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Three Years to Book These Six Great Aeroplan Awards

It was recently announced that the Aeroplan program that has served as the rewards program for Air Canada will no longer be the rewards program for Air Canada effective June 2020 when the current contract expires. That is obviously still a little ways off, so while there is no rush to make any big changes or spend-downs on your Aeroplan account balance, it still doesn’t hurt to think about ways to use your Aeroplan miles between now and June 2020…

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New Frequent Flyer Program Coming to Air Canada and Star Alliance

There is big news in the frequent flyer world this morning as Air Canada is going to part ways with their current mileage program, Aeroplan, in about three years when the current contract expires. Uniquely, Aeroplan is a third party company and Air Canada essentially does not own its own frequent flyer program. As many of you know, frequent flyer programs are big businesses in and of themselves, and it seems that Air Canada wants directly in on that action.  …

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Airline Elite Status Extension for New Parents!

As all parents know very well, having a baby changes just about everything. This includes, but is certainly not limited to, travel patterns. I flew quite a bit while pregnant with my second daughter, but eventually stopped flying for the last two months of pregnancy and didn’t fly again until my daughter was two months old, which is still pretty soon to return to the skies. That sort of gap and ramp down period before and after the baby is born…

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