Meet the Toddler Who Has Flown Over 100 Flights

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My kids fly a lot, but meet the toddler who really flies a lot. In fact, he flies so much that American Airlines recently threw a celebration for him to celebrate his 100th flight at just 21 months old. Twenty-one month old Oliver isn’t trying to set kid flight records, but instead, he is just tagging along with his mom who has a job that requires a bunch of travel. He was born via in-vitro without a legal father, so going along for the ride with his mom (and sometimes a nanny), simply made the most sense for them to maximize family time together.

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Oliver even has a favorite TSA agent, he makes choo-choo tracks out of tray tables, uses travel gear such as an FAA-approved CARES Harness and a Mountain Buggy Bagrider, has visited numerous airline lounges, can often be found at the front of the plane, and in 2017 flew the equivalent of three laps around the earth on American Airlines. That’s not bad for a kid who is barely old enough to walk!

According to his adorable Twitter feed, Oliver’s travels have taken him to Disney World, Jamaica, Grandma’s House, Hong Kong, New York City, California, Denver, and way beyond. He may be DFW based, but thanks to his mom deciding that where she goes, he goes, his world is much bigger than just the great state of Texas.

For his 100th flight last month from Des Moines to DFW (which happened to be DelAAyed), American Airlines put together a fun celebration for him before departure in Des Moines complete with balloons, airport golf cart rides, a trip to the cockpit, and more some gifts.

In our family, we don’t really track flights closely enough to know which number we are on, but Oliver’s adventures almost make me wish that we did! Hopefully, I can get Oliver’s mom to share with us some fun toddler travel stories and tips, but until then, enjoy his Twitter feed and this cute story done by WFAA.

Do you track your child’s flights? Anyone else around here have a toddler that hit 100 flights before their second birthday?

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  1. Cute story!

    Regarding you not tracking your kids’ flights, my biggest suggestion is that you catch up on the backlog while they’re still young, and while you have some semblance of remembering what flights they were on (or getting that data).

    Lots of great tracking programs out there, and (now has easy-to-use interfaces, can even auto-populate the tail number and airframe, and has a cool visual map that can be sorted by year.

    I know in our busy lives, doing one more thing seems like a hassle. But trust me, you and your kids will in the not-too-distant future appreciate having this flight diary of their air travels.

    • I just can’t make myself care how many flights we have been on. I’m not even a country counter. Of course, I’d hate for them to want it in the future and not have it. But yes, time suck, that’s the main setback at this point.

    • Good reminder that we setup an account at but have not kept it updated due to time constraints and simply forgetting. Another visit on the TODO list ! or/and maybe I can see if would work better???

  2. Good reminder to start a flight diary for our little guy! First flight at 2 months and first international trip (Costa Rica) in a few weeks!

    Also my favorite part of the post: “DelAAyed”

  3. My oldest didn’t make 100 flights until he was 3, but I suspect he had more miles than this tyke–my eldest had logged 150k miles BIS and been to all six continents by his 2nd birthday. As anyone with kids knows, it’s all downhill after about 18 mos, though…

    • That’s awesome! Yeah, I’m guessing we are at about 100 flights by around three, but that is a guess since I don’t really keep count. We certainly didn’t have 150K BIS miles by two!

  4. I just had to chime in on this and had to do some digging and looking at all the trips my 2 and 3 year old have done so far:

    – 111,003 Miles flown (*3 year old has even more flown miles)
    – 16 countries visited (USA, Costa Rica, Mexico, St Kitts, Germany, Netherlands, France, Denmark, Sweden, UAE, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Australia, Thailand, Philippines, Japan)
    – Circumnavigated the globe twice
    – 37,361 Miles to be flown in the next couple of months

    Flown on the following carriers with classes:
    AA (Y & J)
    AB (J)
    AS (Y)
    CX (J)
    EK (J)
    EY (F)
    MI (Y)
    PR (Y)
    QF (Y)
    SK (PE & Y)
    SQ (J & F)
    T6 (Y)
    VA (Y)
    VX (Y)

    I wish I had chronicled my toddlers flights as well.

  5. We were toying the other day with the idea of having our oldest visiting 60 countries by the time she was 6 only to realize that’s actually a huge number! We are only up to 16 right now and only 2 years to go!
    I’ve got to try and find out how many flights and miles she’s at, though.

  6. My girls, at ten and eight years old, are at around 40 flights each. Most are domestic with the exception of Mexico and the Caribbean. I keep a running list of their flights on a notes page on my iPhone!

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