Eight Peeks Into a Family Trip to the Andaz Costa Rica

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Last year, Josh and I met up with some friends at the Andaz Costa Rica for a few days filled with outstanding coffee, fresh seafood, sleeping in, and time at the pool. We loved this location and the resort so much that we decided on the spot to return with our girls a year later. It did not hurt that the resort is an outstanding deal as a Category 4 Hyatt property where you can use Category 1 – 4 certificates or just 15,000 World of Hyatt points per night. Learn more. Sealing the deal for the Andaz Costa Rica is the included kid’s club for children ages four and up and the ridiculously amazing breakfast spread, complete with coffee made by the gods, AKA Luis Karlos, who is, effectively, a coffee god.

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This year’s trip to the Andaz Costa Rica was naturally very different than last year’s trip since we had our two and eight-year-old along for the ride. The coffee in the morning was even more appreciated, the space in the suite was more important, the vast number of stairs were more of a challenge, and the monkeys were an even greater hit. Full reviews of our family trip are to come soon, but here are eight peeks into a family trip to the Andaz Costa Rica. In short, get to booking…

Swimming, swimming, and more swimming

Expect to spend a chunk of every single day swimming with your family at the Andaz Costa Rica. There is a family pool with a zero entry area, free snow cones, some shade umbrellas, and a nearby bar. Pack your own floaties, if needed, though they do have plenty of noodles.

Hit the beach

The Andaz Costa Rica has a new beach house about 15 minutes away from the main property, so book some seats on the included shuttle that leaves every 30 minutes and spend the afternoon at the beach (full review of the beach house to come soon).

Bonus points if you make it to this nearby gorgeous beach.

Kids five and under eat free

Our littlest one may have briefly turned into a monkey on our final breakfast, but for the most part, our meals were great as kids five and under eat for free off the kid’s meal…even via room service.

Kids meals are about $9 each, so this adds up to some real savings over the course of multiple days.

Plan to horse around

The hotel arranged for a horse ride for our oldest daughter and me about 35 minutes away from the resort. The best rides to the scenic waterfalls are farther away, so we are saving those longer excursions for next time. Even if you only have a morning to spare, you can get away from the resort and onto a horse…just watch out for some serious bug attacks.

This shot was taken directly across the water from the Andaz, which you can almost see built into the mountains.

Spot iguanas, monkeys, birds, and more

The kids had a ball spotting wildlife both around the resort and on a nature excursion put on by the hotel via golf cart.

Play in the free kids club

The Cambi Kid’s Club is amazing and free for those four and up, but you can hire a babysitter for $20 an hour so that your younger kids can play, too.

Clean it up

For just $30 you can stuff a laundry sack to the brim and have everything come back looking clean and beautiful. Yes, please. Now we won’t have Mount Laundry waiting for us when we return home!

Sleep well

It is pretty much guaranteed that everyone should sleep tight after full days in the Costa Rican sun. To help with the sleeping arrangments, the hotel is quite generous with arranging for rollaway beds.

We had two rollaway beds set up in our standard suite, and the girls actually used them on a couple of the nights!

This was our first family trip to the Andaz Costa Rica, but I don’t think it will be our last. As the kids grow, so will our adventures around Costa Rica. For now, this was their perfect introduction to a truly beautiful country. If you have certain topics you want me to be sure and include on our in-depth write-up of a family trip to the Andaz Costa Rica, please let me know in the comments!

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  1. Your trip and the resort sound fantastic. Would love to hear your thoughts on the pros/cons of traveling off season. It looks quite cloudy and overcast in your pictures. We frequently travel to Europe off season where there is a lot to do indoors but I hesitate to do so where the majority of our time would be outdoors – especially with small kids.

    • DL, this is our second trip during the first few weeks of the rainy season and I’m a big fan. Everything has turned green again and the rain showers are only a part of the day, but you do get some cloud cover for many hours a day which I personally like. Of course, if you don’t want that, then I recommend November or December when the rains should have stopped but things are still pretty green.

  2. We are contemplating a trip to CR Andaz over New Years with a 4 and 5 year old. You mention the bugs during horse excursion – how were the bugs overall? How were they at the property, at the Andaz beach, and how about when off property? And finally, I’ve read food gets pretty expensive, including breakfast. I assume you are Globalist and therefore getting your breakfast spread free? Looking forward to the detailed reviews of pools, beaches, and kid activity!

    • Will answer all of that for sure. For now, the bug answer is it isn’t terrible on the resort at least at the pools and restaurants. I didn’t spend a ton of time at the onsite beach. Their Beach House wasn’t bad with bugs either, assuming you use the spray they have out. The horse ride was otherworldly bug tastic for me…my daughter who was right next to me only had a few bites on her ankles. I am very susceptible, so your experience will be impacted by your general bug susceptibility.

  3. MP,
    I am definitely interested in more details as my family of four (two girls ages 6 and 9) will be spending four nights there in early August. My current thinking is to rent a car and probably take two days for day trips (Volcanos, zip-lining, horseback riding, etc…) and spend the other two dys around the resort. After leaving the resort we are heading to Manuel Antonio area for two days prior to returning to San Jose for a flight out. We don’t have status, so what other food options are near by? Any recommendations for excursions from the resort for our family? Any other tips for my family? Thanks!

    • This is pretty much exactly what we did (minus the rental car and in November instead of August), two days for activities and two days at the resort. My girls were 8, 10, 12, and 14. Food options nearby are, effectively, nil. With a car, you can drive back into Liberia, but that is pretty much the only place that you can go to get more reasonable food. Oddly, we found room service to be the most cost effective source of food on the peninsula. One thing not mentioned by MP, but something that was a wonder to us, being from cities pretty much all our lives, was star gazing. The people who transported us from the airport to the hotel stopped the van not far from the resort and told us all to get out. We had no idea what was going on but once we were out and the lights were turned off, the sky is amazing!

      • FNT appreciate the feedback. Any activities you would recommend or tour operators based on your trip? I am from the country originally, but I know what you mean about stars. We were in Botswana on safari and even though I grew up in the country I had never seen a sky so full of stars in my life.

  4. MP, has the Andaz more or less merged with the Prieta Beach club? We spent almost as much time there as the Andaz. It was great and not as pricey for food.
    We usually go in late January or early February and never see a single cloud. It’s very dry but the weather during our winter down there is simply perfect. 90-92 and 100% sunshine. Sun is ferocious though .

    • You aren’t going to like my answer. That isn’t their beach club anymore. They have their own. I’ll do a review just on that – it is very good, but no pool. We will have to try a winter point at some point!

    • The short answer is we flew Southwest for about 8,000 points each way I think. We cover in depth in write-up!

  5. Thanks for the post! I’m super stoked to go there in just under a month with the wife/kid/sister/newphew/brother-in-law.

    Couple of questions…is this the “slow” time of year where kids who are 3 years old might be able to use the Kids Club? And kids really eat free? That’s awesome. How did you handle tipping if you were getting something only for the kid near the pool? Just hand them some cash?

    • We never ordered for just one kid, so I can’t say for sure how to handle the tip issue, but your idea sounds solid. On our trip, the kid club had a few dozen kids in it. Last year it had zero. There was a wedding which was skewing the demographics, but I don’t think summer vacation is their slowest time, but maybe you will get lucky. Have a tremendous time!

  6. I would highly recommend the marina restaurant nearby (5 min) with free shuttle from the Andaz. Very affordable and delicious food with excellent happy hour drink and food specials. There’s an excellent view also at the marina so we ate dinner there every night during our 4 night stay there during last Christmas.

  7. How long was your stay? We plan to stay 4 nights with our kiddos (4 and 2). We don’t plan to leave the resort area, other than taking the shuttle down to the beach house and maybe checking out the Four Seasons. So we’re just wondering if 4 nights is enough.

  8. Could you provide me the name of transportation company (email …) from airport to hotel ?

    Many thanks.


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