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Get Up To 1,250 Free Points in 60 Seconds or Less

Who doesn’t love free and easy miles and points?! If you are a fan of free and easy miles then here a few opportunities to add some free points to your stash…and while you are at it, you can do it for the whole family! Get 1,000 Free Virgin America Elevate Points Via two different but similar offers you can get up to 1,000 free bonus points from Virgin America. Elevate points are often worth around 2.1 cents each in my test…

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Booking Business Class Tickets to Europe for 25,000 Miles Each

A couple of months ago my husband had this “crazy person” idea for us to spend a chunk of the summer in Ireland next year.  I had always wanted to spend a month each summer in different locations “one day”, but I had no idea that “one day” had arrived so quickly until he brought it up out of the blue and after a bit of shock I realized it was a fantastic idea. Not only was it a great…

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How to Use Avios to Book Aer Lingus Flights for Low Fees and Low Miles to Europe

How do you get to or from Europe (preferably in business class) when you have a relatively low number of points and want to avoid paying hundreds of dollars in fees and fuel surcharges?  As I pointed out yesterday when discussing how we got my in-laws to Europe and back, you probably need to find a program that is a partner of the various types of point currencies you may have.  In this case that meant picking British Airways as…

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Business Class Awards To Europe With Low Fees, Low Miles

Recently I helped my in-laws book the flight portions of a big river cruise trip across Europe, and it was an experience that I think is worth sharing.  They are in their mid and late 60’s, and like most normal folks, had never flown in a lie-flat business class seat.  However, thanks to getting a bit deeper into the miles and points hobby (and seeing how possible this style of travel actually can be via miles), they decided they wanted…

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European Trip Report: Aer Lingus to Dublin

European trip to London and Dublin: Planning US Airways Envoy Suites to London Getting To and From London Airports Sheraton Heathrow Aer Lingus to Dublin (this post) After our one night stay at the Sheraton Heathrow it was time to head to the airport for a short hop to Dublin. The real reason for this trip was to go to Ireland for the first time, so we were more than excited for this day! We took the Hotel Hoppa bus…

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