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Comparing First Class Flights on Three Airlines in Three Weeks

The last few weeks I have been up in the air much more than my normal travel pace. For work-related reasons, I’ve flown to a different state each of the last three weeks, and sometimes have been in more than one state on those trips. I don’t like being away from home quite this much, but the trips happened to fall this way and we made it work. Due to a variety of factors ranging from using upgrades certificates, to a…

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Bringing Medical Devices Onboard the Airlines for Free

For the past several years, the fees for bringing bags onboard the airplane have been consistently increasing, while the permitted sizes have been ever decreasing. If you fly on low-cost carriers, or even on a full-service carrier on a Basic Economy ticket, then you often can’t bring anything onboard that is larger than a purse or small backpack without being hit with additional fees. Either packing light or paying extra for bags has become old hat for many travelers. What is…

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Act Now: Fly to Hawaii for Under $100 from Several Cities!

Crazy and pretty unprecedented things have been happening with airfare prices to Hawaii in the last few months…and this is all before Southwest has even announced when and where they will fly. I’m traveling today, so will cut right to the chase and say if you act quickly, you can fly to Hawaii for under $100 each way – no miles required!  This is not a drill, this is a crazy good deal. The cheapest flights are from California, but…

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Toddler Getting Kicked Off a Southwest Flight Is Just…Sad.

The most recent story of a toddler getting kicked off a Southwest flight is a lot of things, but mostly, it is just sad. Toddlers are not tiny adults, they are small humans with big emotions who haven’t always learned how to behave like robots. Sure you can kick off a kid who doesn’t immediately settle into their seat, but should you…

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