Air France Offers Baby Comfort Kits, Magic Tricks, and Teddy Bear Tags

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Within the United States, it is pretty much unheard of for airlines to give children much of anything extra beyond some plastic airplane wings while onboard the flight. However, that is not the case in other countries where some airlines cater much more to flying families. Air France has been up to some pretty family-friendly (and adorable) enhancements that include Teddy Bear Tags so your child’s favorite stuffy won’t end up lost and forgotten, a new “comfort kit” for babies, and the ability to track your children in real time when they fly as unaccompanied minors.

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Put a tag on your teddy bear

If your child has a beloved stuffed animal, you know how horrible it would be if that fluffy family member was accidentally left behind on the plane or in the airport. I lived in fear of leaving my first daughter’s blankie behind on our travels, so the idea of tagging your teddy bears with a cute Air France ‘My Teddy Tag’ is a brilliant idea. These Teddy Tags are available at the check-in counter and safely attach to stuffed animals with a rubber band. The tags are not only practical in case something does happen to teddy (I would probably not put my kid’s address on the tag for everyone to see), but attaching the tags can get kids engaged in the travel process.

Air France providing baby comfort kits

Air France has a new comfort kit available for families traveling with babies on all long-haul flights in the La Première, Business and Premium Economy cabins. This super cute kit contains a bib, a cuddly toy, spoon, diaper, wipes and moisturizing cream. Providing these sort of things to help parents and children stay happy is such a simple but useful concept that I wish the US airlines would take note of and copy. When you are on a plane with a baby, even little things make a huge difference.

Dinner is served

Air France doesn’t just hand out spoons and bibs and wish you the best, but they also actually have baby and toddler food to go along with it. Babies from 6 to 24 months can order a special meal tray with a small, organic jar of food, a jar of dessert, milk and finger biscuits. This meal tray must be ordered by the parents at least 24 hours before flight departure.

Their children’s meal trays are also said to be fun and easy to eat with meat cut into small pieces, fruit puree for dessert, and a chocolate bar to round things out.

Track your child when they fly solo on Air France

While British Airways no longer accepts any unaccompanied minors, Air France actually accepts children as young as four years old to fly solo on certain flights. In addition to offering a play room for unaccompanied minors who have a connection of at least 2.5 hours at Paris-Charles de Gaulle with a Play Station, games, and library, they also now offer the ability for parents to track their child’s solo journey in real time on the Air France app.

Game kits and magic tricks for older kids

Air France has a thing or two up their sleeves to keep the older kids happy on the flights. In conjunction with one of their flight attendants who is also a magician, Air France created tutorials on their in-flight entertainment that teach kids how to do magic tricks with items that can be found in the games kit given to all children on long-haul flights.

Flying with kids can be stressful, but airlines have it within their power to do simple things to make it more fun. Air France gets a thumbs up for creating some useful and thoughtful offerings for families who fly.

Has your family experienced any of Air France’s family-friendly items or amenities? Which international airline has been your family’s favorite at 36,000 feet?

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  1. Flew Emerates economy from Christchurch to Sydney and the kids each got a backpack with a stuffed animal, mini etch-a-sketch, a book, and several other fun things. For a 3 hour flight! Obviously, we were blown away.

    And the flight attendants changed their outfits a few times during the flight, entertaining my daughter to no end. Again, all in 3 hours.

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