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Act Now: Fly to Hawaii for Under $100 from Several Cities!

Crazy and pretty unprecedented things have been happening with airfare prices to Hawaii in the last few months…and this is all before Southwest has even announced when and where they will fly. I’m traveling today, so will cut right to the chase and say if you act quickly, you can fly to Hawaii for under $100 each way – no miles required!  This is not a drill, this is a crazy good deal. The cheapest flights are from California, but…

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Toddler Getting Kicked Off a Southwest Flight Is Just…Sad.

The most recent story of a toddler getting kicked off a Southwest flight is a lot of things, but mostly, it is just sad. Toddlers are not tiny adults, they are small humans with big emotions who haven’t always learned how to behave like robots. Sure you can kick off a kid who doesn’t immediately settle into their seat, but should you…

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How Much Extra is a Nonstop Flight Worth?

Very soon I’m taking off on an annual(ish) trip with just my oldest daughter. We are going to ski, order room service, watch movies, swim, and spend time together the way we did before our lovely second daughter joined the family. Worry not for the littlest, she will be getting some good one on one time with Dad and my parents…AKA she will be spoiled to high heaven. To book our flights to Colorado at the lowest saver award level, we…

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How Should Airlines Handle an Out of Control Young Child

You may have recently seen, or at least heard, about the video of a young child who reportedly had an eight-hour tantrum on a Lufthansa flight from Germany to Newark. I watched the video, and have had a hard time figuring out how to address it here in a constructive and ethical way. I feel absolutely terrible for the child, his parents, and everyone else around them on that flight. I’m not going to link to the video as it…

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Ten Cheap Flights You Can Book Today

Airline miles can open up the world, but sometimes you don’t need miles and award availability to get away, you just need a few dollars. To round out this Valentine’s Day of travel-related things that I love, I want to share then cheap, real, bookable fares that I love and that are available today…just in case you want some inspiration to spend less than you think to explore somewhere new. All of these cheap flights were found by playing around…

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Mom’s Breast Milk Missing from Checked Bag

When everything works as it should, nursing your baby can be special, healthy, simple, and mutually beneficial, but it gets very tiring and very complicated quickly when modern day life intercedes. If you, your partner, or a close member of your circle hasn’t yet nursed a little one for a period of time, I doubt I can adequately describe how much of a challenge it can be when what is an evolutionary biological norm hits 2018 working parent life. I…

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