U.S. Airport Restaurants Where Priority Pass Select Membership Covers Your Bill

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A surprising family-friendly travel trend of the past year has been the addition of over a dozen airport restaurants and cafes across the United States to the line-up of Priority Pass Select ‘lounges’. This is relevant to many of us, because Priority Pass Select membership is available at no additional cost to those with premium cards such as The Platinum Card®, and the Chase Sapphire Reserve, among others. Learn more.

At the growing list of airport restaurants on the Priority Pass Select line-up, you can enjoy a credit towards food and drinks, usually set at $28 per person, without having to spend your own money. For those with Priority Pass membership, spending $28 on salads, quesadillas, and milkshakes at the airport Johnny Rockets can cost the same $0 out of pocket as visiting an often-sterile airport lounge.

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As you can imagine, families don’t always do well in a traditional airport lounge with snacks, drinks, and quiet spaces geared towards adults. Being able to use your ‘lounge membership’ to secure a pre-flight order of chicken nuggets and fries at a real restaurant is significantly more useful to most traveling families than visiting your run-of-the-mill lounge.

With that in mind, here are sixteen airport restaurants across the United States that currently accept Priority Pass Select membership cards in exchange for some level of drink and dining credit. Click on the links to see the exact credit details and location.

U.S. airport restaurants where you can dine ‘for free’ thanks to Priority Pass

Cleveland Airport: Bar Symon

Denver Airport: Timerline Steaks and Grille

JFK Airport: Bobby Van’s Steakhouse

LAX: Barney’s Beanery

Lexington Airport: Lexington Ale Tap Room

Miami Airport: Air Magaritaville, Vienna, Corona Beach House

Minneapolis St. Paul Airport: PGA MSP Lounge (comes with a $15 credit)

Portland Airport: Capers Cafe Le Bar, House Spirits Distillery, Capers Market 

St. Louis Airport: The Pasta House, The Pasta House & Schlafly Beer

Syracuse Airport: Johnny Rockets 

Timberline Steak and Grill in Denver

If a participating airport restaurant provides a $28 credit per Priority Pass Select entrance, and you have a Priority Pass Select membership that includes two complimentary guests, then you could order a combined total of $84 in food and drinks for no out-of-pocket cost for your party of three. That said, I recommend budgeting real money for gratuity, as that is not included in your credit from Priority Pass.

Has your family dined at any of these airport restaurants courtesy of your Priority Pass Select membership?

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  1. Thanks MP. If we are already traveling in business class and therefore don’t really need the lounge access anyway, can we just use the pass for a free meal? I’m assuming this is a choice between getting lounge access at the airport or getting a meal at the airport with the Priority Pass?

    • Askia, yes, you can use your Priority Pass for a meal at these restaurants instead of a lounge visit if you wish. I am not even sure it is an either/or situation if you somehow wanted to do both.

  2. I love Timberline at DIA — portions are huge, food is pretty good, and rarely do we spend the allotment (so basically it’s only tip OOP). It’s very convenient if you are flying SWA. The main downside if you are not in C, it’s hard to get to especially on the back end of a flight if you’ve checked luggage. I’m not a fan of letting my bag spin around waiting for me while I eat. That aside, I appreciate the option.

    • Erin, for sure. And that is why I haven’t eaten there despite many trips through Denver. I’m always in the United terminal. Also take note that the terms are starting to say that it is just valid with outbound boarding pass, so they may start enforcing that there at some point.

      • I have read that. We rarely do it and usually only if we’ve had a crazy delay when desperate times call for desperate measures, it’s our home base so the kids are usually anxious to get out of there and on the road.

        I also saw MN is supposed to be the pass member only with the credit but others say they have gotten the usual lounge rule of 2 guests as well. I wish it were clear or at least consistent amongst the lounges so I’m aware of the rules.

      • We had a long layover in DIA over spring break, so I took my family over to Timberline. They gave us $28 per person for my family of four! My 14- year old son was in heaven when I told him he could eat anything on the menu. . Food was great with local beer options. We tipped very well!

    • I guess you didn’t try one of their steaks during lunch…that in itself sets you back over $30!

      I do agree though, a Timberline is pleasant to eat at.

  3. I’ve successfully hopped from the Capers Restaurant to the Alaska Lounge in PDX on an outbound flight. Your actual mileage (and entry) may vary however, depending on the time of day.

  4. Had breakfast at DIA’s Timberline (C Terminal) a couple of weeks ago, and that $28/pp is more than generous there, that was my first time using my Priority Pass and it was terrific. Later that week, I ate at Bobby Van’s in JFK (Terminal 8) and food and service there was also terrific. Though the $28/pp doesn’t go as far for lunch/dinner – we ended up paying $35 for 3 ppl after our $84 allowance. In LHR, I loved No.1 Lounge (Terminal 3) and would happily spend hours there for a layover. I also checked out Aspire Lounge in the same terminal and it was fine but significantly smaller and warmer than No. 1 Lounge. Had no problem going in/out of both of those lounges with my Priority Pass.

  5. How does PP select associated with Hilton Honors Ascend work? Do the 10 free passes transfer to my household (husband and 2 year old child)? or would i have to pay for their access? I had a problem finding the terms.
    How does it work to obtain the credit when being utilized at a restaurant?
    Ive only ever utilized United for lounge access and, for the most part, travel from such a small, wonderful airport.
    Thanks for any assistance. 🙂

    • The passes are only for you, if you take your husband into the lounge with you then you pay $27 per guest (2 year old child might be free). I have the Ascend and the Aspire card (Priority Pass is unlimited visits and 2 free guests with that card), my husband is an authorized user on the Aspire card and I just looked into this same question because he will be traveling without me. Sadly he cant use any of the PP benefits since I wont be traveling with his this time.

      • The way I read the terms is that you can use the 10 passes all at once for 9 guests + yourself. Terms say after 10 complimentary passes are used, you will have to pay $27 each for yourself and guest. Highlighted terms here: http://bit.ly/2Kihtzw

        Will verify Wednesday – trying out Bobby Vans at JFK.

        • Yeah let me know. I assume it is as TJ describes and you can use them as quickly or slowly as you wish, but I don’t have the card to try it out myself. Good luck!

          • I called priority pass and they confirmed it Ian for 10 passes that can be username for guests. Great news for my family!

        • Thanks, TJ. I saw another blog post that stated what you are stating, but please report back. I think the Hilton card is a great value to my family if this is the case.

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