Hawaii Fare War: Fly From $390 or 25,000 Miles Round Trip!

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There is no place like Hawaii, and right now you can get there for some seriously low prices from cities all over the country! There are currently round trip prices available for under $400 round trip, which is very solid for Hawaii. To give one of many examples, you can fly from Houston or Newark to Maui on a regular economy United ticket for $393 round trip. It is very rare that these extra low Hawaii prices are valid from airline hub cities on their own hub airline, so that is a noteworthy deal.

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If you wanted to use points instead of cash, in this case, you could use 26,253 Ultimate Reward points from your Sapphire Reserve to book the ticket via Chase and keep the cash in your pocket! To give some perspective, if you tried to book this ticket to Hawaii by transferring your points to United to book as an economy saver award, it would cost 45,000 miles, assuming you could find saver award availability. Learn more.

American Airlines is also offering low fares to the various Hawaiian Islands from around $400 – $450 via Delta hubs such as Atlanta, Salt Lake City, and Detroit, and United’s Denver hub. Delta is offering flights from around $450 round trip from Phoenix. I’m sure there are other lower than normal offerings out there I haven’t spotted yet, but it is safe to say this is a real Hawaii fare war.

Morning at the Hyatt Regency Maui in Hawaii

I recommend using Google Flights flexible dates to quickly spot the cheapest dates to fly and then book immediately if you see something you like. These Hawaii fare wars rarely last more than a day or so before prices return to normal. In general, these low prices are available in Fall 2018, but I did see some availability stretching into February 2019.

If you book a trip to a Hawaiian paradise, here are a few points-friendly hotel reviews to help you start planning the lodging portion of your trip!

Were you able to snag a $400 round trip ticket to paradise using your cash or points?

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    • Examples are in the post, but some eligible cities include Newark, Houston, Detroit, Atlanta, Salt Lake City, Denver, etc.

        • Seems to me that r/t flights for as low as $390 to Hawaii from other airlines’ hubs would constitute a fare war.

        • Airlines slashing prices to ‘attack’ at hubs and then responding in kind is the definition of a fare war as I understand the term.

          • I’m SLC bound, $450 to Hawaii is on the low end but it’s certainly not a fare war. Last couple of years it’s not uncommon to see an actual fare war, my sister-in-law flew last month for $324. Typical good fares are around $425 and are pretty consistently available the past 6+ years.

            Best way to get to Hawaii from SLC is still on DL using KE miles…headed there next month in DL F, 45k UR points rt, flew our family of 6 there 2 months ago for 150k UR points total.

  1. I don’t see the 25,000 point option in the post. Am I missing something. I see the 26k UR points (which are worth more than 25k airline miles imho). Good stuff other than that.

    • That’s it. Some routes are slightly lower prices than the one used, so that drops it to as low as about 25,000 UR points from the Sapphire Reserve. Way better deal if you have it than transferring to United and needing to use at least 45k points to book as a UA saver award for 45k miles.

  2. I believe there are discounts currently because of all the problems on some of the islands. We were hoping to go this fall BUT are delaying the trip. With the VOG in the Big Island( even all the way across the island… (bad for asthmatics and babies especially) and all the earthquakes 9900 and counting, just doesn’t seem worth it.
    Then there’s Kauai! Historic flooding in April. The two top beaches on the North Shore are closed until at least September! Other places still under recovery.

    • Would not surprise me if demand is off a bit for those reasons. The lower prices are largely also for the general lower demand seasons. I hope things calm down for the islands soon.

  3. Booked the $450 fare Phoenix-Honolulu with United in November, leaving on my birthday. The return flight makes a second stop but the total time is 10 hours exactly, so it’s not too bad.

  4. Sadly…I think it may be winding down. I was able to find a lot of space from EWR last night. Then, just now, after reading your post, I looked at IAH. (We live in COS and of course, DEN does not have lower fares on United). The initial price on Google Flights is showing in the high $300’s, but when I click through to pick the return flight, it’s pricing between $700 and $850 or more. I looked on United, too. Same thing. Maybe it’s just my experience, but I can’t find anything right now. 🙁

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