think they’d want to capture the less frequent business traveler and grow loyalty there rather than kicking us to the curb. Hyatt’s path seems to be a choice to remain irrelevant and small, does that point to an acquisition target strategy?

      • Hyatt is still working on getting me an answer to that question, but I agree with you 100%. I have Globalist status and should get breakfast at all Hyatts but don’t when it is booked via a third party. If a company is requiring you go be booked via a third party…it becomes a question of what’s the point of caring about status.

  3. How do they implement it ? Normally, BF areas in Hyatt Place are small and ‘open’ and there will be kids and adults chasing food, coming in and out from all entry points.

    I think this is just a marketing thing….’Hey. are you a member of WOH ? We offer free BF for all WOH members. You can join today and enjoy free FB tomorrow morning and all your future stays. Do you want to sign up now ? ” …….”Oh, Sure. Go ahead” 🙂

    But, reality will be everyone gets free BF, because policing it will be more expensive and bad press.

    • My experience at Hyatt Place North Dallas, when they were testing whether or not to charge, was they gave me a ticket at checkin to use for my meal. It still would be incredibly easy to just walk in like you owned the place, no one would stop you, especially if you grab something and walk right out the front door.

  4. We donated a 2 night stay at the Hyatt Place Nashville for an auction item recently. It’s in November as we included tickets to Amy Grant and Vince Gill at The Ryman. I booked the room using our points, and will change the occupant’s name to the winner’s. Since it’s already booked, will they receive free breakfast if they aren’t WOH members? If this is a problem, we will actually be there then as well, and could just get their room key and allow the room to remain in our name. I’d rather avoid having to do that though.

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